Sunday, January 12, 2014


I am writing about a topic that has been coming up very strongly later in this past week. The ego and outside influences. It's about not getting into other people's drama. Others (friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc) try to project their insecurities on to you and your relationships. I'm sure everyone has been having a higher vibration. We all glow we are shinning our inner light. This results in outside influences being drawn to it, wishing to understand it, even categorizing it. When it does not fit into any one "box" it becomes complicated to them. They either don't ask or ask and answers may not satisfy their questioning. In this time, their drama gets into our aura. It's now a matter of grounding yourself so that you may weather this little storm of drama that is unfolding - as my brother in light calls it. This will pass, remember we have all been here before, in this life time and even past life times.

After all this shifting we may feel we know so much we have expanded so much in knowledge that I can do this all on my own now, I don't need anything or anyone else. This is the ego talking. Getting too big in the head. We or no person is better or more knowledgeable about one thing. It's all about being humble and sharing the channels or visions we see with each other to lead into further awakening and further remembering. The ego has no place here, riches and wealth is of the ego. Of course we do wish to have nice things but this all does come once we are no longer stuck in the material world. Your spirit guides you effortlessly. It's centering yourself through Spirit, through Source.

I have felt many giving their powers away even if you don't think you are. The moment you allow judgement to come into your heart. It begins to shift. I love this quote which was send to me, which I will share: "You see, you're giving others too much power as you even acknowledge how they make you feel. What you've got to decide is how I'm going to feel. We would go to a Virtual Reality and we would practice feeling good. Manifestations come on the heels of what you've conjured in thought." -Abraham-Hicks.

So as you can see we have all been going along on our journey doing quite well, the moment on the path we hit or run into others who question us, who we give power to into their words of negative or ego or flat out 3d- we give them power. Remember it's not about the falling out of anything. The journey is in itself easy here. For me it's always been trusting more in what is felt than what is said. As I've heard many "words" which of course contradict the feelings the connection the visions. Feeling scared or anxious is so far from being in a higher vibration. Without shielding and grounding your aura is vulnerable and people who are susceptible to drama then feed on your light. They create situations to seep into your life. Gain access through your kindness, your loving awareness. It's being able to recognize pushing others away only hurts yourself. Now is about the time of running towards what you have built up in your life not run from it as Venus energy is very strong. The Retrograde of Venus has passed. We are in this space of looking into what you have in front of you. Our purpose what we were born into is being revealed the Essential Truth. This began on December 21 prior was all the time of questioning, now is the time of sealing it. It's about coming into your full self. Over this time there were glimpses with your True Self reflected in your relationship with someone. Now it's the time to dive further into this as the energy is so much stronger now. Naturally fears may come up but it's now time to just shut them down blow them away as fears have no place here. The Truth, your truth is within you. Venus as the Rising Star is here as a pillar of light showing all the ways of the Dawn, your Truth. It mirrors everything, and this does get intense you may wish to shield your eyes of the reflection coming back at you. But think of what is effortless here. Who just accepts and acknowledges your true self with no questions? Who questions you? Who understands you? Who wishes to change you? Venus remains in this light until October 2014. Remember those who embraced your journey of change. If this stirs up something within you look further into this also.

I have done a card reading for 2014 showing the universe does deliver and the message is that there are outside influences but above all being strong and grounded all comes. I also have been creating visions boards and crystal grids which I will also share. We are approaching the Full Moon and another portal once again. It's about partnerships and moving forward in the service and journey ahead. We are very much done with releasing as this is so of the old. The resonating energy is union and coming other.

Perhaps redundant but I posted this earlier today which I will share here entirety: We live in joy in Light in Love ... no need to use anyone all this knowledge is for expansion to grow further. We grow together. Harsh words are of the ego. Take a step back and really look at the things which make you question if it's to defend yourself or creates friction or a need to fit in- is this really being your authentic self? Relationships are effortless they just be. It's showing up it's being you and we don't step or fall out of this. We work on it, outside forces are always going to be coming in so long as we have ego. This Full moon it's about knowing you. Knowing everything that is. Once you are awakening it is now about embracing all that have aided in your awakening we are all going through this together. Its about moving together is what I have been seeing. Retreating and thinking I have all the answers I can do this all on my own, this is ego based. Asking to aid, for sharing, for working out of love and grace and bliss it's being grounded and learning to be of service. Many lessons are being shown to me.

So much shifting is happening with the Venus energy. Remember all you have been working on remain to stay grounded and notice that others are trying to sway you from your work, all your visions. Stay strong! Allow your Light Being self to radiate out, the ego is trying to come in. There is nothing complicated this shows through when there is no understanding, fear, doubt, lack of understanding feeds the ego wishing to put a title to it or describe and categorize it when it does not fit in any conventional box the ego the mind says it's complicated and the worry sets in. Go back to simplicity. Enjoy company, breathe, be grateful for all you have. We have all come so far. The moment the outside (of the negative) (the ego based people) come into our bubble they wish to just stomp all over it. Stay true to you. Protect the love. Protect you. Shield if needed. I am reminded of all that I have gone through, finally going through the energy and portals I see the Light the path so clearly also I have been seeing how others can so easily step on a straying path which they are being deceived it's the "right" path riches is ego based. Being content with what you have not looking for the next and shinny thing. 

I can only be me. I love love knowing I am free of me, but free too and I have the power of me.

Visualization Vision Board
By Padma Bella

Visualization Vision Board
Photo by Padma Bella
Loving Bliss - Crystal Grid
By Padma Bella

Grounding Crystal Grid
By Padma Bella