Friday, December 6, 2013

New Now

My morning started early, I had this craving for having my new now moment. Feeling this new energy within me. It is some powerful stuff. I walked in to a very universal conversation. The topic what I feel many of us at some point have felt or may be going through. My teacher I let handle this, even though I could have chimed in (more than I did) my only contribution was if we were told what we need to do or believe at an early age- where would the fun be to self discovering it for our self? Which is where I still stand in all of this. The conversation pertained to people who are in this awareness of the Truth (the Ascension) should share this with everyone like a walking ad that everyone should do this and be this. I agreed with my teacher very much his explanation that "we all have to fix and be healthy inside first. We are all loving awareness in pure self we are born enlightened but we need to awaken to it. As we have this all in each of us yes, but no one can tell us how to awaken."

The art of it is to come into this on our own, our own remembrance. I see this many times, that just because I know something with my intuition or channel guides- I should and am expected to just word vomit every detail right that second. This is not the case, it all comes in Divine Timing. Yes we seek guidance once we are awakening, the choice has to be your own. You begin to seek your Self Truth.

We do the work in stillness. It just naturally comes. When I am glowing, and my energy level is up (vibrationally speaking) it naturally brings up that energy vibrations of all others around me. They will have a better day because I took the time out of my day to focus on my own inner energy. I have been feeling like I have an inner glow that radiates out, my inner light.

I've had epic conversations with my teacher about vast topics. I've seen him change so much also. We learn from each other. Experiencing intuitive classes, listening to self energy, and the energy of others. I can feel him becoming more awakened as well. Getting into deep meditation. You just have to experience. We all have our own gifts. Many times I will use small techniques my teacher suggests and it does expand my awareness. Above all this just comes with time, living the experience.

I have noticed I am settling into this new level of awareness with this latest shift. A particular thing I notice is I get tuned into the radio where the universe just speaks to me through songs. Everything even in moving meditation is different now, and it's so beautiful to experience.