Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Brighter World with Challenge and Angels

This week and the energy is really moving forward. We had the Rainbow Energy Portal and it is very powerful and energetic. Our multi-dimensional self is further awakening more energy and creative projects. As this energy pours over us we do have to be ready for it and prepare our physical bodies. Any anxiety or harshness really does not serve us.

I have been getting many responses of how to handle certain situations especially from the past. Despite what is in front of you, the past is of the past it just holds up space in our heart and mind. It is a new day, visualize what you wish to be we are master creators able to create the reality we wish to be.

Wishing for the past not to influence the future. If you are still worried or talking about the past it means you have not released it it still lingers. There is still some peace you need to make with yourself. It may mean you need to talk this out until you sound like a broken record and are blue in the face. This does not always have to be with a physical person it can be you going out into nature alone, having a good sit and talking out loud to Source, Nature, the Universe ... and just talking until you get it all out. Talking in circles sometimes needs to happen. Ask all the questions, say all and everything that comes to your mind. For me I had an energy exchange which magic happened and afterwards I felt a huge lightness. The past really does feel like a past life. 

The basic level is grounding needs to happen. The Leo fire energy is all around as we align closer with the Full Moon we all have issues we need to address. It is coming into further awakening of our True Self. The process of Divine Remembering. As such we need a purer physical body as well, as to not neglect our physical aspect of self during this time either. Balance is needed on all levels tending to yourself is one of them through what food you ingest to what physical activities you do to how much sleep you get at night. When you feel off balance take 5 minutes alone and go inside and just breathe deeply. We are so in socializing and work environments wish us to be on the go at work and our "break" is to socialize some more. This does not give us down time at all to regroup and get inner balance. It is to expand beyond this Rainbow energy we have to master and be balanced in this light.

The Fire energy is to burn away all the issues let the light take it away from you. It is a time to take notice, of your actions which may have not been acknowledged or you feel stepped over. Show how you shine. Invoke the throat chakra element see blue glowing around it to give you confidence to speak and act as you. To be noticed and appreciated.

This Retrograde energy is hitting the heart and I am no exception either.  We shield our self by running away or trying to blend with the collective. When we are not of the collective. All this shifting and turning and chaotic energy where you may not know up from down right now, it's about looking to what has been consistent in your life. I see this pattern instead of facing it, the running happens or the escape happens. I dedicated this year to compassion which is felt with the heart. The sun is getting active today so energies of the heart and solar plexus chakras are still fluttering away. Emotions are all over the map for many.  Overall I hear how those don't wish to impose their believes or experiences on others. If you still feel this way it means you haven not released these. It is as simple as letting this float up to the ethers to be turned into positive energy. I feel so much anxiety and turmoil yes we are all on our journeys but it is as simple as turning rain into sun shine. When you notice it face it and see how it makes you feel. These emotions of the negative kind are being called to acknowledge they are here. As we have shadow self as well which we are to be in balance with also.

Today is about calling upon your Angels and knowing that you are appreciated and you have so much to offer. Feel your value! Stand up for yourself and teach people how to treat you. I am sitting with something, which I was just searching for something quite opposite and the answer struck me deep. The Universe has mysterious ways. I keep getting validation of this over and over. I have others who ask me how I know things. What I feel when I just know. And this is each for you to understand and learn for yourself. What I feel may not be how you feel when you know. As each new sign comes I do need to sit with it as it in this case is quite overwhelming.

I shared this the other day and I have gotten quite a lot of responses on it. For me it resonates: Be unconditionally accepting of yourself, feel your peace and allow the energy to flow ... All comes around ... Enjoy the Valentine energy and be your own Valentine with this Law of Attraction. One response which I really liked was "buy yourself something cool ... be your own Valentine." I will have something very special for each one of you soon. I promise I will share this.  I have been really centering and grounding a lot and what I noticed is I feel more at peace when I do. I listen to really calming music and breathe. I know I speak about the fog and haze and confusion during this time. For me I see how being chaotic along with the energy is counter productive. I see what it does to be in this state. It takes probably less energy on my part to just be my true self. Flow with the energy and in areas I can do something about I do so.

Everywhere and everywhere is what I mean is validating everything. Yes hard times may be here, but it's all about how you view it. A challenge allows for growth. This week is all about being willing to give and also what you are expecting to get. When you let go of expectation is when all comes to be. So much is aligning in energy right now. With all this energy we are all instinctual and sharp with Leo energy. Above all keep with it lay the foundation find the grounding it all is about reaping the rewards staying on this course that we set in motion so long ago. For me one thing is I wished to share my words and I have been receiving so many lovely comments of all kinds about my sharing. I am so grateful. Use this emotional energy that is all around to create and direct your heart and open your heart to all that is.