Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The energy is already shifting. It's so very exciting. I am getting projects together, before of course the rain comes (which apparently everyone wishes to share this new with me). Is this a sign of some kind? I had a lovely outing today. My first trip was to one of my favorite shops and I was greeted of course with the sensation: of everyone looking at you as you enter a room just because you are glowing. I have been overall enjoying just a very pleasant day. So of course as I walk to the fruit and veggie section I got a good giggle when I noticed something off ... see if you notice silliness going on:

 At first I was thinking okay, one section. I look at the other section and come across these lemons. I started laughing and a very sweet lady comes up to me (she had a Fairy Godmother energy about her) and picks up a bag and says: you look like a very smart woman, these are lemons right? Referring to the sign on them clearly labeling them bananas. We continued to have a lovely chat about having to have a optimistic look on life and a kindred spirit she is. As you make lemon aid when you are given lemons. It was a nice amusing way to continue the day, having a complete and total conversation with a very energetic being who took a day trip on the train just to enjoy life. She decided to just pop in the store on her way to her destination, and of course she did buy some lemons. This of course reminds me that we too often get caught up in our routines of having to go get things from the store. But when you are open and not in your tunnel vision you can interact with very lovely beings and enjoy a good laugh at a shop. Which after my Lemon Fairy Godmother, I encountered a chief who was shopping on his lunch break. All he could do was sing about lettuce and even this I had to just smile because he was making his trip enjoyable also. I almost thought he was going to ask me to dance in the shop because he was having that much fun and I couldn't stop laughing at all the fun energy all about. After that  I continued on to another shop which case an elderly couple noticed how quickly and breezy I went through and they asked for my help. Even this was my way of doing an act of kindness because I didn't work there, I could have as many often do just ignore or move along. Yet I feel amazing knowing vibrationally so many are Awakening and we are just going about our time happily. 

So after my day I will share with you my happy fruit because you do have to be a fruit and just go with it. We are still headed towards the Mercury Retrograde tomorrow being the last day. Tonight we have an Aquarius moon and of course it is to rain over the weekend in my parts. As my Lemon Fairy Godmother shared with me. I see this as a cleansing is to be as a rain shift in energy and the moon energy. As you can see of course I am channeling the lower chakras at this time by the colors of the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus.  I have been really noticing an increase in activity in my higher chakras. I have been having some very vivid dreams the past few nights, have you been noticing this too? These of course are dreams and not visions or premonitions or teleporting none of these sorts of things. It is showing me the whimsy of the world not all is serious or what is to be. I see today with the fruit and everything everything is so liberating. I really truly have been feeling like I am a completely new different person than I was before. I feel so light like there are no strings attaching me to anything else at all. It is such an intensely amazing beautiful feeling. I feel so interconnected at the same time. Perhaps you have been noticing this too. Enjoy this the New Moon in Pisces is bringing Self Empowerment and our Gifts into us. It is all about new beginnings the new phase in the journey ahead. This is a huge cycle coming up to a completion it all happens at different times for everyone. For me I feel this happening already before the New Moon but I notice I am being really sensitive to all sorts of change now. This may happen for you now or over the weekend or some time after that. There is no right or wrong in when you feel it. It depends on how open you are to this. We are transitioning into a more Authentic New!