Monday, February 10, 2014

Flowing with Personal Power

How are you starting this week? With the energy of the Valentine coming about, for me I woke up
feeling very inspired. The last two days I have been asked to feel rather than go with thoughts. For my sign this can be more of a challenging thing. I had a pleasant time this weekend with practicing my gifts. Also learning more about and practicing my personal power. Often times I was just working on me and even that was felt by others. Sometimes you can wonder is it working? But validation does come in some way you have to be open to receive it. For me my example was getting almost an instant message of -hey what's going on? or did you feel that?

I have gotten much inspiration for this week. With the lovers energy. There is a grand trine today what continues with this sort of out of body experience going on in terms of relationships. Confusion, missed details, relationships may just be feeling off. There is change going about so what road you are traveling on may be highly confusing and likely unknown as everything is mashed up in a foggy haze. You are on the threshold of change, shifting during this retrograde. This may not be the change you think. Source is at work here. It is calling us to stand with resilience. As I have seen standing on a compass, we must trust our inner compass. When we are in our inner temple once we have shed all the outside all the doubt all the stuff that does not matter- we will find our footing and point north. If you feel a whirlwind of confusion or darkness know that Destiny always finds her way. We are in the darkness right now, instead of being scared or worried; how about just close your eyes and go with your feelings? Trust your feelings here, this darkness will pass the path in front of you will be lit soon. We are of the stars. Our light will shine soon. For now its about going internally and trusting Source. Source has a presence here putting together all the lovely details behind the surface. The Universe has heard our wishes, our dreams.

In terms of relationships we are all in a state of stillness in some way. We are all feeling the strong energy from this week with many expectations. Perhaps you are separated this is an illusion because we simply align with our sacred space within and we know we are love we are not alone or isolated.  Even if you are separated turning this week, know that things are working under the surface. This Full Moon in Leo is about lighting passions, a different moon energy than the others. I am seeing about looking to ways to enhance your passions. Leo energy is all about fire and we are lighting that sacred flame in us in our solar plexus chakra. Perhaps you have been having a "stomach" ache lately?

The Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra holds qualities of clarity, self-confidence, bliss, self-assurance, knowledge, wisdom and ability to make correct decisions. It brings personal strength, learning and comprehension. We are guided through life by knowing our True Self, this chakra gives us the ability to change into your life as the world is born through this chakra. The element of fire manifests heat in the body through the Solar Plexus. This controls our energy balance and to keep up health. The Solar Plexus Chakra works as a magnet to attract Prana from the Ethers. We are being a channel to bring down this energy force. The key though is grounding so that this can get rooted back here on Gaia. The Solar Plexus works with regulating the Pancreas and digestive organs. If you have been having any symptoms since this last shift, it may be your Solar Plexus chakra opening and awakening leaving any blocks behind. Blocks in this chakra can cause many health problems such as digestive disorders, circulatory disease, diabetes, blood pressure fluctuations. When you have a strong Solar Plexus Chakra it supports good health and assists overcoming illness. It creates vitality to flow restoring balance and strength when this chakra energy flows freely.

If you have been seeing deities the Solar Plexus chakra is associated with Vishnu which symbolizes human consciousness evolving to not contain any animal characteristic.

Lakshmi is also associated with this chakra which brings material and spiritual prosperity which bloom and succeed with blessing from Source.

This is a time to look beyond limited expectations. We all have expectations from the external but when we go internally into becoming what we are seeking we are able to fully embody this and our vibration of this gets sent out. During this time the key is to find grounding as so many creative ideas come. Our fire is lit with passion. We may not know what is up with relationships in our life. It is not a time to dismiss all the hard work of months ago put into these. The change I speak of is looking beyond the limitations. It is not about giving up something instead it is looking down at your footing and seeing ways to enhance passions to be more grounded to allow all Source energy to flow around you. When this Retrograde and Trine energy has lifted in a couple of weeks the energy of the door may look different than it does now. Key dates I am being told are the 11th, 14th and 18th (or 4-5 days after the 14th) as they approach I will touch upon them more. I am working on other projects. I will write something specifically for the Full Moon in Leo on February 14 in the coming days. For now be inspired! If you do wish to join our Facebook Group, often when I am out I post things on there first, as thoughts channeled that is another space where my creative energy flows.