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New Moon in Sagittarius December 2, 2013

Photo by Padma Bella
I want to express gratitude to everyone who comes and reads my writings. I feel truly blessed. As I said before I went on a desert retreat, which turned into so much more. I left with no expectations, just to be and experience my present moment, each of them. I had some computer and camera issues which is why this New Moon update is later than usual.


Photo by Padma Bella

I have noticed when I "tuned out" literally my senses and inner knowing has become even stronger. As I look back on my actual journey to the desert, so much magic. We all may envision a plan - a road we are starting on with a destination in mind. We may even try to take a short cut to get us there faster, it may work or you may get stuck. Time not to rush but time to stand still and reflect, this "short cut" giving an epiphany. However everything happens as it should and when it should. We get to see many more things as we stop. 

Photo by Padma Bella
The Journey to the Unknown
Photo by Padma Bella
Sun Rays
Photo by Padma Bella
Photo by Padma Bella
Photo by Padma Bella
Driving through the desert the air changed, the sunset over the mountains held so much. All I wanted was to view this magic. Once the sun set past the mountains the air and the sky above changed to all pink and magenta colored clouds. Everything felt as if time stopped. For me I felt energy past and present of so many who have traveled this path before. I saw two crows on a marker sign and they looked at me as I passed. I felt their union. I did not see this as a death or negative symbol but even the most dark symbolic thing can find something as pure as love. Everyone is capable of changing and finding the light for them.

Desert Sunset
Photo by Padma Bella
Desert Magic
Photo by Padma Bella
Photo by Padma Bella
Time stopped so much magic everywhere I meditated in this peaceful calm of pink clouds above and around me. In that moment I felt manifesting energy all around. When time seems to stop when you look up to the sky embrace this, find the stillness in the routine moments. They are there we just have to be observant to notice them. I had images flash before my eyes bringing a smile to my face, inner and outer guidance of where I will go. I love not knowing the "when" but knowing something will be. When you feel this try not to ask the "when," or try to rush something along by lets say planning  or heading to a road you think will bring you to this destination. It all happens when we are ready and often when we least expect it, which I think makes this journey even more fun. When you have no idea what is next and it's an even more exciting adventure. 

Photo by Padma Bella
The most inspirational thing on my desert retreat is when I saw two black cows walking together in the desert. I was the only one who saw them, and there were no buildings or farms near by that they could have come from. At first I thought are they real? Are these spirit cows? Of course the answer is irrelevant as I was only meant to see them. I felt this lightness after seeing them. Even in the desert in the fall season, cows can weather the storm. The meaning of this is for me to know, I am not sure when the message will be to share (if I get a message to share it) however all the great moments in life happen when we least expect them.

Photo by Padma Bella
Naturally we just release what no longer works. I noticed this happening within myself and with others as well. Around 72 hours before the New Moon is when we experience the Balsamic Moon when we enter the void to empty out and prepare space for allowing the new cycle to come into us. Personally I naturally started doing this, I wanted to be in stillness, to have a quiet moment during my retreat. All things happen when they need to. I didn't use a computer on my desert retreat, so much of what I was experiencing was of my own, without resources to look up. I really enjoyed laying in bed and having my journal with me and just recording events of the day and thoughts I received. I really became into trusting my inner knowing and just going with whatever make me happy or influenced me.

Photo by Padma Bella
As we head into this New Moon energy I have been feeling this warmth in my heart center. A warm and fuzzy feeling. I have felt how releasing writing words becomes so much more. I have been called to remember the importance of letters to share how much certain beings mean to you. The art of the written word. We write down things we wish to release for the Full Moon and we write down the things we want to bring into our life for the New Moon. So why not also write down in a letter those things you are grateful for, appreciate, love, enjoy ... about special someones in your life also? Let them see what's on the inside, take the walls down. Being Soul's in Light they will appreciate and know what you mean, no explanation will be needed. This is what I have been called to. It can be a sentence or a word or a letter. Listening to and just feeling the beauty that is all around. 

Photo by Padma Bella
The unions are happening, visions of unions are happening. I also saw "9" everywhere on this adventure. I do feel the need to share this meaning as it showed up much in various different places. Take this as what it is meant for you. We all have to remember the "I AM" the "SO HUM" the unions have to be knowing yourself first and channel the pure. I have been remembering and I am still called to help others remember. Please excuse that I am still filtering through this so I am not called to speak beyond this at this time. I will only share this which I shared on my Facebook page last week when I received a question of how do you know- how can one know.

Peace must be found within first. We have to self-love before we can love another. Quieting the mind allows for peace to come, and in stillness can we reach clarification. If we let the mind chatter keep going then we go around in circles feeding the chaos and the anxiety of (why isn't this working). Taking space and time can lead to clarity. Look beyond what is right in front of you ... beyond is a beautiful ocean for self discovery and exploring with endless possibilities of magic.

Meditation Mantra
Photo by Padma Bella
So for this New Moon we all need to begin to remember to embrace who we are. We are all free to just be and not be tense or have stress. The Divine Feminine is nature. What I am seeing is we need to embrace the Feminine here whether you are male or female. This creates a releasing that needs to happen for both sides here, which is beyond the Full Moon releasing. We can at random on any given day/night write something or say something and burn sage for that which we wish to release. There's truth in knowing who you are first. This needs to happen and living in the simple truth. This is what I have been speaking of balance, now it's harmony to embrace the feminine side of us because as a male there needs to be a release, of needing to impress or put up walls but share all of you. Being a female you need to nurture and soften and become the goddess but also know our masculine strength we have learned. When we manifest or wish to bring things into our lives we have to be vulnerable and open to all that we wish to bring. Any bit of resistance for whatever it happens to be only delays.

Meditation Mantra "Be"
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The New Moon in December happens December 2 in Sagittarius. I heard this in a video but also it's been a theme all around this sense of arrows and archery. How do we push ideas or things onto our self or others? Do we even do that anymore? We are all on our own individual path, what happens for me may or may not happen for you. Seek your own journey. When it is meant to happen it will. Remember you are perfectly where you should be in this Now moment. With this New Moon we embrace our passions that fire within our deep core self. We have all learned so much and been humbled including myself. The imagery is we are now the Phoenix called to rise above the ashes as we move from Scorpio to Sagittarius. We must take the bow and aim the arrows where we wish to be who we wish to be.

This New Moon occurs December 2, 2013 at 4:22PM (PT), 7:22PM (ET), and December 3, 2013 12:22am (GMT). For manifesting rituals I enjoy creating a sacred space cleansing the area with sage and incense before writing down in your New Moon manifest journal all the things which you wish to have in your life. I feel we should begin this the evening of December 2. However go with what feels correct for you.

Meditation Mantra
Photo by Padma Bella
If you have already been participating with us and have your New Moon Journal established, this is the time for us to rededicate intentions on your list. You will re-write your list out on a new page, you can either take out things which you no longer wish to have and add things at the bottom. Keep it neat so to have no clutter energy. Remember there are no rules of what to write down. It can be anything that makes you happy, practical, unpractical. Manifesting is about being grateful and appreciating big and small things. If you want something don't let the mind stop you from writing it down, do so anyway.

This New Moon I also am offering a Reiki/Energy New Moon Meditation Ritual. I do not need to know what is on your manifesting list, but I offer my services to aid healing and sending out the message out to the universe what you wish to bring into your life with abundance. This is a donate base of at least $11 if interested please comment or add us on FB and PM there. I also am offering Meditation Mandalas if any of these call to you and you wish to receive please contact us also. The Ocean Stones are coming along also, stay tuned!

Preparing the supplies:
-You will need:
New Moon Manifesting Journal, a pen, incense (cedar), sage, candle(s), lighter, crystals (that you wish to help with your manifesting)

-Prepare a clean and uncluttered sacred space, indoors or outdoors, where you will hold your New Moon ritual.

Setting your New Moon Intentions into Motion
1. Cleanse your sacred area by saying an opening prayer to cleanse stating

that intention, ask for your guides for protection and guidance.

2. Clear away negative lingering energies with by burning sage in your area, (I also recommend doing this in your home). You may also burn incense. 

3. Center and ground your body by whatever means is most appropriate for you:
    -Sit in a quiet place and mediate
    -Light a scented candle (or regular candle) -Note you can also meditate to the candle for a few minutes, by just staring into the flame and clearing your mind.
    -Drink a cup of chamomile or any tea of your choice
    -Before or during the ritual, intently ingest a blend of flower essences that offer grounding and manifestation properties.

4. Light a candle, burn incense, play calm relaxing music.

5. Open your journal and date it. (Note you want to use your New Moon Manifesting Journal, or if this is your first time start a brand new journal or create your own with stationary and attach all sheets together, as anything written in this will manifest and you want to start new. Write down these (or similar words):

    "I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned." 

(Note do not write the quote marks in your own personal statement). Below your intention statement, begin to write down a list of all your desires. Your list may consist of only one item, or you may have several pages written down. It can be sentences, however do separate in some way each item. Do not limit your list of items. Continually add other items to your list as often as you wish. If possessing many things in your life makes you happy and content, you should not deny yourself these things by limiting your requests. If you are renewing your manifesting list then do all of the above and re write your other list and take out or add new things (as I covered above).

6. After either re-writing your list down, or modifying things from your journal, I like to re-read the list out loud and see if anything else resonates with me that I should add. Not not cross anything out if you notice a flaw find a way to reword it. I like to draw reiki symbols over each item (if you practice you may do the same), and lay my hand on each sending energy into each and allowing it to be with the Universe, as well as call upon my crystals. Clear Quartz is especially helpful to amply all. Remember everything is energy. This is your time to ask nothing is too big or small. As noted before this month I am offering a Reiki/Energy Manifesting Ritual add us on Facebook and PM us, it's a donation of only $11. 

7. Close your notebook and put it away until the next month's New Moon where you will reopen it and rededicate it. 

8. Thank our guides, thank the universe, it's all about being grateful. Complete by saying this statement: “I am allowing love and joyous energy flow through me with freedom. Abundance is now appears in every creation of my life and I am peaceful with life now. And so it is. Thank you” Blow out your candle thinking about all you wish to manifest to receive, and once the flame is out let all thoughts of this go to the universe.

Other options for manifesting:
*Make a Vision Board
This is a very simple and creative way to visually get down on paper images of things you want to manifest. There are no rules, you just need magazines, pictures, markers, pen, scissors, glue and poster board or just a sheet of paper. Look through magazines for instance to just anything that calls to you or look for specific things you had on your list. If you don't find anything to represent what you have envisioned just draw it yourself or write it out. This process is decide and declare those desires to the universe through visual means. Arrange it any way that makes you happy. You can hang it up on your wall after so that you are reminded of the things you wish to manifest. 

*Candle Ritual
You will need a candle- typical color is white (although you can use different colors). You will write words or symbols of the things that you desire onto the candle. Next hold the candle in both hands and visualize yourself having all these things and enjoying having them. Visualize this desire going into the candle. For me I feel the energy transfer from me to the candle. Continue to do this until you feel the energy has stopped flowing from you to the candle. Once you feel ready, light the candle and allow it to burn down completely. During this process, as the candle burns its transmitting your desire into the universe. (Do not leave a candle unattended, if it blows out if your outside just relight it, if you have to extinguish it Do Not blow it out use a snuffer instead). 

Get a check from your check book and cross out all information except your name, and make the check out to yourself or use this check you may print out and use. Write: in the date area "now." In the pay to the order of: write your name. As the dollar amount write "Paid in Full." Finally sign the check as: "The Universe," "God," "Your Angel," or "The Law of Abundance.This I recommend doing 24 hours after the New Moon, to harness the energy.

You can now go about the rest of your night. Feeling happy and positive that you send out to the universe all that you want to attract and just be patient and grateful.

Photo by Padma Bella
I am called to not just tuck away your New Moon Manifesting Journal until the next New Moon. I often (very often) think about things I wish to manifest when I have some stillness. When I am in moving meditation I will call upon one thing and set this into moving energy. I will be posting based on the moon cycles this month how we can use the energy to continue to think about our manifesting. We get to use the Crescent energy of the Moon prior to the First Quarter to increase the manifesting power. This is continuing to add energy to our list. Set the intention with Sagittarius be the archer and aim the bow to the target. As always say your intentions aloud. Allow this to happen as it should between December 2-9, 2013 when a thought about your manifesting list comes into your head or you see a sign of something happening turning this into motion go with it. Give it some more intention. Visualize what it's like to already to have all these things, as we are all perfect and everything so perfectly is. 

And so it is!