Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Bliss

Playing with Quartz
Sun reflection through a Rainbow Quartz
Photo by Padma Bella
I wish everyone a Happy New Year!! Much excitement, much energy. Leading up to New Years midnight I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz words and true inspiration I have seen how far I have come. New Years Eve Evening (mostly) all those who are my inspiration and those who greatly influenced my journey were all under one roof. Each place I walked and turned another familiar face greeted me. I feel so blessed to share all their energy, this of course overwhelmed me. The Universe hears all we say and feel and think and write, when we just are in bliss and ask it all does come. 2014 we experience the challenges with grace. We continue expanding our understanding. Above all the best words spoken to me: live each moment in the "Now" focusing only on the present moment. Allowing the mind chatter to be quiet and being in pure bliss always. This alleviates doubt and fear. When we are free of these we just truly enjoy the moments as they come. 

Each Rainbow Quartz has such a unique vibration
along with amazing rainbows when sun light passes through.
Photo by Padma Bella
I had a good laugh recalling all the times in 2013 I wondered when is it going to happen? Of course for me the destination is just that, not going to bring bliss or enlightenment (it may) but it's the journey and path along the way. The countdown to 2014 was different from any other year I had experienced. I had no more reflections no resolutions. I had no 'plans' for it because I simply am content where I am and being with me. Once one lifts this vibration up you see everything differently. So my first moments of 2014 pure bliss!

This is another Rainbow Quartz reflection with a star comet
Photo by Padma Bella

My first day of 2014 I noticed a great shift in me and how I view everything around me. Literally I feel reborn. A morning walk was so delightful. I feel blessed to spend some of the day with my family as a tradition that has always been. This reminded how we all walk our own journey but we all support and inspire each other. So for the first day of the year I have lived in my present moment, in the Now. I feel so much more relaxed and I of course experience each moment fully. So perhaps this year you have no "resolution" like I want to loose weight, or go to the gym more, start this hobby or get a new job or start a diet or eat healthier, whatever it happens to be. Often a month or even a week later how dedicated are we to those resolutions?

Playing with Rainbow Quartz in the sun.
Photo by Padma Bella
We may manifest what we wish to have but this concept of "resolutions" puts stress on us like we "have to do this" but for me this does not resonate any longer.

For this year, I have decided virtues to live by. I know that I wish to live in the now. Experience life challenges with grace. Expand my understanding. Continue to grow. Continue on my journey with creative expression, Inspiration. To live in bliss. To have more compassion for myself and for others. To be joyous always. To share kindness everywhere I go. To live life with passion. To smile every day, grateful for experiencing this amazing life. 

Crystal Stars
Playing with the sun rays into Rainbow Quartz
Photo by Padma Bella
Allow all else to flow. Perhaps meditating to ease into quieting the mind, to learn who your spirit guides, animal guides, angels .... I read this which explains so well Divine Guidance and Divine Truth. I will quote "There is a big difference between Divine guidance and Divine Truth. Guidance can come from anywhere, and it becomes Divine when we understand it through awareness. But Divine Truth can only come from within, and it's deeply intimate, as it's our own personal Source connection through our Beloved I AM ... which we all have a unique experience with!" -Polona Aurea Dawn

I did give the Seed of Life mandala as a gift today, which brought so much joy! Along with a crystal. As I felt this individual was meant to be guardian.

I will share two grids I made for my New Moon ceremony. Of course the Universe had her own timing of when this happened for me- all things come. 

Grounding New Moon Crystal Grid
Red Jasper, Agate, Orange Elestial, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Quartz.
Photo by Padma Bella
Divine Love, Bliss, Imagination, Dreams, Passion - New Moon Crystal Grid
Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, Quartz, Aquamarine, Septarian, Agate, Fluorite, Green Calcite, Soul Remembrance Stones, trinkets.
Photo by Padma Bella
Make a wish! 1.1.14 at 11:11
Divine Timing I glanced at the time.