Saturday, February 8, 2014

Blissful Abundance Nurtured Soul

I wish to speak about your calling and how you nurture yourself. Yesterday I noticed an abundance of various energies all inspiring me to take notice of projects I wish to start. None called me to do anything more than just sit and take notice of them. As sometimes we do need to sit with these. In this time of self-discovery also comes a nurturing. To invite in all love as we cannot look else where for it, it is all within us. These gifts are nurtured when we follow the heart as the heart has the highest vibrations above the mind. So if you notice you think a lot or listen to voices this is of the mind, when you notice a vibration a buzzing a sensation this is from the heart. The heart can also speak to you, but it resonates deep in your soul. As all of what I do is following my heart.

Every part of this amazing journey I have been on I find and discover more wonderful things about myself. Last night I went to the place where my heart and soul is nurtured- a safe and sacred place with internal reflection being my pure self. Discovering who my pure self is. I opened my heart up fully and completely. I welcomed this energy and the experience to melt away all the burdens of so many things that weighed on me. As we are so often burdened by thoughts or actions of others or past lives - whatever it happens to be. This gets into our hearts and our minds go. With beautiful company all these layers were melted away and a lightness overcame and continues to dwell all over me. Now that I am purely open and my heart is clear and I am so excited for the new things that come. As I have always followed my heart since my Awakening journey, I look forward to my heightened awareness. I already feel my senses are stronger. As I am the most happiest when I don't have to worry about anything or figure something out there are no burdens of any kind. It is simply being my true self. Many times we are this with only certain people or in the comforts of home. When you have a lightness in your heart you simple are always you- I bring my crystals with me to various different places and I simple am. I pay no notice to on lookers. I never get questions about what are you doing? Or what are those? Or any questions about my crystals as they speak for themselves to each individual they come in contact with. After a while you realize what are burdens, what are things of the mind- you realize who are people of the mind. It's stepping into the Violet Rays of Light.

For me I am noticing my Awakening because I am looking fully at it. I was even called an inspiration last night by someone who has seen me transform over the past year. Small validations of I am appreciated, I am enough, I am complete. So everything else melts away. I post a lot of things I was reminded above all my visions will come to be. I am being shown over and over again by Source, my Angels, Guardian Angel and Guides that I need to stop doubting myself, as was part of my burdens. As I offer this all to you, as well, that just because you don't see something does not mean anything, because the universe is working under the surface to give you everything. The impatience, the lack of faith, the giving up, changing course- this all is what changes and causes you to not get what you want. It's the thoughts. I was reminded in this space that what I am living now is what I had only dreamed about a year ago. This magical journey I started, even when I have thought I am not deserving of this- Source said otherwise. Every day I show up. Last night I found my magical forest a place where I am grounded in but where magic resides. It's all a process which all does not happen over night. For the time being I have to venture to other realms to find a moment of groundedness, it's still an adventure to find grounding. As I write all this opening up to give inspiration that all comes to be. It is a constant cycle of lifting up and being lifted up.

I for so long was running with a vision I had, I had to convince and share it so often. Just because nothing looked like it was happening- I got questions, why are you doing this? What are you doing? Where is it? I knew in my heart and that is what I went on. Some of the vision has come to be. The vision is in motion, Source has given glimpses of things coming to be. I continue on this journey- living in my heart. Knowing my eyes and mind might try to convince me to let go to give up to move away from this vision but my heart knows the true calling. So I invite you to discover what nurtures you? If you are in company that does not nurture all of you- If you work too hard to be you- If you are constantly explaining yourself- If you feel stress- If you are giving away yourself- Look to areas, to beings that ask for nothing in return- Who see you- Who see your potential- Who nurture you-

Photo by Padma Bella
All this activity is being inspired my Mars in Libra. This is all about how our actions speak in relationships- our intention is pointed and our emotions speak through movement and often in quick word exchange. For this time it is all about patience. Being in the virtue of Patience because Mars energy one can easily get lost in crisis and chaos. Look at Mars as an arrow that shoots quickly and straight- it is on target going forward but it does eventually loose speed. Even though it is still focused and marked on it's destination the slower speed allows the energy from the ground to intermingle with this. It is not changed course but has "distractions." This causes Mars to sometimes come from a place of fear and anxiety. If you have noticed these energies- anxiety creates energy that must be pushed outward because if you allow it to linger in you it creates stress. Anxiety held in leads to hypertension, dementia, and an inward imbalance. It creates worry. Fear builds. How to rid of this- be mindful and know how you react and what you are feeling, why you are feeling it. Words become your release of this. This energy has to get out of you and it's speaking your anxiety and fear out. Maybe you have a companion in light you confine to. Have a good laugh about this, in the grand scheme of things all this is very silly. These are some of my best conversations when we have a good chat and laugh about all the silly anxiety and fear that comes and how easily once we speak it and we squash the power it has over us. Saying the words aloud reduces fear instead of replaying a scenario over and over in our mind or  words over and over speak it, why it bugs you, why you feel anxious. If you don't have someone talk to a animal companion or a plant or the ocean or something in nature. I have done this I feel so much better after I release. Like this morning after my beautiful experience I woke up sick after having a vision I thought was in present time- I spoke about it, and immediately got told no that would contradict everything. We came to it was a past life recall. Now that is no longer dwelling on me. Despite being sick I feel light and happy and started just enjoying the morning party. To me this Mars energy is validation. Slow and steady wins the race. I saw a snail climbing a wall. Not going very fast but he was about four feet up this wall already. Just because you can't see it right now, the arrow is still pointed straight head it will still all come to be. Think of it as taking a scenic route in the mean time enjoy your energy! Be a peaceful warrior as it knows clear intention and does not get distracted by anxiety and fear.