Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Golden Joy

The energy is very intense as we approach the 12-12 gateway tomorrow. Can you feel it? This gateway is preparing us for the upcoming Winter Solstice December 21. I have been seeing many things many images. We are in the Ascension we are moving forward, into this what many have called the end of times. I have seen how this is the now, not the end of times or dooms day but we are moving forward. We have gifts we are waking up to remember. We must act in grace and Divine Love or we will go into war. We will experience a fall like that of Atlantis and all the other places. People have interpreted religious texts for so long the translations may have switched things around, the idea that we don't go poof for those true believers instead dying of natural deaths or once their life here is complete. So many pure souls have been dying suddenly. For those of us that are ushering the awakened souls into realization, we move forward in pure grace with Divine Love and positivity. 

I woke up today with a premonition of death, this can be interpreted of course many different ways. A literal death of someone, a death of part of us, a death of the old, of the old dreams. I feel that we all still have bits of the old we have hidden in us, this release for the Full Moon needs to happen or daily as we recognize it and offer it up with burning sage or incense. We have to let it die, give it a funeral. This new year coming up is going to be epic however we now have to prepare for this. The Winter Solstice is our gateway into the new. Think of last year and where you were look at how far you've come. Many of us last year we already acting intuitively around and on the Winter Solstice.  

12-12 Portal
The 12-12 portal is further awakening the Merkaba within us. The vibration of 12 will be very strong. We begin our journey of further awakening our Blueprints of our new 12 strands of DNA and our New 12 Chakras. In Divine Grace, Divine Love, Divine Light. The Merkaba is located between your Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra creating a perfect balance for Divine Union to be in purity and embody Divine Love. When this is activated you can access this energy at any time. It's a very powerful energy. The 9 days from the 12-12 portal and the 12-21 Winter Solstice moves us from endings as 9 takes us through this beautiful transformation of remembering all the places we have been and leads us to where we are going. With the opportunity of release on the Full Moon on the night of December 16. This magic leads us to the Winter Solstice where we fully embody the Golden light. Awareness in pure grace. Reborn with a new sense of self.  
Gateways 12-12 & 12-21
For me I feel this preparation work coming about within me as we prepare for the 12-12 portal and the Winter Solstice these two gateways. I have seen nemesis entities may still linger with us as we awaken we will remember this more. The new is all about self expression from the Soul in Truth with Pure Divine Love. Having any part of yourself still dipped in the old will hold you back into embracing this new life coming. Shed all the skins, all the conditioning. Moving with the motions. I have been inspired to create from the Flower of Life because we are all coming into bloom. Yet when I speak it I often call it the Seed of Life. We are the seeds right now upon the threshold of these epic gateways. This morning I saw a pink lotus flower come from my third eye beaming bright white and gold and pink light. True Love and Beauty projected out. We all must see us emerge leave our old lives of the mud and be these bright beautiful light Lotus flowers.

Leading to what is
Much processing is needed for you to know yourself. Balance is needed on the inside to truly know 
who you are, this new being of light. What I feel is we have to look to the things and people that truly make us happy right now. It is not the time to bring in anyone or anything truly new into your life. It's the time to take stock of what is working for you now and building this up. Devotion to your journey your goals you set this year, look to these. It's moving past repeating the same patterns of before. Be the new you! Soon you will recognize when you feel I've done this before in a negative light, doing this leads me down this path, and I've already learned all my lessons here. Release the additions. Find a new approach- you will know when you are sinking into the old. For me I have noticed myself sinking here and there, it's been coming out in dreams. As I have started wearing a new crystal, this is bringing up areas in myself that I need to address. The dreams show me how my life could be if I give in to addictions or stay stagnant. 

2: Intuitive Reflections 
Many of us started the weekend noticing physical ailments or an icky feeling, this is only the start. This week listen to yourself. Listen to your body. Yesterday was us entering into the new, today numerology of 2 is about intuitions and reflections as we connect with the Divine and our angels and guides to ask them for help. Ask from your heart, quiet the mind and listen to the voice that comes from the Divine it will lead to what you wish to manifest. Even stronger in vibration when it is pure. I have been doing exactly this this past week, offering up and asking and it's beautiful when you get this deep sense of the clarity of where you should be. Embrace when anxiety comes up or wondering am I doing this right? Where should I go? How did I get here? We've been through a lot this past year, now we are settling and realizing just how far we've come. We are all exactly where we need to be. Joy comes with hope. We all must have hope that all is perfect. Fill your hearts with love and silliness. 

Joy Meditation Mandala 
by Padma Bella

I have been creating much as well. I am so happy to share the latest Meditation Mandala entitled: Joy as when I created it I felt and even looking at it feel so much happiness and joy. I hope and wish you experience this as well. If this resonates strongly with you, please write to me to receive this gift. I am offering specific energy integration personally for you with each Meditation Mandala. Joy Meditation Mandala incorporates each chakra element with the crown chakra in the middle ... we are all the Flower of Life which create and radiates out. I am working on another more detailed version of this. 

Diamond Crystalline Energy
I for some reason have been drawn to diamonds this week, the energy. I this morning read about how the new Crystalline form is that of Diamond Light. Trust your inner knowing when you feel inspired to wear a certain color (wear it) or wear a certain crystal or jewelry piece. These match your vibrations. In this time is to be your True Authentic Self. This of the time when you are your most joyous. It's when you aren't even trying you just are experiencing, not conditioned to how you should act or thinking of how to please someone else. You simple are being. I continue to become inspired by those around me who embrace who I am, they take me for as I am. 

Let your wings flow and just fly! When we let ourselves experience the experience we move to where our heart desires we learn from falling it becomes part of the journey. Allow yourself to soar in the winter air, as you warm all that is around you with your true Self your Divine Heart.

Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.

To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest.
-Source Unknown