Friday, February 28, 2014

Dancing in the Rain

The rain storm, the day greeted me very very early before even the sun with the lovely sounds of rain. I was of course extremely hyper and going on only four hours of sleep, I knew I needed more sleep. It is a time of listening to the body, sure we may feel energetic but in Direct Mercury in Aquarius and heading into the Pisces energy. I of course have been continuing to have many dreams, one in particular very vivid yet when I woke up I could not recall much of it. Other than it was crystal related and a distinct message came through. I had to share this message with who it was directed to. Of course immediately everything just clicked into place once I shared this message, this being immediately knew how to take it in ways beyond. I love when Source plays this dance.

The sky is opening up! The heavens are open ... water is falling from the sky (and has been for a while) the wind is blowing all the drama and stuff we no longer need that has been stirred up by the Retrograde. I really really deeply have been feeling this release. Today Mercury is Stationary in Aquarius and the Mercury Retrograde is officially over today!!!! It was in the wee early hours of the morning. We should all feel a big sign of relief. I of course woke up minutes before the M. Retrograde ended to the lovely sound of rain and wind of course. The Aquarius air is making her presence known. Much air gusts and I have been appreciating the beautiful sounds through the trees, seeing the ground move. I celebrated with meditation and a rain dance. My lovely Being in Light has been constantly reminding me each of these rainy days to go out and dance in the rain. He knows how much I love to dance and it has been the ultimate release. We get so caught up in the weather and potential problems, but look to the beauty of it all. We have Spring approaching, the rain is nurturing the ground preparing for the seeds we are to plant. It makes me joyous to feel the wind and rain on my face knowing I am me. I have nothing else to say or give, I experience everything as it flows into me. I flow out to it. The Cosmic Dance.

Today is a fresh new start to everything. New Moon in Pisces is beginning at 12am Pacific Coast time to start the First day of March. The Spring Moon it is time to plant seeds to all we have in store of manifesting. Today especially be grateful and humble for all you have because I'm sure a year ago you may have been manifesting all that you have now that you may not have had then. It is so stormy outside but I see the wind gusts blowing everything way and allowing such to happen. I have felt and continue to feel so free and liberating. I have found and stretched my wings out. I am of the air. I have no idea where I am going, I can't see the destination but I am floating and the wind to carries me wherever it may, knowing that I will reach where I am meant to go. We are all in the cosmic dance. "Life is the dancer and you are the dance." Just going with the flow we instinctively know with our Soul where we are to go.

So many new things have been revealed to me this week, I am truly excited for all to be. I have a variety of projects yes I will be sharing. I did have two cats I have been caring for this week. After I was asked you do healing on animals? Both so rewarding experiences. The first I of course not sure how long it would take since communicating with animals is very different than with my kind of beings. The willingness has to be there and of course cats tend to just walk away when they are done with it. The first cat was receptive and very interested in working with crystal healing as well. We had sessions for a week to clear up her illness. I felt relief that traditional medical treatment was not needed. Of course I will add that it is personal choice and energy healing does not replace medical treatment. However in the case no traditional medical was requested. To my surprise the second request came, with a second cat ill. I had been hearing of similar symptoms going around. This past case has been more of a challenge. The poor cat would get a sneeze attack with watery eyes and at first just wanted to be alone. It was a challenge to see if the energy healing was working. After a few days of treatment I started to notice symptoms getting worse but the cat was actually wishing to be near me more feeling the energy exchange. I am happy to say that the symptoms are almost all gone now. It reminds me how anyone can benefit from energy exchange. I don't often speak about my healing abilities, as beings of light we all have this ability but often it takes learning how to access it. In my case I see for me, in my journey there are no boundaries my healing of any kind is just that of all kinds, physical, emotional, and for animal beings also. For me this comes naturally and easily. 

I am very excited to map out my future tonight. Read my previous article on the Pisces New Moon Rituals, for more information. I humbly thank everyone for continuing to read. This Pisces energy is all about planning out the big dreams. Dwelling on how it is to happen, is irrelevant. If you have always wanted to live in a castle or in a mansion by the beach write that down! We have the Now moment, we are only limited by the mind. If you want it dream it. Even if this means living in a castle, write it down, draw it, visualize it. 

My dream was starting this, a place where I could share my passion for writing. For creating art and having an outlet for all my visions to maybe help one person. I have always wished to inspire beings, this of course has transformed in different ways over the years. I do foresee Padma Bella growing even more. 

On this eve of Pisces energy, I still read things about negativity especially because we are headed into Mars beginning it's Retrograde soon. This is nothing to be concerned about Mars going Retrograde. Sure people will talk about it, may try to seep doubt and fear into your mind about Mars properties, etc. They may say "watch out for this or that" but this is all of the mind.

I rarely even notice when things are Retrograde. When were are strong and sovereign beings, planets going backwards really does not influence. We are still beings of Gaia of course so we may have a day here and there, but just flow with it. No need to stop your life completely because guess what if its not one planet stopped or moving backwards- there will be another soon doing it. 

Enjoy tonight, if you are participating in the New Moon ritual you may do so Friday night or if you wish to do so during the day Saturday. It's whenever it calls to you to do so the energy is about for a few days. Think of the future you want. Focus on the big stuff is what I am called to, as I hear this gigantic rush of wind against the windows confirming this. Yes we may have done past manifests where we thought of smaller things, but this one I really feel it's creativity, it's treating us to the dreams we always have wanted and maybe been too afraid or thought that's not realistic so I'm not going to write that. Well do it, write all those big huge dreams even if they may not seem possible in this life, because you never know they very well could be in this New Earth that is just about here! We energetically create the future.