Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gemini Star Full Moon

Majestic Star Full MoonHalo Around the Gemini Full Moon with five part star
Photo by Padma Bella
The Eve before the Full Moon was just what I needed. I became grounded and the universe always gives exactly what is need. A lesson I had learned long time ago resurfaced of course wishing for me to draw attention to it. How well do you trust? If you are on the mat and someone says to jump- do you with unwavering faith just do it? Or do you let your ego come in and say oh I can't? Or do you try but the moment it becomes too hard you just stop? Or do you fall out and get back in knowing you only get better with continued practice? We all need balance, it first starts with our own internal self. How we handle our physical body. How well can you balance on one foot? For how long can you balance on one foot? These are all small things but translate and the root of all is our feet. How we walk through and in life. Here, we must yes be gentle with ourselves but also how we handle situations comes from our ability to be even in the uncomfortableness. If we can balance on one foot for an unlimited amount of time, this translates to how we handle life, we can balance anything. As we all are capable of once we get out of the mind. So when you feel adventurous and if you are not on the mat see how long you can balance on one foot, what are your reactions when you fall out of it? All these sum up how you handle things in life. We all fall but it's the grace which we handle the fall and get right back into it as if nothing phases us. No ego no room for it here. 

Full Moon Release Candle
Photo by Padma Bella
Regardless what life throws at you, it will always keep on coming we have to handle everything with compassion and love. These are the things which have been spoken to me in dreams and when I am in stillness. The universe also spoke these with a teacher of mine. This one was particularly simple as the details never matter, all I needed to share was in a short sentence. All was conveyed. The lesson of course he spoke about related as we hear from Source. The message is the same. Despite what life throws at you, yes you may get a bruised ego if you help someone and they don't seem to appreciate it. You may want to put a shield up. Or you may experience something you believe is unfair. Whatever it happens to be the lesson is the same we just simply act with more compassion and with more love. In this loving awareness, we raise up our vibration and we will begin to attract that same positive vibe around us. It still may happen that we have bad things happen again, this is life coming at us we cannot predict or stop this, but our reaction to this and how we feed the energy back out into the world.

Golden Sunset
Photo by Padma Bella
Taking time out to appreciate the sunset, appreciate the small things in life leads to bliss. The release of what needed to come. Then focusing on the magic the energy around this Full Moon, all the new, where we have the Rational mind of Gemini being logical in thought, coming into balance with Sagittarius which sees the bigger picture in an inspirational mind. Both of the mind but two different ways to look at the same thing. Here, we are using both these lenses. The virtue of faith and faithfulness. As we let go of ego and we let go of fear, all that we have worked towards, all that we will become. It's all rooted in us dreaming, this Gemini energy calls us to recognize who are we? What is our passion? Where do we wish to go? What treasures do we wish to uncover within our self? 
Schlumbergera Bloom Blessings
A tiny bud formed after a dormant year,
it bloomed on the night of the Gemini Full Moon.

Photo by Padma Bella
All our experiences in 2013 have led us down this path to be here. In this now. We have learned many many lessons. We must continue to have faith. The virtue of faith is knowing all will be, just as we did before we stepped out blindly not knowing what the year would bring or what each day will bring. We just go. So now it's a matter of being faithful. In faithfulness it's our decision we have made, the path we have come to- we have come to be here in this place for a reason that we decided upon. Now we must remain true to this, true to our decisions, true to faithfulness to stick with it regardless of when it looses some of it's shine, this shine will return. However, it's keeping faith that yes there may be the unglamorous sides or even the challenges, but sticking with it, not running away. Giving up is of the old. Perhaps you can recall a time when you let fear run you away or you let the ego control you where you saw something you thought was shinier, better, more attractive of what the ego wanted- only to find out once you obtained it- it was no better or not at all what you thought you wanted, only to return to the original thing ... had you kept faith in truth trusting your heart as we must all trust the heart. Live in faith as this virtue allows us to dream brings in the imagination for creation knowing it will come to be. 

Halo around the Full Moon
Photo by Padma Bella
If you did experience the Full Moon, magnificent energy surrounding her. I enjoyed the crisp night air and immediately noticed within a couple hours there was a ring around the moon.  All my photos of the Full Moon are unaltered. Here is some facts about halos around the sun/moon:

"These clouds contain millions of tiny ice crystals. The halos you see are caused by both refraction, or splitting of light, and also by reflection, or glints of light from these ice crystals. The crystals have to be oriented and positioned just so with respect to your eye, in order for the halo to appear. That’s why, like rainbows, halos around the sun – or moon – are personal. Everyone sees their own particular halo, made by their own particular ice crystals, which are different from the ice crystals making the halo of the person standing next to you." By EarthSky

Window to the Soul
Photo by Padma Bella

Ink Magic
Photo by Padma Bella

Pleiades Window
Photo by Padma Bella

Eye of the Moon 
Photo by Padma Bella
I woke up twice as usual the Full Moon energy draws me awake. I noticed a line of clouds (like what a large airplane would make) all stretched out vertically to the moon. As I continued to watch this line of clouds it rotated towards the moon until it was in perfect alignment. Magic all around. 

Last night, I had several dreams - each magical and unique on their own. Have you notice your sleep pattern changing since the 12.12 portal? Even when I woke up this morning outside was just brighter. No clouds in the sky, beauty. I of course was drawn to the Joy Meditation Mandala I have up on my wall. I began to meditate, as I have been guided to meditate before I start my day see how that changes my attitudes/views. As Asana is only part of it, the meditation part is so much more. Now I am buzzing literally.

Divine Love
Heart formed around the Full Moon last night
Photo by Padma Bella
I will share a quote from a book I received as a gift last year. At "random" I opened it which the universe wishes me to share this topic. "The Secrets of the Spiritual Heart. Very few people understand the heart. In truth, your heart is one of the masterpieces of creation. It is a phenomenal instrument. It has the potential to create vibrations and harmonies that are far beyond the beauty of pianos, strings, or flutes. You can hear an instrument, but you can feel your heart. And if you think that you feel an instrument, it's only because it touched your heart. Your heart is an instrument made of extremely subtle energy that few people come to appreciate."

Joy- Meditation MandalaIf you wish to receive this contact us.
Created by Padma Bella
This of course is what we all have access to all the time. We who are Awakened know this feeling. This pure joy that comes from us. Why we can live in faith because our heart guides us to our dreams. We will fulfill our destiny, we live now. Once we step away from this or "take a vacation" our vibration changes. I often see this as a test to see how well you have absorbed your lessons. Listen to the information that comes in. I feel so light right now and a rebirth, we are four days away from the 12.21 Gateway. 

Photo by Padma Bella
I pulled three cards for today. The first one literally flew out of the deck as I was shuffling it. This card "Dreams Coming True" shows that faithfulness to our passion our desires our dreams all is possible. Our dreams are coming true. Once again the theme of the heart, all our Divine Heart desires are manifesting into reality. Hold onto your faith here, your dreams are manifesting into reality. All the visualizations and meditation are all coming into being. This Full Moon energy is so powerful as we use this to move into the New Moon we figure out who are we? We are asked here to keep the faith, we are getting glimpses of our dreams now, are you open to receive it? The transition from mere thoughts to etheric form and then material form requires faithfulness that you deserve this abundance, this new in your life. "Affirmation: My heart is filled with gratitude and excitement, knowing that wonderful people and situations surround me now."

Photo by Padma Bella
The second card for today is "Raising your Standards" Once we have committed to what we wish to manifest the Universe works a way to bring this to you. So once that thought or dream gets sent out to the Universe we must keep the commitment to it. The virtue of faithfulness that it may not be here yet but it's coming. If you drop the dream too song, you have not let the Universe enough time to bring it to be. Nothing is too big to dream. We are being told to raise the standards of our dreams and passions to be so expansive following our heart's desires. Bringing this to be is being grateful for all that you have big and small which then expands your vibration so that more good comes into your life.

Photo by Padma Bella
For all this to come to be we must acknowledge and know the third card of "Inner Power." We are now awakening to our Inner Power, all the gifts we have inside our self. This is a power of good and abundance and positivity. We act in the greater good our guides aid us in creating opportunities to expand our power. This forms blessings and good acts. The more we know our self the more awaken we become to our own inner strength and inner power which we can then use to manifesting our dreams to come true. 

Continue to enjoy this creative energy! I am creating many new Meditation Mandalas. I will be sharing the entire collection soon along with the Soul Remembrance Stones. I am excited to be capturing their unique energy in various forms. If one calls to you and wish to receive it contact me. Many of my creations are on my Facebook Page: Padma Bella I will soon be writing specifically on the lovelies. In the mean time look for an upcoming article on the 12.21 Gateway. For now enjoy all this magical energy all around.