Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Full Moon in Cancer 1.15.14

Photo taken by Padma Bella view 1/13/14
Much going on in preparation for the Full Moon which occurs Wednesday, January 15. I have been receiving many questions about "why" things are happening. Last night I woke up suddenly to notice a bright glow coming through my window. The moon seemed just about full, a yellow/orange glow all around along with a really bright star hung over the moon. I immediately knew the Full Moon is closer than what I had originally thought. Mesmerized by this the star is Capella in the Auriga constellation. Jupiter right above the moon as it is in the Gemini constellation. The twins and their energy people often are quick to judge people or look only superficially at a situation. Notice this in behaviors of others or situations being dismissed by others too easily if they are complicated. This is another critical point is to look inside and see where you can evolve and grow. Immediately when I viewed the stars, I saw a pair, as this part of our journey we are to walk with someone. The learning is happening mutually with shared ideas. The twins brings up masculine energy which is about taking charge and taking action.

The Moon very close to Jupiter and Gemini appears to be an extra star in the Gemini constellation. Jupiter has two sides: the kind and the great teacher. It is all about looking into the future and planning a high goal. Both these are very powerful qualities that we are taking into this new year as this Full Moon comes. What great plans do we wish to come to be? What do we wish to learn and also teach? Often this role can feel lonely until conversing with another "great king/queen or great teacher" which translates to Comic Pair Light Beings which is one with similar journey/service. Obviously we can all communicate and talk with others but knowing the greater goal the journey ahead to the future speaking with another who is also in this which makes the journey is less lonely. Again the moon also being in Gemini which is of the twins - two so alike but yet slightly different. In mythology it's the twins having a different father. But now this translates to the cosmic pair (the male/female pair) ... it's knowing the future, the plan and working together to make it happen.

With all this energy happening around the moon. This Full Moon is a Apogee Full Moon, which it reaches the furthest orbit around the earth. This is the smallest moon "micro moon" of 2014. Many of us will be able to experience when the moon reaches apogee. This is when the moon reaches it's greatest distance from the sun (around 8:53PM (ET) and 5:53PM (PT) at approximately 252,607 miles). The moon turns full however at 11:52PM (ET), 8:52PM (PT), and 4:52 (UT- January 16).

The moon reaches Apogee 2 hours and 59 minutes after reaching fullness. This moon is referred to as the Wolf Full Moon being the first of the new year. For the Full Moon we harvest the power of Cancer. As Cancer deals with emotions and how we feel our way through life it is all about relationships. As the Moon moves from Gemini (of the twins) to Cancer it is about how to relate to one another. As emotions are already beginning to surface these triggers in us may not even be about the person at all. We have the opportunity to look internally here at our own relationship with yourself first. As it's being centered and balanced which then allows opportunity for growth. Eventually we observe all these shifts and changes with awareness of the limits so emotions are just part of the experience. Aware of the limitations that may still be in place here. When we are unaware of our Self our Soul Self, our Truth is when there are limitations, the need to control and categorize. Once we have acceptance in our Truth, is when everything falls into place. It then creates space to opening move forward in relationships.

This Full Moon also brings the energy of a portal of expansion from January 14-18. This expansion is about relationships, as much of what I have received from source has been about this topic. Also why many have been asking various questions referring to relationships. We are now more so than ever mirrors to our relationships. Much of the journey before has been about learning and mastering our self our gifts. Now as we shift this is now how we relate to others. As our expansion now is about how we relate to others in this journey also and also those who are not. This is all forms of relationships: family, friends, co-workers, and romantic ones as well. Our soul is remembering and awaking more with these interactions. Even when we get triggered by the not so pleasant kind of experiences these also aid in our expansion.

I have read and will use this term as well the New Relationship Paradigm as this really resonates. I have noticed even now I have been interacting with all has really began to shift. I no longer am pleasing everyone who asks things of me. It's knowing where your level of Self-Mastery is and when you need to create a boundary for yourself (for that particular time) when someone asks a task of you.

The New Relationship Paradigm is about our Soul awakening and the Cosmic Pair, when we share mutuality in respect, integrity, purity, common understanding and also maturity all in Spirit; which all brings about harmonious partnerships. It is a mutual devotion to co-create in consciousness with an open heart. The more questions I get about relationships the triggers are happening, this I am observing but it is all about the Self. Things that get stirred up or come up are a mirror of what is going on in the inside even if we are not aware of it. External situations and icky triggering things happen to show parts of the internal that still need to be worked on. As to be balanced and self aware nothing will move us, we may sway but we will not be shaken off balance.

This Full Moon brings up the emotions as we are relating to relationships in our life. Whether you are conscious of it or not you and your partner have decided to walk this journey together. Think of ways in your life when things are simple? When you are able to just walk together in knowing and discovery and self expansion. It's not to say that you cannot learn things from regular relationships- in friends, family, co-workers ... but having a intimate partnership the Soul wishes to expand here as this harmonious partnership creates.

Harmonious partnerships created now simply are, there is no work involved. Each has something to aid in the expansion of the other. As the Soul wishes to expand the more it also grounds. When two souls have come together and decided to walk this path to self discovery together both are willing to this experience. The growth happens between both partners through devotion, compassion and understanding. Challenges happen from outside forces who wish to "understand" these may trigger you. Think of all the times outside forces have tried or successfully torn apart this to end the partnership? The Ascension journey is about growing together and expanding together being a strong balanced unit. Clarity comes once these challenges come as it shows holes in the armor. Mutually it's creating something new, expansion is moving into the unfamiliar and the unknown, but it's the harmonious partnership of the two where the familiar comes and therefore working together can bounce off the familiar from each other as you move into the unfamiliar. You are able to expand faster within these partnerships because you are a whole unit together moving together supporting each other. The work load is shared.

The personal intimacy this Full Wolf Moon brings is that of the pact energy. We all have a sense of  belonging. If you have yet to find your partner, this time of the journey is coming to understand your self mastery. Where are your goals? Where are your gifts? How can you aid the greater good? If you are balanced and know your goals you are in a harmonious partnership. The Soul has decided it is now about co-creating. Staying true to the path that is unfolding without letting external forces throw you both off balance without running away. As the knowledge and the journey unfolds answers are not needed from the outside sources. Only within- and within in a harmonious partnership then of course includes your partner. This is the unit- the solid foundation. You are me and I am you and we are me.

In all that I have been asked, the odd behaviors are still showing unbalance and still trying to reach self-mastery. For when you are aware True Source of Self just radiates out of you. The vibrations just match up without any effort at all. You have to be balanced and know what path you are to walk before, the vibrational match in a partner will come to you. In this time of the moon energy we are expanding further into this. After a while there are no more questions it just is. Be mindful of people who wish to understand all the new points in your life. Observe how they are, how they question, how they speak.

For those of you who wish to have Full Moon rituals. This Full Wolf Moon I wish to invite you to see what areas in your life you are still holding tension in. We have done many many releasing of small things and just things in general you thought were in your way to your manifesting. Now lets dwell on those small traits that have been getting stirred up over the last few weeks. Perhaps it's anxiety, fear, doubt, anger, panic, scared, - whatever it may be think of the emotions that have been coming up. Look to these as opportunities for further growth. We will be releasing these up to the moon. Of course along with anything else you wish to release. Think of it in terms of shedding more layers that may have remained from your old self. Of just things situations have brought up now that we are in such expansion and moving towards our goals. I also wish to invite you help releasing things you see that are standing in the way of others you are in relationships with. Of course this is all for the greater good, but see if you can while doing some self-healing in this Full Moon also heal someone else you care for. Maybe it is for them to get more clarity about a situation which you see a major road block in their way. As we are looking towards the greater good as well, its about becoming more into our Self-Mastery but it also feels good when we also help others. Here is nothing about the ego, it's not something we necessarily need to mention to these individuals that we are doing this for them.

As always whatever theme you have chosen for your 2014 in my case compassion + love with the Cancer Moon energy is already proving to be very powerful. Walking your truth, and being aware in this Awakening.

Full Moon Release Ritual
1. Gather: sage, incense, lighter, paper, pen, candle, (water to put out fire if needed), place to burn paper, tea, crystals.

2. Create a sacred space, preferably outdoors or near a window for the Moon light to shine in. Create an alter of sorts with items, crystals etc.

3. Cleanse your area with the sage, incense.

4. Light candles, invite your guides, angels, teachers to be at your side while you are releasing these things from you. To aid in this release.

5. Sit and focus on your breath (drink tea if this helps you calm down) get in a meditative calm state. Feel yourself rooted and grounded in.

6. When you feel ready write down on the paper one by one emotions and feelings you wish to release,  (prior write "I release" or "I let go of" minus the quotes of course on your own) as I talked about before it's the time of letting go those small things which have crept up in us since the new year began. If you still feel lingering of the old, release these too. Write each on it's own piece of paper (cutting/tearing each individually from each other). Also write things to release for others you care for. Of course all is for the greater good which you release these things.

7. In your lighted candle or flame read aloud each paper before burning it in the fire. Do this for each piece of paper you have created.

8. When you are completed cleanse your space again to release any lingering energy. Thank your guides and angels for their presence. You may sit and meditate here if you'd wish.

When you are complete blow out the flame. And so it is. This is a time of remembering yes we may feel alone as we are realizing we are all sovereign beings. The path is one of strength. For we are all sovereign yes which our angels and guides now are leaving us to explore on our own while they are ever present if we need to call upon them.

Happy Full Moon! New Padma Bella creations coming! The Universe has made me take a step back several times from completing these things. So I am listening and taking it as it comes. I will link at the bottom of this once I do complete the updated website. As well as the other creative projects. So grateful for all your support =)