Thursday, January 9, 2014

Devotion and the Journey

I really wish to speak about all this change that has been going on. January 7 we went through another portal. I have been feeling very dizzying and out of place often. Also prone more to anxiety or that anxious feeling. I have been experiencing a lot of "in your head" sensations. Partially which I have been addressing lately. Last night in part of a workshop I have dedicated myself to, in pursue of opening up my "goals" and even what I wish to experience in 2014. The theme: Dedication/Devotion, which really got me to thinking that I have always kept my devotion and dedication to where I want to go in my life. Despite all the challenges and all the "stuff" that has crossed my mind, I have always kept this faith that everything will be. That someone will believe me at some point, even if that meant in the beginning I would walk this path alone. It is something back in 2013 I was set to do.

Of course in my life now, something which I have been waiting on for many years is finally coming to  be. I have to go through something which is totally ultimately up to the universe of what decision is made about it. My only role is to show up and be me essentially. Which got me further into thinking this is how we all live life. We just show up being our Authentic Soul Self and whatever will be is. We can get anxious or nervous or wish to control the outcome, when all this does is just cause stress and anxiety and fear and even doubt inside of us which then manifests. In my heart I know I will have this set future, that all my hard work is paying off. We naturally think "oh I'm going to get rejected" or "not approved" but why?? It's so easy to think: I am going to get approved, I will get accepted into this with open arms. It's that vibe that sets the mood, the theme, which further connects to this workshop. It's in such an early part of this 2014 setting that intention that goal of the mindset of you. If you have that positive vibe sent out even now still only under two weeks of the new year, it sets into motion how the rest of your year will be. Same goes with any new endeavor or project. Same goes with mine. So for me I am reminded once again that I just need to show up. Obviously someone somewhere believes me, someone is taking the time. One day I will get approved- even when I made some calls today (which I had been putting off) thinking I would either have to wait a long long time, or I would hear something I didn't want to hear. This of course was the complete opposite, each person I talked to was extremely helpful and gave me all the information and also extremely helpful and nice. We forget in the new everyone is here to help each other. This connects back with life in general. We sometimes get too stuck in our head. We let the mind chatter take over which creates fear and anxiety. But all of this is really simple.

When we know something is ours we have to let it go. Same with goals and anything in our life, if we know it is meant to be or we wish it to be, we have to visualize it (being) but then let it go knowing that it will return (because it is ours). These words really resonate. As this has been confirmed many times in my life. The visions of I know things will be good and positive in a specific outcome. The moment I accept that the universe will make it so (when it is the correct time- I just have no clue when that is) and then I also let go of all attachment to it. Knowing that me holding on only creates this stagnant energy as I cannot hold on to it and slows down the process. The act of me letting go and accepting that it's ok I don't need that outcome or this thing or that, always and ALWAYS shortly after the universe acknowledges my self-less-ness and my dedication to myself and my journey with non-attachment that it gifts me with that which I have just let go of. And it's not always instant. I however do and can remember specific instances once I finally started applying this practice- it does come to be. So with this I invite you to try it to apply it into practice. For me I know my future, it will be, and however long it takes is however long it takes but all I wish will come to be. Being humble as time is just a number. It's keeping that devotion to yourself and to your journey that really does make all the difference.