Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Universal 7 Year

I really have been enjoying all this energy (at times yes intense) just breathing along through it. As promised I will speak about numerology for 2014. This is the 7 Universal Year for 2014. It's all about living in the now and not looking back any longer. It's living in your Present moment. Experiencing all the bliss. This morning I enjoyed so much lovely energy sharing with amazing women, we have all inspired each other so much and it's exciting to think we have seen our progress in just one year. The awareness is calling upon the Sacred Violet Fire when you need cleansing. Even a slight imbalance can produce any number of things from physical side effects to mental ones. 

2014 is about co-creating. With 2014 being a Universal 7 Year, this is bringing lessons we learned in the 6 of balance so that we may be more intimate and in the Now. The Year of 7 is about victory in which you acquire spiritual mastery. This comes by learning to control lower instincts and emotions (which I have discussed before) if they are not completely gone at least being mindful and stopping them before they sabotage. You are called this year to spend more time by the beach, nature nourishes your soul. Create a daily meditation practice to go further in Christ Light, Knowing and Understanding of Soul Self. It is doing anything which you are passionate about when your heart is in it which you will be successful. This year of the 7 is especially good for writers. Keep with the goal of what you want, emotions may try to sway you from your heart mission. Follow your heart and the goal will be what is your personal truth. It is time to regain control of your mind (it doesn't know what it's talking about anyway) so stop listening to it. What theme or virtue your decided on for 2014 is your "goal" the opinions of others, you learn do not matter, who are not a Light Beings, who may not understand or only wish to dominate your decisions. We are a spiritual master once we learn how to remain centered. Now it's about the intimate dance as we discover Alchemy of the Soul. 

7 energy is very strong. First I think of the 7th Chakra is the Crown. This is especially interesting as I am a Life Path of 7, that purple crystals and purple items were gifted to me over the holidays. We are using the 7th Crown Chakra to bring it all down to Mother Gaia. Soul Awareness comes when we tap into the 7th Chakra into the Higher 12 Chakras. We live this daily, our 7 magical sides just as the Pleidian Star also has 7 Points. 7 is all about magic. Manifesting is extremely powerful in a year of 7 because we are in harmony. Use of the Law of Attraction just is, it just happens. Especially if you are a Life Path of 7, this I feel is especially strong for you on your Spiritual Soul Quest. It is what I myself am being drawn to. What your Soul Guidance is provides you as Divine Service is infinite as we merge with Spirit, Source, and Our Christ Consciousness. Endless possibilities as this is much like if the Moon is in your Zodiac Sign but even more powerful. If you are a 7, this year is all about putting your theme forth and using this strong strong energy. Even if you have a different Life Path number this is still a very powerful year for everyone to come further into their own. It's knowing where you are on your path and harnessing the Universal 7 into it.

We may inspire others, share experiences, but stepping into our own Soul Integration, your unique Soul Path, every person must step on this path for yourself. Speaking, living and embodying are all separate things. As we integrate even more, I am experiencing how earthly pleasures are even more intense. The unseen experiences out of the body (in dreams or visions, etc) are merging further into the earth pleasures of the body- we are finally coming back into home with all these being in Oneness as they were before. There is so much joy around as all this comes even more integrated with us.

I did complete a Mediation Mandala yesterday, which the colors make me so happy. I do wish to share this. If you wish to receive on I will be creating a gallery of all Meditation Mandalas I have right now. I am also offering personalized ones as well.

Rainbow Bubbles Meditation Mandala
Photo by Padma Bella