Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Open Heart

Literally you can turn your mood around very quickly. I had several intense dreams (the releasing of all that was trying to take over). Perhaps you have noticed you have been having some intense dream lately? This is "stuff" that is trying to stir up which wants to be addressed and released. What areas of your life may this mirror?

Now this morning I feel so light and happy. It was an experience this morning full of magic and strength. Realistically we all have the ability to just jump start our day, our time. Open your heart there's so much magic all around. Walk around looking up to the sky to the Divine, see how this changes your day. Of course I was reminded again today to get off the gadgets as much, and just go with human experience. We do need to be reminded yes interacting with people via gadgets (especially) when those companions are far away. This is very different than just mindless internet "play" which is just like the mind chatter. We get stuck in it, in things that don't matter and loose hours on the internet. However, take time to interact with people (face to face). Embrace all the experiences around you. If you have an open heart everything falls into place. Dancing this morning it was all about the heart and raising vibrations. As our vibration is higher literally even now I feel my entire body vibrating as it always does but becoming more aware of everything. Bag of crystals definitely helped on my journey this morning.
We all have so much to be grateful about. Having a higher frequency brings more positive into our lives. I appreciate and see how doing so always makes me just bouncy with so much energy (even if I wonder where it came from). This will be a short write, as I have many other things to get to today. Feed your soul and your light with things that make you blissfully happy today.