Monday, January 20, 2014

Moon in Virgo while Sun in Aquarius

This week is all about strength and the week is starting out very interesting. The sun begins it's cycle in Aquarius while the moon is in Virgo.

Aquarius energy in the masculine energy of the sun drives the mentally active and social sign. The sun had been in Capricorn which is often viewed as anti-social from the winter cold. Aquarius is all about embracing originality, uniqueness, while being independent. The talkative sign will allow for new ideas to be shared to anyone who will listen to them. As the sun is a masculine energy it's taking control of all those creative ideas. It is finding your own creative original spin to express yourself, as Aquarius energy calls for you to be your own unique you.

Aquarian energy brings seeking knowledge, inventing, and exploring the intellect. The sun energy drives these forward. You will be driven to expand your knowledge as this sign loves to expand it's already large knowledge base. As we come into this week, find new ways to express yourself.

Virgo energy in the feminine energy of the moon brings signs of dedication, devotion to higher calling of service, purity while motivating our plans. We are moving forward stepping onto the path with strategies towards new directions. Virgo energy calls for us to get organized which is a great balance to the air sign of Aquarius. We may feel all over, but the Virgo energy calls for decluttering of our thoughts, feelings and your behavior. The feminine energy of the moon nurtures this process. Virgo brings order and balance to the creative driving masculine force of the sun in Aquarius. These pair nicely as we are speeding up during this month in terms of projects and where we wish to go that the Virgo energy brings attentiveness while Aquarius fuels the inspiration and drive while it's in the sun presence.

Both these signs are very supportive of finding out your creative personal desires (the Aquarius side) while the Virgo side wishes to organize and plan and create strategies to make this happen. When distractions come up on your journey be firm with them so they wont deter or distract your physical or mental self instead finding balance, grounding and focus.

We began a week with a Moon in Virgo, which is a sign of dedication, purity and devotion to a higher calling to serve others. The Virgo Moon usually motivates us to move forward in our plans, strategies and new directions. It is time to get organized and to begin anew. Even mentally preparing for a new project is a new beginning in its own, and this includes decluttering our thoughts, feelings and how we act as well. We are moving into a time when things feel like they are speeding up, so much more attentiveness and focus will be needed. When we commit to our Self and our personal desires, the whole Existence conspires to help us getting it all done. What is also important here is saying "NO" to all sorts of distractions, from physical to mental ones, so that our energy centers are focused and pure.

So enjoy this week of these two energies, if you are one of these signs you should feel right at home.