Monday, December 9, 2013

Purity in Higher Dimensions

Much shifting and moving is going on, as why I keep pulling oracle cards of change. We are moving into another shift. Our awakening is moving forward, even if you are unsure what this means for you, you feel something in the air. We are approaching the 12-12 portal as well as today we are at a quarter moon in Pisces. This quarter moon seeks to balance us while we are in the middle between our New Moon in Sagittarius and the coming Full Moon in Gemini. Pisces creates a sentimental empathetic mood around us which calls for us to use our kindness and compassion when communicating and interacting with others. Let yourself be caught up in the sentiment if you are thinking of a long lost lover past or a companion who is no longer here. These all lead us on a specific journey for knowledge we had to experience. Embrace all these emotions that come stirring up. Once you have filled all that you can all this must be let go, offered up. The magic I have experienced is to create an offering alter using crystals. These will take the energy from you to make room for joy. As we may notice we have been nostalgic but at the price of feeling weighed down. Thinking of the life that could have been if you had made so many other choices. We will know what has been learned already those who left out life, we learned all we needed to.

Early this morning the winds were tapping on my window. I looked up to the stars and noticed them twinkle and sparkle in all their beautiful light. I have found a new prospective a new way to view these stars I could see so much color in each unique star. I could even see energy moving around from the wind in the dark morning sky. True beauty is all around us even in the darkest seeming spots. We have to be open to experience this. Jupiter kept calling my attention in the sky and it's no wonder as it's in Cancer which wishes one to be cautious. Jupiter wishes for us to explore and create. It's in a Trine with Saturn in Scorpio which creates harmony for us. We balance all these ideas to create the best outcome.

Romance continues to be in the air. As looking back sentimentally at long past relationships, we are being called by Mars in Libra to embrace the power of partnerships which we currently have in our life now! Mars began it's journey in Libra on December 7, the numerology of 7 is telling us it's time for reflecting and meditating. Retreating from the outside world and going within, listening to your heart, the idea of relocating is coming up more and more. However in all this stay true, focused on your true purpose, ego has no place here. It's time to accent all differences and allow them to connect you more, dividing has not worked before, it's time to try something new. Mars can motivate us to move forward in our romantic partnerships, however it can also aggravate by stirring up the parts of us that have yet to sync up yet. The lesson here is communication to act in grace and humility accept all differences find a plan to work mutually towards the same goal together. Mars is a sign of action while Libra wants to please and not offend. These two can clash only if they are working separately. Release all these frustrated emotions, if you notice irritability look inside first as to what is stirring this up? At the end of the day we compromise. The sign of war, Mars is in the sign of peace, Libra. This of course shows that we work through our differences and all is going to be resolved. Mars is all about passion and cooperation leading to more open communication leads to more steamy romance.

The message I keep receiving especially as we move into Gemini is for dual communication and working together in partnerships. To seek the questions sit down and have a good chat. Possibly communicate without speaking. We learn about our gifts in solitude but also in physical presence of another light being. To learn more about yourself you must ask questions to external forces. This is very different from asking for answers out of fear or insecurity. It is for understanding and expanding your ability to relate. Having a strong sense of self when you ask these questions means the answers will only expand your knowledge not influence you solely. We spiral together when we are of an open heart center. In this spiral of life two spirals side by side are stronger as they experience each other's energy. We are all about remembering right now. Moving closer to the higher vibrations, we want to be vibrating together.

I have been receiving visual images in sleep and meditation. Many are experiencing this as well. The DNA is being activated some call these Key Codes. For so long the world has been working and running in the Third Dimension. Those who have been awakening are in the Four Dimensions working into the Fifth Dimension. It's a higher vibration with new behavior patterns. Our gifts as I like to call them, this awakening in bringing. Those gifts we receive from the ethers for so long we envisioned them in our trips to the ethers. Now we are grounded in Mother Earth and bringing them down through our chakra system into our embodiment and radiate this energy out into Mother Earth and all Dimensions. Here, we no longer need to act in seclusion or isolation. We share these experiences to awaken others. As I have seen or read something and that in turn has triggered my remembering. There is just a sense of being. It's not a role we have to be or a thing we can do some of the time. For many of us in this Ascension we just are. We embody this Light always and realize when we awaken further.

Here's the oracle card reading for today 12/9/13

Despite all the frantic energy in your life, you must remember to make space for peace of mind. Give yourself time to be still and calm and meditate to find a calm mind which leads to peace of mind. When we are still we get clarity. You at your core your True Self is of peace and calmness returns back to your true essence which is peaceful. Relief will come release all the mind chatter, it only causes stress. Be honest with yourself, change your diet, go to yoga, meditate, change out your habits, look to what negativity is creeping into your life by people, situations. Where can you release this- what no longer serves where you might be acting in kindness for others but it is creating craziness in your mind. Simplify your life. Look to what brings you the most joy and run with that.

Affirmation: "My mind is now peaceful, and I know that all of my needs are automatically taken care of. I can rest easily, assured that all is well."

Find time to get out to enjoy Mother Earth. In this magical time of winter look to nature for all the gifts. Spend time outdoors, in the snow, the mountains, the beach- where ever Mother Earth takes you. In stillness is when we receive all of the healing energy of Mother Earth in nature to lead to more transformation. When one is disconnected from nature and the outdoors is when isolation and depression and lethargic feelings come in. You may not know why you feel this way, think how often do you just sit outside? Talk outside? Walk outside? This card is speaking that a daily trip outside is needed, even if that means parking further away from your destination and taking a longer walk to your destination. Walk in barefoot in nature (if you are able to with the weather) and take deep breaths of the magical energy of nature. Look for the magic of fairies around you.

Perhaps a job or friend is asking you to waver your previous decisions or change your mind. Here, you must stand your ground. Stay with your heart center and be honest to yourself not for the sake of a friend or employment. Know your true feelings. Outside influences will try to sway your decision but here you must know your original thought was correct. When you act in your inner knowing and your true warrior comes out warriors do not second guess their decisions when they act out of passion. Speak your truth. True friends will understand and a job will respect you more for sticking your ground.

In this time of holidays we interact with family more than usual. Family relationships are healing. They have been around you since birth in many cases. It is healing energy that comes from family relationships. Even if they may not be able to relate to you on all levels on a basic level they love you despite differences or lack of understanding. Embrace this joy this energy at the simplest of levels. They hold unconditional loving and positive energy in their hearts at the core. Have patience if you are healing family relationships. They are in your life forever, be grateful for having them in your life, tell them you love and appreciate them.

Since many of us cleaned out the closets of friends and acquaintances we have parted ways, it's time to make new friends with similar interest. Your friends are shifting to the higher vibrations and those who wish to remain in your life it's for being like minded. It's not a matter of judging those friends who wish to stay in the comforts of what they have always known. Trust with your heart like minded people are naturally drawn and attracted to each other. If someone is using you and you receive little in return this relationship may have worked before but now you crave more. Look to who truly makes you happy.

Embrace your unique creative expressions. Now is the time to dream big and create vast master pieces. Give your heart an outlet to speak it's emotions. Creating art, jewelry, decorations, singing, dancing are all ways of expressing your heart's joy. True inner feelings and inner guidance comes when we channel this joy from our heart. It's about the feelings this creates in you allowing you to paint outside the lines and creating your own artistic rules here! Listen to your inner knowing and look at the beauty you create.

Now is the time to embrace detoxification into your life. I have been feeling very heavy knowing that I must detox my body as a vestal for the higher frequencies I am receiving from the ethers. Purify yourself create a sacred space that is your embodied home of your soul. Look for toxins in your life, this can be people, environment, thoughts, energies, toxins of the body. Your inner guidance has been telling you to let go of harmful habits. This no longer serves. The cravings must be released for toxins harm and creep into the lower mind vibrations of fear, anxiety and co-dependency. Over time you will not even think about what you are putting in your body you will naturally be gravitating towards organic foods. So for now read labels until you feel comfortable to trust your inner knowing. A trip to the shop you will hear the positive happy vibrations of the foods around you, which will create a more positive you.

For a third time I pull this card. Romance is in the air. It's something that is here, look to who you have in your life. If you feel a void because you are single look to ways you can cleanse the areas in your life that may be repelling positive romantic energy your way. Romance is knocking on your door. Open your eyes to see it. In a romantic relationship right now, Mars is all about commitment and nailing details down. Take a couples retreat, go on a vacation together, find new ways to experience each other. Mars energy brings passion while Venus works her way closer to retrograde later this month. Cuddle up on a snow day and enjoy some coco.