Friday, January 31, 2014

Year of the Wooden Horse

Venus turns direct today and this weekend is all about giving some attention to those relationships you have neglected over the past few weeks. We are in the year of the wooden horse (also called Green Wooden Horse or Horse in the Clouds). The element of wood is movable in the wind when needed but strong in a storm. It has firm roots that go deep into Gaia. Here we are called to be as the trunk of a tree to establish our roots deep and wide so that we may be stable and secure and know who we truly are so that anything that comes won't topple us over. This year we are coming into who we are and what we are and it being a Universal 7 which is all about moving deliberately. We are establishing who we are in the beginning of this year. As we do so we have the luck and freedom of the horse. It is all about luck and knowing that you are leading in the right direction as fortune is here. Riches will come. Green wood as bamboo is bendable and strong and we should also be this. Things may come up stir up or wish to stir up we take it as we will. However know that these relationships are the same they bend with us and move with the challenges. The horse energy has fire which lights passion so if a relationship has been neglected a bit it's time to light the fire once again as with other projects that may have cooled for a bit. If you have been giving much energy into relationships over this past week take this weekend to give yourself some "me" time and focus on you.

Venus energy brings realizations as we had been in a veil. The horse energy now is about fortune, luck, and having fun. Many anxieties came in the way of relationships with the Capricorn air now we are in the Aquarius energy it is all about letting go of these fears, and we will see this shed naturally away. As we are receiving messages during this weekend we have opportunity for great expansion. It is about keeping company with those who also share this as its a time for receiving information not so much for "teaching"for a true download it is in a state of just being. We are all about magic around us right now. So expansive is this light and energy that anything is possible. Perhaps you felt wandering around the last few weeks, now it's thinking about the magic. Look to things with a different eye. A project you may have been working on, you can achieve it once you think of not how grand this is but how grand you are. You can achieve anything just think of your natural gifts to aid you in this. It's moving forward with projects giving them up to what they will be once they are created. 

With this horse energy it is also a prosperous year for those born in the year of the dog (1958, 1970, 1982, 2006) as these two go along side each other on their journey. Often the dog is viewed as a solitary creature running along side the horse, here if life has found you single this will be a good dating year, if you are in a relationship it will be a good year to get married. As many signs of the heart and universal love and expansive true love is very strong now in 2014. It is also a time to be wary of others trying to over power of deceive you in this time of investments. Even though it is a year of abundance it takes understanding your intuition of who to trust and who is looking out for their own pockets and not yours. Particularly any born in the year of the Rat (1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008) as they run the risk of being stepped on by the horse if not careful. All this is all about being a secure and strong rooted tree so that any of these things will not knock you over. The horse is leading you so if you get scared or fearful just focus on your intention and let magic guide you forward.