Friday, December 13, 2013

Golden Remembrance in Bliss 12.12 Portal of Light

Still feeling the 12.12 portal as many of us will through the Winter Solstice. Be gentle with yourself. Yes we all have plans or obligations for the holiday season but know when you've reached your limit. Do what makes you happy. Those of us who have walked in the gateway we are in the Portal of Light experiencing this beautiful energy. It is a very powerful energy as well this is why we need to be patient and gentle with yourself. Listen to everything that stirs up inside you. In stillness is when this metamorphosis happens. When you are on the right path you feel happy and giddy in bliss. This is why many of us have wished to go into a very very deep slumber during the night. The eve of the Portal is when I felt hyper and childlike. The night of the 12.12 Gateway my energy shifted I became dizzy often, zoned out often, even wishing to go to bed earlier than normal already starting to be in a trance like state.

My experience in sleep last night was of common daily life things, but it all very very very different than other dreams. The messages very strong. I was traveling with my angel (in a normal town which I had never been) we were going to the shops, this appeared all normal. Until we looked off in the distance and saw huge dark clouds of smoke through some tall trees, we instantly knew it was a fire. Everyone else was either going about their day (unaware) or leaving quickly without panic. I saw the reflection of the old come out- My angel spoke saying we know the fire is coming straight here, yes you have enough time to enter and complete what you need, but you are more important. We don't know how long until it's here, it looks far away but appearances with fire can be tricky. I see this as a sign, especially since we are coming out of the fire sign of Sagittarius for the moon.  We often think oh I have time- to wait when we only have the now. Things in manifesting may seem far off, but they can be right upon us fast. We all can look ahead, yes, but we still have no idea of the 'when' as now in this new time is all different. Many of us have already been experiencing this more and more in 2013, how time just has already changed for us. In 2014, things may seem further off than they are, but they can come any second, to always be in the now and know our true self will prepare us. We all have to take a very long shower with cleansing and washing away any negative energies that are stuck to us.

In this time our chakras are aligning and DNA strands are activating. We are all remembering who we are. Divine Remembrance. This can come in many many different forms, dreams, visions, premonitions, sensations, etc. Our Divine Blueprint is asking to be aligned to us. Embrace this allow yourself to just be. The more we let go of control of how it should feel or fit it into a schedule of our life- the more we experience the beauty. Let it happen, when it will happen. There is so much magic all around. Any anxiety or fear or stirring of this is the old wishing to release - offer this up. Our vibrations are lifting up more and more brightly in Light. View this opportunity to begin to learn who you are now. We are all awakening being activated. So much magic all around.