Monday, January 13, 2014


I am back to ending the website with new features! So excited with much energy and shifting is going on so be mindful of this with how your body is reacting to this. This month is all about bringing about change, some we cannot control it just is coming and it's all about going with the flow and being grounded enough to know and be and experience what is right in front of us in the Now.

To be so in tuned with everything that nothing sets us off balance to blow us down. Instead we may notice the breeze but with a solid foundation grounded into Gaia we simply just redirect in a new direction by our choice. Change is all about acknowledging who we are and what we are. We are all about to be shifting further. Year of 2014 is all about change. Keeping solid our foundation and those relationships that are key to our growth and development. In January, we have three moon events to seal our intention, our goals for this whole year. Even if you may not know what you fully want, even a glimmer of it will come to your mind's eye. Perhaps you already know all you wish to have and desire to experience. You have been working with me in the various stages and have put into motion the visions. The moon energy is already very strong now. We feel the energy around us.

This particular moon is in Capricorn and will remain so until Sunday before it moves to Aquarius. We are very much in our emotions right now. Embrace whatever comes in way of feelings. Whether it's good, bad, confusion, bliss, even exhaustion or even weird behavior. A whirlwind of emotions is good for us to let these surface but know that we must handle all this with grace. As these surge of various emotions come up be gracious with yourself and others. Know that this storm will pass and it's how we handle these little storms that is how we handle life and our relationships as well. One day we may be sad and express this outwardly too much to impair someone else. Know that you are in control of you, you have every right to feel any and all emotions. We need the balance of one with the other to enjoy all that comes.

So I invite you to live in the now enough to feel when there are shifts in your emotions even the illogical ones. We are being stirred up and know that others may have odd behaviors this timing too. So allow for odd behaviors to be sort of the "normal" right now. We are all handling this all differently. It's all about finding balance despite the whirlwind around us.

The balance of life and for this new year is to know how to create stillness and balance despite what is going on around you and through you. Now is the time for taking charge and excuses have no power anymore here. It's opening the throat chakra to speak your truth. Perhaps some emotions have you timid where you wish to please everyone but you also have to please yourself. Listen to what body parts get tense when you experience these emotions this lines with your form of expression.

Today I was extremely tired which followed from the weekend. This great shift that has been happening for me. I am coming further into my gifts and I don't even fully know what that means. It's being okay in that space as well. When you feel that shift, that change but sometimes it takes some time to readjust to it.

Further I wish to speak of allowing the change to happen. We all may notice opportunities coming to us, whether we visualized these months ago, or they are just coming. Listen to where your heart is pointing you. We continue to move forward I realize that some of my symptoms was from resistance. I wished to stay on some levels in where I was comfortable. I became comfortable. Which we all have that choice. However I realized for me, I have to step into the unknown. Just waking up and showing up and being me - as things come I take them. Even now I have noticed my throat not "hurting" but it has a tingling vibrating cold sensation which for me is it's activation. Things have gotten stirred up in there. In the movement of the energy flow working with various crystals and meditations- it's being that aware to know what is part of the ascensions and portals coming to be through you.

Even if you do not fully understand what portals are or the ascension as a whole is that is okay too. Portals are times when there are shifts in us when we (in the short explanation) we download information into our DNA matrix or into our Soul Self ... this just happens without any work done on our part. This is often when there are planetary events or messengers like comets, things like that come into our Gaia energy field. We level up (for those gamers as portals are the time when we are just given that upgrade because we did the work during the quiet time in between. ) We can use this to further expand, and further grow. So that each portal we are leveling up higher and higher with new capabilities. We must master each time but if we don't master it before the next portal we still download the information and it's stored until we are ready to receive it, so there is not a being left behind concept at all. It just is there waiting. As I have said before I hold a space for those who wish to walk through the portal. That is part of my purpose. However this is not a race or anything ego base to be the most powerful. It's all mutually experiencing this and raising the vibration up so that the entire world may be at peace in bliss even for those who do not wish to enter or step forward into these higher dimensions but wish to stay in the 3d world. We who are called and wish to move to higher vibrations we also aid in the entire world being a better place.

This is having an open heart and knowing your limits so if you feel a time to rest amongst the self mastery allow yourself some freedom to rest. Self mastery is a big theme as it's really coming into your own and knowing who and what you are. It is being calm and meditating when needing clarity. I have noticed often times I may seek answers outside but the knowing is always internal. I sometimes have spouts of feeling enlightened. Feeling so centered and balanced that I literally levitate off the ground. So expansive from the inside. It just all sort of clicks in when you don't try to do any of it. This is what I love so much. This experience. I won't know what's wrong, I release it out the control part and then graciously it just falls into my lap or on my crown and I become so much more awakened to being so alert to what it is. It's like ooh how did I not know? But it was not to know at that time, I had to go through the process. However it's the process that the Self-Mastery comes in. Also being humble. It really is not  "oh I can do this now."Yes it does come time to share this with others its also very key what your purpose is to share this. Ego is not involved its dancing to your own drum. Doing and saying and being what makes you happy. What brings your vibration up.

Truth comes from within, I realize now that the reason my throat has been closed is that I have been worried about everyone else. A natural caregiver, however the best way I can tend or care for others is for caring for myself. Finding my truth helps everyone else. Being my best me helps everyone and speaking who I am and what I am is the thing which I had been resisting. Not wishing to step on toes is how I use to be. It is not a matter of controlling an outcome it's letting it be. The truth is the truth. We are who we are. The visions of what will be - they will be when they will be. So I have to trust that even today when I let go and just meditated for about an hour in the middle of the day- I saw a vision that has come so much over the past year. Even my Sister in Light has validated this many times - the ego wishes to create fear or need to talk about it all the time. When the reality is that I have my path I have my truth, I know the outcome. I just have no idea when it will be. I had of course let this go. Today the universe wished to remind me it's still coming. It is working magic to make it be. The truth is that I have to worry about me first. Once I am fully in Truth with myself this will all come to be. It is not about fighting or having this internal battle or even external battle. Even with one thing which I was shown is that this war that has happened in the fall of so many civilizations the classic "good vs. evil" battle does not have to be here. Yes there are visions of a great battle in later higher dimensions but we have the ability to shift and change all that. As I was told it does not have to be. When we are all focused on our own Truth and the greater good it's bliss and peace and happiness. Ego and evil and battles for power all simply fades away as this does not exist. We are all growing and it's about simply experiencing and realizing anxiety and fear and doubt and all of these only festers to attempt to shut us down.

I will be writing a how to prepare for this Full Moon soon. I am working on the website, I did loose some time (Divine Timing) and wish to have this updated soon. In the mean time be aware of what you are feeling right now.