Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Balancing and Cleansing for Change

Photo by Padma Bella
I am having reminders everywhere, but of the old we may have avoided "icky" situations or things. Avoiding them or procrastinating. However, it's all about how we view this. If we address it head on with grace and tact and joy it really does dissolve away and one leaves feeling accomplished (regardless of the outcome).

For whatever this means for you, change is shifting and reacting differently. The universe gives us things we can handle. We have learned so much. Why avoid? Why prolong? It's creating a space for this to dwell. I see how once you just take the leap off the ledge the adventure is so amazing. A dear friend of mine jumped on a plane and is just going with the flow of allowing the universe to unfold before her not knowing where her future will be. Reminding us all that if we want a drastic life change we have to first take the step out there. All we can do is live in the moment and if we live in the moment the tasks right in front of us will get done in the now and then no more "worrying" happens because we live in the now and all the stuff is done in the now. So lets try to further live in the now. Even for me I have noticed when an icky feeling pops up I notice how silly it is, how once I address it it goes away. If there's nothing I can do about it, even this feeling dissolves away because it's in the future and I cannot do anything about it now. Worrying or thinking about it does not help make it happen until it's the correct time. So wait for it to be in the now-

Magic Bliss
Photo by Padma Bella
I have been creating a new version of the website. Part of me had been putting this off, as I was reminded of the whys. However once I started I found so much joy in it. I realized how silly it was for me to have put it off. I did realize that it needed to be now that I would be editing it as I have so many new creative things to put in this website. Fear and doubt and anxiety is showing up a lot in many themes of lives all around. It's the unknown. We have to go back into remembering the universe is taking care of all this for us. We just have to show up. Yes there are things we may not want to face, but this too goes away this "dread" feeling when we live in joy and in magic because there's no longer anything scary in life. It's all new and more opportunities for growth and positivity.

Look to see if others are pushing their negativity on you. My encounter with a guy who really did not want to be at his job, the moment I walked in the door he greeted me with wow you really look like you don't want to be here. This caught me very off guard as this is not how I felt. I however did feel the strong vibes of him being pushed on me wishing for me to also be feeling his same feelings. I spoke with him, but these things happen daily. If we know and are aware we will not take on other's feelings or emotions of the negative kind. Negativity wants to multiply and breed. This is very 3 dimensional. As we have already shifted and on the other side of the gateway the last bits of negativity see us being so bright and wishes to grasp at our feet. Let this be a guide for you. There is nothing that we can't do. Even if it means we need to get back in our bubble again, do so. Find your center and stay balanced.

I am constantly being reminded of this that everything will be okay. Everything always works out. It's all about taking the step into the unknown and trusting that it will be. I remember when I started in early 2013 having no idea what path my journey would be, similar to where I face now in this new year of 2014. I remember the feelings, and even now I see it in others just starting their path. It's all for us to discover. We do reach the path with so much knowledge. We are so strong. No one can walk the path for you, but I have found that there are those few beings who know just what to say when you need some encouragement. Release these feelings though. It can come from you at all angles, even eating healthier can possibly help you feel less weighed down.

I have also been creating new things. Lifting my vibration up. Through my encounters today I have remembered how I woke up this morning. I was not sure where I was when I first began to wake up from a dream right before opening my eyes. I was very curious where I was physically (was this another dream?) So I opened only one eye first and it landed on one of the meditation mandalas which I immediately recognized I was in my room. This was reality. The rest of my room features like the familiar smell and the calming feeling rushed over me. I then only wish to speak and felt so much magic around me. I wish to keep this wonder and happiness feeling. Which I did and have despite getting negativity and icky feelings around me today. I released and creativity has been so abundant. This shows that we are so much more we are capable of so much. So many shifts in one day.

Soul Remembrance Stone
Balancing & Cleansing Crystal Grid
Photo by Padma Bella

In my creating of the new website along with creating grids. It's good to have productive days, where there may not be much externally to show for them. As I worked very hard today but the final products of these things are not yet fully ready to be shared. It's for you the individual to know and sometimes for a time only verbally sharing is enough. There is no failing at anything anymore. It all comes with time. I wish I could share all the new goodies with you all right now. But they are not fully ready yet. Trust all things come. I have been feeling this heaviness in my heart, not completely my own but others who are changing their life path. Along with the lightness from the latest shift, it's been an interesting contrasting feeling. Let go of the icky feelings of dread, if you're life is idle it creates anxiety in you. We are in the new, this is a new year let go of the dread the time is now to change! There is nothing to worry about it really all does come together. We continue to lift the vibration and support each other on our own unique journey and we can all accomplish so much. Staying idle is no more, anxiety comes from wishing to stay idle but knowing you cannot. Embrace the magic and the wonder of this amazing new path! We have so much joy in the world around us. Let's move! Let's create the future we want this happens by doing something taking the step off the ledge it can be scary yes but so much better things are waiting for all of us!