Monday, January 20, 2014

Aquarius Energy!

Warm wishes that you too have been enjoying this lovely portal energy over the weekend. I lately have just had this need to be out off into the world and not writing or even doing much behind the screen. Over the week I very much sensed a new awakening emerging, feeling lighter and wishing to eat foods which contributed to this feeling. Have you noticed the shift? The weather has been very summer which has contributed to the light mood.

This weekend portal created more vast space in use, we are ready to look inside of what our desires are and what our true wishes and what makes us the most happiest. We now wish to have our freedom and do whatever makes us blissful. The expansion inside is so vast it now feels like the universe is inside us as we are awakening to this. I remember hearing this over the weekend, that our universe now seems like such a smaller place- which yes once the awakening happens this is exactly what it feels as. What we once thought was so huge, the scales are changing. For me I have months ago (or what seems like months ago) experienced a huge space, a universe inside myself, this feeling only lasted for a short time and once my concentration and meditation stopped this faded away. Over the last few days this has returned and been getting stronger without any effort. How expansive do you feel? More connected to Gaia. 

It is how we view ourselves and how we wish to make our desires come to be. The energy is here for us to master this to come to be. Mastery is now coming with no effort it just simply is and when we wish it to be it is. Over the weekend, I was in a huge space full of various crystals I noticed this epiphany. Walking around and enjoying their lovely energy. Various past lives and images and beings came to me in this space. Many of the messages are to be revealed at a later time. As so much came- a movie of images and feelings. I feel another activation happened for me in that space. I feel completely different.

It is a shift from feeling dense to feeling light and watery and floating. I did levitate last night where I noticed in shifting to sleep I was just all intertwined and levitating. When we let go of the mind is when we truly are and we experience our gifts the most purely because when we try to "control" or "manipulate" this is so beyond where we are in the now that it restricts. The same concept for your eyes to lightly settle on something and you swear you see something in the corner of your eye but the moment you try to focus on it "what's that?" it disappears, it's the same thing here. Eventually you get to be in a state where your mind can think "what's that?" and your awareness is just to observe it with no control that you can subtly stay in your peaceful view and also view more fully what has always been right in front of you. It's tapping into these other worlds and experiences. Becoming so aware of your energy and who you are that you can also greet and acknowledge these other energies/experiences/beings by just observing.

I have been really enjoying just being out in the world sharing and feeling my own energy vibrations. I love this freedom I feel and blessed too and very grateful to experience this. This new cycle I feel very inspired as the sun has just moved into Aquarius which is my sign. I have many many new ideas for creating in mind. I feel and have been feeling very full of energy and buzzing. So for this cycle I will be offering new creations and services. I am almost complete with the new version of the website( This energy is about breaking free of limitations you have created for yourself.

This morning I woke up feeling entirely different blissful and full and energetic. It has only gotten stronger through out the day. The Aquarian energy is very strong with me as the masculine energy of the sun is in my sign now I feel the expansion. Aquarius is the water bearer and bearer of spiritual gifts. This energy sign brings expansion, freedom of being and a new revolutionary way of thinking (of being)! Many many many confuse this sign with being a water sign because it is a water bearer. I long associated with the water element because of this. Let it be your guide of whichever you feel most connected to. As Aquarius is really an Air sign. We are called to connect to the spiritual archetype by riding the waves of the energy to be even more intuitive and telepathic. As the air guides the water, we are the air. Developing these gifts are key during this sign, so look into ways to tap into these. Now we focus on thoughts and bringing a new way of thinking, which in turn will transcend how we feel and act so that it just is- one moves with the other.

Aquarian energy is moving us towards transformations in how we personally live our lives. Perhaps you have already been noticing an change in yourself. This energy is very fast moving so look for a whirlwind month of amplified energy so get the crystals that aid with focus. If you are an Aquarius you will need to focus even more so. Although it is pleasant to get caught up in the air and float away in creativity for a time also. Bringing yourself to focus is key so that we can follow through with these new creative ideas. As we become more aware of our desires, the limitations of ourselves and even the box others wish to put us in poof disappears.

As we begin this cycle use the Aquarian energy to look how to benefit the greater good, how does your path bring in this energy? What is your true calling? When you act from your heart and with an open heart you feel where to be. Look to areas where it is effortless.

Many vision has been calling to peace and just existing in bliss. I feel very at home in this Aquarian energy see how you can incorporate this into your life. As what you wish to experience, the vibration goes out into existence and it gets embedded into our being which in turn changes our way of thinking and it turns into reality. I feel many creative ideas so I feel this cycle will be very productive. For now it's time to play with the new crystals!