Monday, January 27, 2014

New Moon in Aquarius 1.30.14

We are preparing for the New Moon in Aquarius which happens January 30 at 1:39PM (PT), 3:39PM (ET). Aquarius energy is having us to resolve problems and think outside of the box. We feel closer to humanitarian issues, as well as social things which get us out and about. Perhaps you have already been noticing this pull? We are feeling adventurous and inspired to look to new creative ideas for the future. Chinese New Year begins also as we move from the year of the snake to the year of the horse. As Thursday is all about new cycles beginning in this Aquarius energy. We will carry this Aquarius energy until the Aquarian Full August 10.

Much energy is swirling about for this week in particularly on Thursday as this is the second New Moon in January. This is a rare event along with it being a super moon which means it will appear larger. Tides will be higher and the moon will be visible during the day time. A second occurring New Moon in a month is called a Black New Moon, we get the opportunity for expansion as secrets of our shadow self will come to light which aid in our transitions. Here, this moon welcomes expansion into further awakening and merging with our Soul Self. Positively these secrets give better understanding for our self as we are moving towards further opening the third eye and crown and higher chakras. It is connecting the third eye to our heart chakra so that we may be loving awareness and also open our higher heart chakra as well. Being awake and "seeing" is so vast perhaps you have already gotten glimpses of it, perhaps your chakras are all open.

The Sun also is in Aquarius until February 18 which the masculine and feminine energy in Aquarius if you are in this birth sign or where this lands on your birth chart look to a strong sense of it. We are wishing to have freedom, even in small bits of it going for a day trip or escaping to your favorite hobby. Whatever it might be go about and dance to your own beat.

In addition to the New Moon, Thursday, January 30 also brings Venus alive from it's retrograde which it has been here since December 21. Much change has gone on and we may have noticed a stalling or stillness happen by way of the heart. With Venus direct we are revitalized in our relationships and they gain even more excitement and passion than before. Venus will be in Capricorn until March 5 bringing about it's focus on goals for the future. This is a time to plan and have those serious talks (of the good variety) for moving those relationships forward.

Mercury moves into Pisces on Thursday also. These two brings about the focus on compassion where we may notice heartfelt emotions and overall bringing about union and support. All this leading up to Thursday pay notice of your emotions and how you feel. If you have been having some retreat and enjoying your freedom (the Aquarian energy has been at work). Approaching Thursday you will soon be drawn back to your sweetie again as all this energy is bringing about progression forward. Especially after the New Moon you will be re-energized to move forward together as the attraction builds and Aquarian energy brings even more fantasy about.

As this Venus energy stirs about, others may be reminiscence of "old times." Be mindful though as others or even an previous object of affection my wish to suddenly come back into your life, (even someone you thought was only a friend, may reveal having a crush on you) all signs are pointing to this not being a good match as you parted ways for a reason or you never felt that way to begin with. Perhaps you did not close the door completely because you were being polite at the time, but caution to any exes that magically pop back into your life now until the end of February. They are wishing to stir up trouble at your expense. This too can contribute to the various emotions you feel, as of course it can stroke the ego at first.

Look to ways you wish to dream on the night of the New Moon, create your own night of manifesting dreams (while awake). As these are visualizations and this is very powerful. Journal all things you wish in your life. Dream big! Sage your space if you wish, burn some incense, create a sacred space. This is a time with much creative energy. No time like the present to dream. Overlook past New Moon journals and see if you wish to add/modify or start a whole new list!

I have been having much creative flow and inspiration lately as the Aquarius energy has been very strong. Over the weekend we experienced another influx of energy which called for reflection and at times even physical integration. This one for me I noticed many many less physical symptoms than any previous ones. It also is listening to what your body tells you and being mindful of it. The flow of you is best and how your soul sings. For me I went on a retreat to slow down. I even had a spider land next to me, which of course guidance from Source. Getting into the rhythm of you is key as if you have too many obligations it can make you unbalanced. Centering and grounding while we are approaching even more Aquarius energy is very helpful. I was mindful enough and in my present moment even to notice a very small spider take up company next to me. Nature is beautiful. Guides come in all forms. Overall it's sticking to your visions, Venus is going to be doing her part very soon. Stick with everything as so much hard work has gone in to so much.

Now is about having compassion for yourself and others. Sticking to what you have set in motion looking to ways to plan for the future. Yes I talk about living in the now and not looking into the future too much. However, there is a difference it's not dwelling on it or making a fuss about it. Instead it is dreaming about it, visualizing, putting that thought out in the universe (when it comes) even more powerful when there's a New Moon. Taking those steps to put things into motion (although at times the universe will have you wait also). What I have learned most is it's all about the stillness. Yes we manifest and dream for what we wish to be- this we offer to the universe to bring, the when we do not know. It is having unwaveringly faith and possibly stubbornness that this will come to be- but again it is not for us to know the when. The when may not be to the time we wish (as instant gratification) but being very aware you will soon see the sometimes small progress steps the universe is making to have this come to be. Giving up while these are happening- well you are just making more work for yourself. The universe is wishing to give us what we want, what we desire, what we are passionate about. Time is just a number- after a while you just come to a place where you feel having it in your heart, and that vibration grows and it resonates out. We become still in this. And so it is to dream and wish. Things do come around. The romantic nature of Venus is behind the scenes working- let her do her work. Daydream away as we approach the New Moon!

As always new creative projects view the latest on the energy healing crown necklaces: here

Photo by Padma Bella

Crown Necklaces
I do wish to speak about the line of crown necklaces I am creating. Each has it's own unique vibration, some weeks ago I had a notion of a versatile ornament that one could wear. I was really drawn to crowns and tiaras but no of the conventional appearance. I liked the idea of having an ornament, pendant or crystal about the area of one's third eye. This is what really inspired me most is as we further awaken to have something about our third eye as whatever you are feeling for your intention. 

Owl Crown 
My first piece I created has golden colors with a quartz and owl pendant. This channeling the owl animal guide magnified of course by the energy of the quartz. A quartz placed on your third eye of course magnifies. Even wearing it as a necklace the quartz comes close to your heart center. This brings in the unity of what we are called to do which is open the higher chakras particularly the third eye chakra and bringing that energy down to the heart center which in turn opens up the higher heart chakra. 

Photo by Padma Bella
Amethyst Crown
Amethysts are all about stimulating the third eye. The next crown necklace features amethyst as this draws the energy of the amethyst and awakening. The pendant has a heart in the center which brings the crown to the heart also. This really has powerful energies of contentment as purple is a very calming color also the birth stone for February as we approach the Aquarius sign being in both the sun and moon on Thursday we are being drawn closer to awakening of the higher chakras. If you are wishing to open your higher chakras this crown necklace may need to guide you. Each of these pieces are unique and their purpose is to aid in your journey. 

Photo by Padma Bella

Peacock Crown
The peacock crown necklace draws in the energy of the peacock which is all about vibrancy to your path. This aids in spiritual awakening as we face our immortality. Often we are guided to things which show us how expansive and vast the universe is, we also see our immortality. These thoughts may go to the ego but we are not of the ego anymore so peacock energy as an animal guide humbles us to refine and not become corruptible by these new ideas and creations that come.

Photo by Padma Bella
I wished to explain my thoughts behind these creations. As they truly make me happy to create them and I know each will find a new home. If any of these are called to you to receive please contact me, if you would like your own unique crown necklace. I should also mention each has healing properties so if you are battling with something I will personalize the intention placed into these so that you may use it to lift your vibration or aid in your healing. 

Photo by Padma Bella
Singing Meditation Crown
This necklace made me particularly happy creating it which came very much with ease. The blue shades are for the throat chakra to speak the truth and to find balance in communication. As we become balanced and tuned into the higher chakras as too does our throat to be able to communicate and express. The circle pendent has various circles and creates a harmonious sound when you walk. It is a very comforting sound that is gentle and can aid in moving meditation. This can be worn however you'd like, as it is all about freedom of expression. The colors of all these are even more vibrate in person, as photos can change up the frequency of the colors. 

Photo by Padma Bella
Hummingbird Magic Crown
Hummingbirds are very mysterious creatures that flutter about and can stay still while in flight. Having a hummingbird as an animal guide brings about playfulness, joy and the ability to adapt in any situation. The energy in this crown is very light to be present in the now. The vibration is energetic to bring about playfulness, independence as well as air air quality which is so helpful in times when you need revitalizing on the journey.

Solar Flower Crown
Photo by Padma Bella
The Solar Flower Crown works with the Solar Plexus chakra which is all about bringing the fire element to your life. This aids better decision making, helping with concentration as well as being motivated to get things done. Yellow brings about intellect, high intelligence and wisdom. This crown has the vibration to equalize the nervous system. We stay balanced with creativity when we are grounded but also able to concentrate at the task at hand.

Photo by Padma Bella
Black Obsidian Crown Necklace
Black Obsidian is a very powerful grounding crystal which may also aid in awakening the third eye to find your true purpose in this life. If you need both grounding, protection and direction this is the perfect stone for you. The purple contributes to the connection to the third eye and works nicely in meditation and clears psychic energy. It dissolves negativity in a situation and environment. Black obsidian is helpful when using to communicate with spirit as it shields you from any negativity.

Photo by Padma Bella
Forever Love - Smoky Quartz Crown
Smoky quartz is a protective and grounding stone that brings physical and psychic protection. Your heart will guide you wherever you go with this heart pendant. It removes negative energy and negativity transforming it to positive energy. This quartz works with the root chakra to bring up survival instincts while aiding in making your wishes come true by grounding their essence in reality. This is a very power quartz if you wish to use it to manifest particularly in matters of the heart as it's heart shape brings about heart chakra energy also. Smokey quartz brings abundance, prosperity and good luck. If you have noticed negativity, jealousy or even fear and stress towards a relationship this enhances courage to over come this with inner strength. As first self love is needed to have true love and pure Divine Love in relationships. Meditate with this quartz to find grounding and also brining a link between your physical and higher self to learn even more about your elevated consciousness! This is a magical crystal with many healing properties also! It is looking for a new home to aid in working magic in the lives it comes in contact with.

Photo by Padma Bella

Quartz Magic
I also have crystals which I am offering as well. Many quartz wishing to have a new home. These aid in magnifying any other crystals or if you are new to working with crystals the quartz is a great one to start with. It aids in everything you wish to seek. It is the first crystal I began to work with.