Friday, February 7, 2014

Bacon, Pizza, and some Rain Gods thrown in

Lots of magical energy all around. I really wish to speak of this as it is not something I find very much out there. For me and my experience with my gifts more things are happening the inner knowing. Some odd things have been happening just on the first day of the Mercury Retrograde but also leading up to it as well. Certain things which I knew were of my gifts but now they are just heightened. This just me sharing my experience as many of them gave me a good laugh to myself I am not going to use the technical names for the gifts as it's all in fun and we don't have to be all technical all the time. As this is much more of a being silly post it is very lighthearted because when you speak about levitating and astral projecting and seeing angels, it's a very uplifting experience.

Yesterday I went through moving meditation and a collective intention was set for more rain. In the middle of it, rain was heard on the roof as part of the experience. It continued raining I had suspected emotions or certain elements influential over the weather. This was a smiling moment as it rained some in the wee early mornings.

Another instance, I met someone last night and during the usual introducing of names, when I was about to speak my name first, I said their name very low instead (despite I had never met this person before and had no idea what their name was) I had no idea how I did that. Other than I have had instances before of just knowing something about someone but not quite this intense with knowing their name right off the bat and actually saying it aloud. Typically if I get a vibe or just knowing about someone I can keep it in. This time it just came out.

I enjoyed a nice walk in the rain last night as I think we should enjoy all of nature even the wet kind. Embracing all that is, it was quite relaxing to just take in the sounds, smells and sights of the rain covering everything. During this walk I smelled pizza granted there was no pizza places anywhere near me. Earlier in the week I was on another nature walk and I smelled bacon, once I came home I smelled bacon once again (and I was not near bacon!).

All these are different clairvoyance gifts, we each can awaken to. Yes you can get books on this stuff, everyone has the ability to awaken to these. We have dominate ones over others or certain ones which may come out first or you feel more comfortable with. However, I feel it is not something you study in a book it has to be experienced and when it is the correct time for you to awaken to these
things it will be. I have looked at psychic books and all other books on the topic but none resonate, and they seem so textbook if you practice this then this will happen. Nor do I feel that I am psychic nor wish to have this label. It's not something I will to have happen it just flows through me. As why I feel that when you are open and receptive (as in you wish to experience these) the universe and source brings it down for you to experience. Now I will say working with someone who has these gifts opened can be helpful because you are sharing experiences and it is a passing down of knowledge and guidance verses reading from a sterile book. In the beginning of my awakening I loved conversing with my sister in light who also has many of my same gifts about all these amazing new things we could try. It's so helpful to if you want to test things out to have a mutual person who can help you along. It can be overwhelming if you are in a large space with many energies and stuff just starts happening and you don't know what it is or how to let it flow through you without overwhelming you.

I should also mention that I was sitting with a glass of water in front of me and I noticed a rainbow reflection in it. At first it just was really calming then I really noticed no wait there's a rainbow in my water! I tried to rationalize it that it was just the light hitting the crystal I was wearing, so I covered up my crystal but the rainbow was still there. Which it is so funny we see something and think oh it has to be something else or try to give an explanation to it other than it just is! The more I looked at the rainbow and focused on it the stronger it became in colors. I enjoyed some time looking into my reflection as I am a rainbow. If you too are noticing some shifts in these sorts you are not alone. There are some other new gifts as well coming to the surface but these I am still grasping and will share at a later time. My visions are still if not 10 fold stronger than ever now. If you wish to receive personal service I do offer this as well. I just really wished to share these experiences as I am slowly hearing about others having different awakenings, not all wish to share about this yet. Other than something "weird" just happened does that happen to you? Since I have already been experimenting with my gifts for a while and know they are my gifts, I am sharing.

Today 2.7.14 is a day of 777 very magical and powerful, as today is the 7th Universal day of the month and a 7th Universal day and of the 7th Universal year. With all this 7 energy flowing it means your intuition will be even stronger (times three) so if the start of yesterday was not intense enough, look for even more today! Since 7 is a private number it does call to take some rest and relaxation time to reflect. As we are receiving and experiencing so much internally know where you are and don't push yourself today. This is a peaceful day to connect with Source to be centered and grounded. You become stronger when you know your guides and angels so take some time to get to know them. Much integration and downloads are happening in all different ways. Enjoy this time! It's so magical and exciting!