Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I AM ... Joyous Energy

My New Moon Manifesting Alter for December
Photo by Padma Bella
First I want to say thank you for all that is. I have been experiencing much bliss that last two days with
the New Moon energy. Of course reminded that always with grace and perseverance everything will come. I have been creating much over the past two days. Monday I took time out to part take in two moving meditations. We all have to take a step back and just go with the flow. Worry only about our self, what we are in the now, what we are in the present to experience. When we do this all else becomes simple and movement becomes a dance, even if you have no idea how to dance - it just naturally flows when we follow in our breathing and just move to our own signature pattern.

Photo by Padma Bella
I do invite anyone to also participate in a moving meditation specifically for and on a New Moon, pure magic! For me and my experience it incorporated everything I needed to harness the energy to prepare me for this next journey.

Immediately following the New Moon Moving Meditation I journal wrote a channeled message. Below is the message. 

The air is playful on this Night of the New Moon. We are all joyous and the fire is set in the pit of our stomachs awaiting the next adventure. We get to pick any direction we'd like our bow to look upon what stars we will aim towards. We are limitless now. Expansive. Beautiful. Look beyond. We have let go of all in Scorpio now we are in the Fire of Sagittarius which we are renewed in finding our course. 

Photo by Padma Bella
We begin to manifest what we wish by simple thoughts. Letting go of the ailments that have followed us for too long, now we travel light. What is your intention? Who are you? Where are you going? The message is clear be playful in all you do. Love all that you are. You are the I AM presence. You are your Beloved. The remembering is happening all over. Some are deciding to stay sleeping, allow that to be their journey. Those of us who have awakened and continue to see more vast Light in front of us. We expand greater and greater, we are all so vast on the inside which we remember in each shift. The unlimited Universe inside each of us. We are whole and perfect and enough, just as we are. All the lifetimes we have lived has brought us to this exact point, this exact moment.

Photo by Padma Bella
No more wondering is needed (unless you wish to wonder some more) ... respect yourself, allow yourself to rest when needed, also rejoice your playful side too. Moving meditation allow the mind to remember to be calm and still. The magic carpet, the mat, that allows us to shed the layers of the world the illusions, and learn who we really are. The true Self. The Divine within us. In this we learn more of our life journey. I remember more and more, seeing beautiful things around me. We have to be relaxed and a clear mind to fully be open.

Photo by Padma Bella
When we are open we experience the true I AM presence within us, that we are everything. We are balanced. When we are balanced we no longer search for things outside of us. This holds true to love also. We are Love. We are enough. When we Love our self, when we are balanced we reflect this out. Our Beloved is our self. We are in Oneness. The vibration we feel in us reflects out. This sends out to the universe and Our Beloved who is also whole comes to this realization and wholeness. Only then is the Reunion. Two wholes not dependent on the other but fully functional and able to contribute equally. I AM and the So Hum brings us harmony because we realize that we are content with who we are. We are enough with just being in love with ourselves. This is when Our Beloved (who is also in this same union with self) may enter Our lives. There must be undying unwavering faith that what you desire will be in Divine Timing. Perseverance through faith and trust that the Universe hears all you put out in thought and vibrations and this gift is to be yours (when the Universe finds it should be so).

Photo by Padma Bella
We trust our intuition and move without thinking then nothing is wrong this way. We just know. Moving meditation becomes how we live off our magic mat, each time we step becomes a kiss to the earth. We are mindful. We appreciate. We are grateful. The slower and more in stillness we allow our mind, the more answers and guidance we can hear because there's less mind chatter it must travel through.

Also when the weird starts to happen just go with it. This is the universe ... and somewhere all your thoughts and hard work is now paying off. Revisit old journals or vision boards or manifesting lists- see if anything comes up. Thoughts are very powerful. I found my happiness box today with lots of trinkets I had packed away. I found my little book of dreams, a good luck figure, and of course the Fairies Oracle Cards and some other things also. Look forward to offering Readings!

I have been working on the I AM ... Remembrance Stones (the name which they wish to be called). Each has a distinct message which I will be sharing soon along with a more detailed picture of each Stone. I will be posting the message on our Facebook Page as well. Here are some of the finished I AM ... Remembrance Stones. If you wish to receive one contact me. I will be offering these along with a message. 

I AM ... Remembrance Stones by Padma Bella