Wednesday, January 29, 2014


How have you been taking in this latest integration? It is all about recharging your batteries, looking at
ways you can tend to you best. Be it drink more water, eat cleaner, sleep more, ... endless but it comes with listening to your body. We come closer to planetary alignments, its facing the fears. Being your own sovereign being but also not allowing all this power to go to your head. We are coming into a powerful time, so being centered and grounded. Not seeking something grander but looking at what is right in front of you. It's being humbled in your greatness.

Romance is very much on everyones mind as Venus is almost direct. Matters of the heart do matter. We are called today with the moon conjunct to Pluto and Venus opposite Jupiter in cancer to look into matters of the heart. Perhaps you have stepped off the path for a second but it's time to get back on as true love cannot be escaped from. The realizations are beginning to happen stronger, perhaps the "ah" moment is on the verge of hitting. With these strong planetary energies all is pointing to love, but one's heart has to be open to receive this.

For those who are single it's finding the Divine Love within you and being at peace with this before Love in external form of a partner comes. One has to be balanced or grounded before this comes. For those in a relationship it is about strengthening the love between two. And for those who are on the verge of commitment it is about running towards it. We have all been in the darkness while Venus has been in retrograde feeling out the waters, perhaps just this past week emotions have grown strong and retreating has happened more in realization. As it is always darkest and stormiest right before the dawn. We are coming on the verge of the dawn. So for those who questioned what is this? Is this the right person whom you have been in a relationship with (perhaps not even knowing) the epiphany is on the way. Each to have, and experience- but in matters of the heart Venus is inspiring to chase to run towards this person who has been in your life. It is all time to say I'm sorry for being astray. Sure temptations may have come, fear may have crept in, doubt even- but it's being strong and fighting for this union. As December 21 solstice, those who have been in relationships prior this is the person whom you question- this has been because of the Venus retrograde which started on the same day. Any relationships which have started after December 21 or now are temptations and illusions by Venus. All things point to in terms of romance and lasting partnerships are romantically those which developed prior to the retrograde. As I said before others are feeling this pull of Venus right now also. Blasts from the past may be happening, even energy vampires may be wishing to throw you off as nothing is more powerful than two in union with strong powers. As they can do wonders together, they are far weaker then not joined together.

The trickster will deceive when not working with the pure Divine heart. We all have had a dark path in
front of us during this retrograde but the light is beginning to shine and we will come to realize our actions. Who has been there when no one else was? Who did not put me down? Who gave without asking for anything in return? This is the final day of releasing your old identities to embrace who you are in this journey, who sees the real you.