Monday, December 2, 2013

Sagittarius Energy 12.2.13

Mystic Mountains 
Photo by Padma Bella
It's the New Moon in Sagittarius week. The theme I keep feeling is that something special is just about to happen, we cannot all foresee it (nor do we need to). We experience life in feelings now, instead of with the mind. The mind can create illusions while the heart knows truth. Much creativity is flowing now wishing to create and remember all at the same time. The energy in Sagittarius is calling to find a passion, or multiple things you are passionate about and be playful about your approach. December is all about embracing who you are without caring what others think of how they view you.

Photo by Padma Bella

The view changes always, we may look at something daily - the magic around us when we allow ourselves to be open we see how vast everything actually is. Your heart will guide you with what is in front of you don't worry about what is off in the distance. Just focus on the here, the present moment. All this energy has been leading up to this grand adventure. Reflect how far you have come from the start of this year to now. December is about reflecting on all the accomplishments already achieved to create further inspiration for where you are to go for the new year. 

This year we experienced many shifts and may have felt isolated in these times of transformation. Now we are called to move deeper in our relationships to no longer go this journey alone but to co-create which will further expand our ability to relate to each experience we can bring to share. We may all have our own journey and path we must walk to remember and for our Soul. The purpose is unclear at this point for many. It is time to connect and share these experiences to bring a deeper form of co-relating expanding our relationships. The expansion and deepening of intimacy comes when we share all aspects of our self. We need to focus more on action as Mars moves into Libra and carries this energy until the end of July 2014. Venus continues to strengthen as it comes back to retrograde in Cancer until February. Be open to things you see and experience. 

Snow Dream
Photo by Padma Bella
As we welcome December it's about wrapping up all the projects of this year and embracing all our accomplishments. We have the Winter Solstice this month which will hold much energy, and I will be called to share this at another time, so stay tuned. In the mean time focus on what things you may have been leading up to this whole month but may yet to come to fruition. Keep the positive energy flowing around. We all experience a negative situation or person here and there. Notice how differently you react now verses months ago or even earlier this year. Let these things roll off your back and not stick to your energy. The less you allow to stick, (the negative) the less releasing that will need to be done on the Full Moon. If something still does bother you look to yourself and reflect why, what part do you still need to shift within yourself here.

Photo by Padma Bella
The New Moon brings us answers which we were seeking in the Scorpio Moon cycle. Be open to
receive. Energetically the energy is very joyous and ecstatically happy. This whole weekend leading up to the New Moon I have felt very energetically joyous. I also wish to work on many new projects.  Today has a Universal Number of 2 which is all about focusing on love, do what you love, share the love, speak with love. We raise our energy vibrations when we are humble and love and even silly. We are called to celebrate now as we have already done all our soul searching last month in Scorpio. As I spoke before I kept seeing "9" on my desert retreat. This being called upon December which has a Universal Number of 9. December = 12. 1+2+2+0+1+3=9. I see the message of the retreat in general is we all have some project or some part of our lives we need to have closure or wrap up. Leading from the soul searching month of November in Scorpio lead to questions ... which December is all about answers and receiving. 9 is the end of cycles a way of harvest bringing in what we are preparing for the future. All I see is harmony and love, we learned more about our identities verses who we thought we were. So in this month we let go, this end of the cycle, all the persona's we thought we were, all the veils we have been trying to live and be all through out entire life. We must live in truth. The letting go in this month is about our self. We must travel lighter as next year is about having a clear vision of who we are and where we are headed. 

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