Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meditation Mandalas & I AM Remembrance Stones

Photo by Padma Bella
Here's an exert from an automatic writing I did on Saturday which I posted on our Facebook Page- Padma Bella:

After all this immense energy we have a rain storm ... so lovely. I have been called to stay in and just not write much at this time as I receive. I need to take a me day while I enjoy this rain outside and last night I found my inner joy, 
released much that needed to give way to make space for more, all the joy coming in. So much magic all around as the wind begins to howl outside. I feel so at peace and a sense of being so carefree and light. In this state, we find stillness and we just go into the ethers, I have been in the ethers for a while now receiving what I will and soon it will be time to ground and pull it back to this body on earth. As we all embody on the earth and channel this energy from the ethers the treasures of the sky and beyond and bring this light down for all.

I experienced another death symptoms last night which literally over took my entire body. I felt this great great pain in my heart - in my heart center like it was being torn out of me I knew this was what I was to bear, this expansive crushing ... for when it did pass and my guides aided me this was enough, I felt so much more expansive and free and open in my heart than ever before and I just know more than I ever have before. I feel more. We release these things it's not simply thinking about it or writing it down and burning it, its a beautiful act of feeling it leave you and seeing it leave you freeing up this space. Often when we expand we feel restricted in some small tiny unimaginable way, our inner guide shows us what this small thing we may have overlooked before, but not any longer. It can be the simplest of things. For me it was and when I sent it to the offering, my sense of self expanded beyond even I could imagine, to a time when I felt open and free. When we were never told or restricted- in our perfect childhood state. Even if you didn't have a perfect childhood there are glimpses of times when your imagination wondered and you played with the fairies, with the ladybugs, in the garden, in the wild flowers, looking at the sky and seeing animals, going to shops and wondering what was going to speak to you next. The magic has always been around us but all our layers and stress and burdens of life has created all these veils and layers over us over this magic. We wash this way to reveal our core which has always been already waiting for us to rediscover it. This rain is showing me that it is tears of joy that we are awakening to this joyous energy all around us. We have awakened the fire in our pit of our stomachs. The orange glow. The solar plexus that is of community and creativity, this coming together we must all experience now. We no longer walk this path alone. We inspire and create together to create a union.

It makes sense now why I felt a pain in the pit of my stomach why the nausea it was my awakening to the creative divinity trying to sprout out of me to the collective imagination. I feel the sense of Ascension community so much more now. We all have to be positive and have Divine Love because we balance the sleeping world who is caught up in the anxiety and the negative. We carry this light we shine bright in the storms in the caves in the darkness we are the beacons. We pave the way. We create harmony and love and creativity. We inspire and hold the space for all those who we see the divine perfection in which we all have.

Meditation Mandalas
The art that I create is to inspire and help with the remembrance especially in this holiday season when the weather is cold we often are in stillness in our shelters to stay out of the elements. It is the time to create and be, so I will continue to share I have some more creative ideas. In the mean time my focus in on I AM stones and Meditation Mandalas. If you order a Mediation Mandala I will give a Divine message specifically for you along with how to meditate to your unique mandala.

Mystic Star Meditation Mandala is to expand your mind to all the mystery and mysticism that is so beautiful. Crystals will be added to the design. As we are all made of light we shine out into many different colors. The orange is to open your Sacral Chakra which aids in creativity and our fire of passion which we use to connect to a sense of community. The yellow awakens the Solar Plexus Chakra which is aids in your self esteem and confidence to shine your passions out even brighter. The blue opens your throat chakra so that you may speak the truth and share your gifts and truths out to the world. While the purple connects to your crown chakra ability to connect to the ethers and experience all the beauty out in the universe in the stars and beyond and bring it down to have even more expansive creativity. If this calls for you to receive it please contact us. 

Self Realization Meditation Mandala is all about coming full circle in our life. We begin in one place and always come back to the self realization that we are all in Oneness. We have many windows in each of us that we get to experience. There is much knowledge to gain from this mandala with many details and beautiful colors and energy that radiates out. If this calls to you please contact us.

The Seed of Life Meditation Mandala is all about coming into the Divine Feminine energy. We all nurture ourselves for this to come into creation. The elements of water, sun, soil in order to create the beauty of nature around us the flowers that are each and ever one of us. Planting the seeds allows for more knowledge to grow around us. 

Mother Sun Meditation Mandala. In this time of solar energy so rich in warmth we are often called to the sun. We energetically walk in the sun allowing the rays to come into us. All the wisdom and knowledge the sun holds. All the while the balance of the cool blue moon energy that always comes. This is all about opening the Root Chakra the bright red that grounds us in to Mother Earth. The Orange of the Sacral Chakra which is about passion and sexuality, the pleasure of abundance in our life. We are called to create and be. The yellow activates the Solar Plexus Chakra which brings the confidence that we all embody and to shine brightly out this beautiful rays with in each one of us. As we speak our truth, even in the darkness in the cool blue energy of the Throat Chakra we speak truth even in the presence of the moon. When we are in the shadows of the night we speak our truth our light as though we were in the presence of the sun. If this message Meditation Mandala calls to you please contact us to be it's new guardian.

Purification Meditation Mandala clears air of any stagnent energy. As birds of a feather there's an ability of offering all that no longer serves and needs to be removed to this mandala.

Untitled Meditation Mandala- currently this mandala has yet to reveal it's name to me. However I do want to share this with you and a message will come soon for it. If It speaks to you, and you wish to receive this, message us.

I AM ... Remembrance Stones
I Wish to share the I AM ... Remembrance Stones. These I have been guided to create from my heart from my soul remembrance. If any of these resonate with you and you wish to receive write to us. I do have more but these are the ones which messages have been shown to me. The purpose is also as offering energy healing or energy remembrance. The vibration comes out in the colors and presence of these stones.

Flight: We all have the ability to spread our wings and fly. We radiate light when we soar. The rays of Divine Light radiate all around us. We are drawn to the air element to be carefree with Unconditional Love. This represents our nature in being in the ethers exploring the stars. We have a large heart but we are just a whole complete piece in the puzzle of the universe to our awareness. It appears to be split in half ... this creature can be any winged creature that speaks and calls to you. What I saw may not be what you see- in the simplicity it allows expansive possibilities just as we have in all of us.

Flowing Leaf: As a leaf in the wind wondering where ever the winds takes you. The unknown, the search, the mystery of life excites you. You are vast and beautiful. As every leaf is unique as are you. We are so many colors. Divine Remembrance leads to Inner Knowing. We glow when we are our True Light Self. 

Shine Bright: As your own personal sun. Even in times of self discovery one must always shine bright. The sun has so much power and energy as our own personal sun we build up and use our own energy to radiate brightly into the unknown giving hope to all. 

Glowing Tree: We all have roots down to Mother Earth which grounds us. They nurture us while our minds travel deep up to the ethers. As we remember all to the ethers. As we remember all this knowledge we bring it down back to the earth. Balancing and aligning our chakras. We move the energy from the ground up and expand out into the lovely bright stars. We are unique our chakras bring so much life and energy. So much understanding comes in this. Remembrance occurs when we are balanced as to our origin what star we come from. Activation happens when we are grounded in the horizontal while we expand up vertically. Understand our vibration we grow out in our own unique self that is organic natural and free.

Spiral of Life: We may appear to have different life journeys but we are all spiraling around the core. The center all using life force to continue around the movement and the journey is where we learn about ourselves our star origin. We will always be on the path, as the destination does not bring enlightenment but a new challenge and inspiration to continue spirals again. This gift to know we are colorful and unique.

Star Origin: Spiraling beyond our realm into this awakening the Ascension. We are all knowing we are all Oneness in Remembrance. Rays are where we exist. Shining to become lead to the one crystal light which we shine out. Our Divine Love our Divine Light. We connect and these rays show us what our purpose is. The understanding comes to embody the rays the light with devotion to service. The white pure light and silver energy is us. We start as a seed and spiral out as we awaken and then branch out into the world. 

Lighthearted Chuckle: All comes in the joy and playful lightness that is beauty. In play we laugh, in joy. The silly side of life is about taking life in a carefree manner. Radiate kisses shine to us when we are kind to those around us. Lighten the energy around to bring a positive vibration all around. 

Again I have many more I AM Stones ... these are the ones which have shared their message. If you wish to receive one of these gifts contact us. Each hold unique energy as these stones come from the ocean with their own vibrations.

Oracle Cards

I am sharing a six card reading I pulled with the "Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards" originally I pulled three cards but after those I felt the need to call three more. Below are the cards and their meaning. It is a powerful message of realizing what you have in your life right now, knowing that you both have to move forward and grow together while nurturing and tending to your own self and each other.

First Card is Kindness. Reminding us that we need to practice this on ourselves as well as those in our lives. We are all connected as is our thoughts so how we act towards yourself and to others brings up the vibration when we act in positive light. Ahimsa is what I have been seeing all through out the week to be gentle with yourself. Know your limits and be kind to yourself in this state. Having thoughtfulness goes a far way as our good deeds does go noticed by the universe. We all reflect what we put out so acting in kindness we will receive kindness back to us.

The second card Romantic Partner I have picked before. The energy is all around for reunions and the coming together of companions from past lifetimes. Being single look for a new partner to come your way. Enjoy this experience be kind with yourself, enjoy the ride of the newness. The excitement of getting to learn about a whole new world. If you are already in a committed relationship look for more passion to come. Even the most solid relationships get a new playful spin thrown in. We have Venus energy all around naturally we crave these experiences so now is the time to try out that fantasy you've always thought of. Open up your heart!

The third card New Location shows as we are in the 9th month concluding things we are looking forward to the New Year. Change is in the air, moving to a new residence or if you've always dreamed of owning a house, now is the time to start gravitating towards change. A new location is calling you. This can also mean a new job opportunity is coming your way. You may need to move to a new location, get a promotion or transfer to a new job. All this shifting energy is coming, expect it and embrace all this energy around. The kindness and stability of romance in your life allows this new location to be very energizing because you have complete support to bring all that you wish with you.

Fourth card Follow Your Dreams: When you become unsure of your next path look to what you are passionate about. Find your heart's desire. Meditate in stillness and silence and your inner knowing will guide you. Let go of outside influence. Follow your heart's desire. Lead with your heart. If you are offered a new job, find a new home ... follow your heart where it tells you to go. Having this romance energy of Venus creates a dream like state which reminds us of what we wish to have. The happy life, full of possibilities. When you are in Divine Love allow the dreams to float into your consciousness.

Fifth card Self-Reliance: With all the change and shifting you must trust in your inner strength. For all to be we must know we are enough just as we are. Look internally for comfort learn your inner voice call upon your guides. Look to your own gifts to manifest the energy you wish to have. Listen to the inner knowing voice that comes, trust your heart. With this focus all love and light will follow.

Sixth card Inner Child: Find the joy in life. Simple things you are passionate about. So much energy of magic is in the air. As you grow into this expansive beautiful Divine Light being we must take time out to just play. Be passionate and know that everything will be. When you feel tired be kind to yourself and slow down. Do something you love (regardless of how silly you may look). Enjoy the small moments. Romance is in your life (or coming soon into your life) rely on that energy to carry you through and spark your passion which will lead to a new job opportunity or purchasing a home together in a new location. Following your dreams is listening to your inner voice and knowing deep down what makes you happy. Relying on your inner voice is always where you are suppose to be. Which leads to finding the times to be silly and nurturing of yourself and find the inner child to play. This life is for experiencing and embracing all that is.