Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creative Expression

Amazing day! Woke up heading to meditation, dressed for winter: in mittens, ear muffs, boots, jacket & of course layers! The sunset and colors in the sky were magnificent pastels of blues, purples and slight orange. I was of course reminded why I go. Why it's beyond a "practice"and why the concept of it being a "workout" or even thinking of "having" to go. It's a dance with my Soul. Even in stillness it is still a dance. I greatly appreciate hearing the words my Soul has known that I don't decide to go, I just simply am. There is no "vacation" away from it. Naturally things come up that may take us away from our Dance, but we return to it as if no time has passed or we do so on our own.

Meditation Crystal Grid
Amethyst, Rainbow Quartz, Agate, Black Obsidian
Photo by Padma Bella

I really have missed group meditation. The experience is magical. I created a crystal grid on my mat. Today I had a bit of an epiphany moment. Shown by my guides where I may expand more my Divine Service to myself (as it all starts with self). This of course flows out and naturally your service to others just comes effortless.

This is all a practice as it's always a dance we continue to embark upon on a mat or lovingly on Gaia. It's being in bliss and harmony always. I am greatly excited for new expansion. I have noticed even my meditation practice has changed. We now integrate all we have received. Absorb and process all the energy. This comes without effort just as breathing, it's observing how you react, how you feel, how you just are.

Photo by Padma Bella
I wish to create some creative expressions and more meditation. We have the Capricorn energy of the Super Moon (from Wednesday) carrying us to begin all new, in life and goals. Today the Moon is moving into Aquarius bringing a calm and bliss and soothing feeling. The next Super Moon at the end of January will allow us to look at where we are on our new journey. We channel or Awaken (whatever you wish to call it) but we all experience it from the Ethers- from above and we bring it down through us into embodying it and expand it out in Divine Service to others. We are now about creating what we wish. It's being proactive, expansive, grand in our humble service for our Divine Service. Regardless where you are in your Source Self discovery being open to the experience all will come, guidance will come.

I will be writing about numerology for 2014 and how to incorporate this into your life. I do wish to take some time with my Divine Companions.