Monday, December 16, 2013

Full Moon 12.17.13

Photo by Padma Bella
There has been much energy swirling around lately. Have you been feeling it? Particularly many things have been directing me to areas in my life and in the lives of those around me. Emotions and feelings have been coming up, which of course we all learn from them. It was not until this morning that I finally got the ah that's what's going on moment.

Of the Old
I reacted in the old, and it of course didn't make me feel any better. I could acknowledge this yet for some reason the old needed to be released, as this is the final time it will be there, be in me. Even now I feel sadness because I feel the beauty of how much I have changed, how I can acknowledge these things. I am a good person, I am a kind person. Bad stuff does happen, however realistically you can't stop things in any direction. However immediately my mind went to 'why?' which that of course leads to 'why not?' I help so many people I feel good but even in that I take on the bad as well. To me it shows that I must do more self-less acts and take the bad as it comes but forever be in kindness and Grace. So eventually there is no bad. To embrace all of this experience. Of course all these strong sensations on the eve of the Full Moon, why many things from our past have been coming up. 

In particular there were many events over the last few days, all lessons. How do we wish to move forward with these things of the past from now on? For me I see that these are opportunities of release. I'm not dying so all this other stuff doesn't matter. There are so many kind beautiful souls who have such more worries here who are literally on their last days - this is the old trying to creep in and keep those of us who are awaken in the 3rd dimensions as we have already walked in the portal and heading towards the gateway of the Winter Solstice. I am deeply sorry for those who I temporarily vented to. 

I have noticed that those of us in the awakening process we still hold on to small things from our past. My lesson which I see as valuable to others, is yes I do many good things I help other people realize where they need to release, but I also have to do this at the same time. This was showing me that there are aspects where I am still holding on to (unconsciously) so for this Full Moon it is truly finally releasing all the negative and the bad and the energy forces that just keep me not moving forward. I cannot speak of the past anymore these past lives- for the sake of it. I needed to as I saw how it doesn't even hold power over me but does not even feel like part of me anymore.

I haven't written in a while mainly because I have been experiencing so much. 
Over the weekend, I felt the anxiety of others, the fear of others, the paranoia. I see how we can see one thing, and it just reminds us of something else. We stop shining our light. Others of course notice this, when we get deep in thought in the negative way of oh how can I prevent this from happening more. This of course is not right or wrong. We all have to process and internalize in our own way. I was able to see both views as an observer and participant. So when it was me doing this- I knew it did not resonate well with me, this was like an out of body experience, where I could hear myself getting upset or expressing how upset I was but it did not resonate with my heart center. These are all the things we need to release. Mail it and let it go.

We are the only ones who can save our self. When we want change, we just 
have to flip the switch and change. As I have, it is that simple. Why allow one tiny thing that someone else did change an entirely lovely splendid weekend? Why give them that power? Same as saying all this work we have all done in this whole year, why let it get derailed by one tiny thing? We all are human we all have moments where we must be gentle with our self acknowledge the shifting is still happening, yet we can still have moment but its changing this cycle. 

Full Moon
For this Full Moon let us dig deep and write down all the things which bring us fear, anxiety, scares us, parts of our self we no longer like, part of our self that we need to let go of (actions, words, thoughts, etc), what are things you wish to apologize for, think of this Full Moon as the night of your funeral for the old self of all the things in the old, you wish to acknowledge and wish them well as they receive parting words which will be offered up in flame to the Full Moon.

I keep feeling outside influences invading our space. Even when they may not be aware of how this changes us, we have to not allow it. It starts with taking away those parts of us that are old that they may latch on to. This is of course different than feeling bad or empathetic to another like individual, as we act in light when we do this. For me I truly want to take away the ouchie or the pain or the fear or anxiety from others that I love and care about. I have come to the place where I do not expect this in return. I have seen for me where I need to release. Have you been noticing parts of yourself that you need to release? I have notice this beauty though. For those of us that are truly kind hearted and something bad happens to any one of us, this energy exchange happens where we acknowledge that yes the 3d world still exists. However we need to remind each other that all is good with the world.

Love, Harmony in Relationships
Last night while baking, something which makes me truly happy I was asked 
about numerology for the day. Yesterday was a day of 6 which promotes love, relationships and harmony. This energy still is so powerful as where we are headed for all days. I so desperately feel from Source that we all act in harmony allowing any part of us to get off balance is not where we need to be. As for so many months I have heard premonitions all leading from needing to be balanced. Needing to remain balanced. The male and and female parts of us as well as balance for all things. This is why even this morning reactions I had really did not sit well with me because in my heart center in my inner knowing I was screaming at myself that these words that were escaping me really were not me. However, even me venting, I could feel how damaging they could be, - of course saging does help. Just a lesson. Lets be very excited that this is what we are releasing, all this. This holds no space in the new earth coming in the new year.

Between the Portal and the Gateway
We are leading into the Gateway of the Winter Solstice. I had heard that the 
nine days leading up from the 12.12 portal to the Gateway of 12.21 would be powerful. I am understanding this more and more. The challenges that are coming up, the emotions and reminders of a long ago past- stir up. This is the last time they will haunt us they are coming up not for us to ignore them or brush them off or get upset at them or even telling us we are here this is where we are stuck. Far from it, these are here as a blessing to show us how far we've come. Yes of course we can remain here and get sucked back into this drama or these emotions and let them eat away at us again. Or we can simply acknowledge them live with how they make us feel at the present moment and once we have experienced all that there is from them let them go forever. All these full moons from this year truly have been leading up to this last full moon of December.

I feel it as why my reactions have been stronger than normal. The negative, the old, the fear is fear itself. It is fearful that it has no more power in us so it comes at us stronger bringing up people, things, thoughts, all that had plagued us before in our other lives trying to trap us back there again. Think of it as it's final last breath coming, washing over. Yes we have to let it come because avoiding it does not let it pass on forever gone.

Coming into Violet Light
Today is a universal number of 7 which has the lesson for us to look inside for 
answers. The perfect place for us on the eve of the full moon. Look at your soul here, what do you truly wish to have- let go of fear or that's impossible dream big! I have noticed the moment we begin to get stuck into the details or logistics is where we let the ego go crazy in us. The Full Moon is in Gemini which is a sign of the mind of our mental self. This is why many of us have been going in our head. Thinking too much at times. I have caught this happening as well we get wrapped up in our head but the point is we need to get to the negative influence here so we can get rid of it. We have to just be happy with our present self. I will give an example as this can be big or small. It can be something as simple as thinking you need to shower just because you allow your mind and ego to think oh it's unpleasant or whatever mind chatter comes in, your mind wants to create drama or an issue when there is not really one. When you react in the oh I wonder if this is noticed by anyone (this is rooted in fear or negativity the old energy). If you react in saying a shower will make me very happy as I just want to have one (this is of the new energy).

Full Moon in Gemini
As I've been saying this Full Moon is special and unique. It is in Gemini while the sun is in Sagittarius. The Full Moon peaks at 1:28AM (PT), 4:28AM (ET) as this means rituals should be done tonight 12.16 however you may still use the energy up to three days after. Put all crystals out in windows or bury them in dirt under the full moon to recharge. The unique part of this Full Moon the chakras of our Milky Way Galaxy will be balanced. The Full Moon which is in Gemini when we look in it's direction we are looking in the direction of Pleiades. This constellation is referred to as the crown chakra of our galaxy. We are being directed to look to cosmic order to see all that is and can be. Many of us have been receiving messages from our guides. In particular I have received more messages all pointing to how beautiful the remembering is we are all connected to the Universe. We are all Beings of Light. The truth is here. We must live in Truth. 

Sun in Sagittarius
Our Sun in Sagittarius on December 17 (when we look in it's direction) we peer in the direction of our cosmic root chakra. As for this day our sun grounds us and the maternal roots us comforting us that everything will be okay and our releases will be met with fire going up to the Sagittarius energy. Sagittarius allows us to see the whole picture and to use our higher mind to see the new coming in. We are connected to so much all the Divine energy. We see all that is. 

Cosmic Balance
Here we are feeling the balancing happening the two chakras coming into alignment. This is why the old and the negative has been coming at us so strong over the weekend, it has been trying to deter and distract us from this beautiful reunion this coming together. The power of love and healing and bliss is so much stronger however it does take some nurturing to grow once it does it is unstoppable.

Gemini aspects is of the mind where we wish to be logical this is where the dance comes. We must remain balanced even when we get in our minds. We take the Gemini Full Moon energy to gather facts while we use the Sagittarius Sun energy to view the whole magnificent picture. The mind rules in this Full Moon cycle let it create with imagination while we use our intellect to further guide us into a creation of intuition. We are combining all that we have learned on this roller coaster ride of 2013. All the relationships we have had that did not work out were all meant to happen to teach us and all the events that have happened have all lead us to this moment. To have 9 days to culminate in the mind who we wish to be in this time of change and transition into the new. We are fully coming into our awakening of who we are, what we believe in as well as all the lessons these other people have taught us. So if there are still negative things which linger here for you of any relationships (romantic or platonic or friendships) release these too. We have learned the lessons we have needed to.

Psychic Awareness
The beauty of this Full Moon in Gemini of the mind is we get to review all that we experienced in this past Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. Think of all the stuff you experienced leading up to the retrograde over the summer as well as the emotional patterns that came up once Mercury turned Retrograde. All the void feelings you felt. Have you changed all of these? Jupiter energy is here which calls for us to look at our psychic awareness and trust this. We are being shown how our feelings can influence our truths (how we need to trust our inner knowing now and not act subjectively) we can all make something negative manifest if we really think long and hard about it. Jupiter energy is bringing awareness to us that we are craving security and safety. This takes on different meanings for each of us. It can be a new job, a roof over your head or something as simple as a hug. Whatever this means for you embrace it and be okay asking for it. We are moving towards harmony. This comes with communication to you and to those you are around. This Full Moon we purify in the ritual with Violet light. We become this light. In this harmony we experience bliss, we have harmonious relationships when we have inner balance think of how effortless it is to be with that other person. All the drama that may have existed with other people does not exist here. When you get out of your head and simply communicate you come to realize that you both like the same thing there was no reason to worry or think you have to do more work when everything is perfect when you are both in your present now moment. The dreams and sleep is effortless as well you are just perfect in this feeling because you have embraced your mutual now moment. 

We have stepped into the Portal- we move forward in this towards the Gateway. This means being in truth. Having reflecting time as well. I see how for me this weekend was a retreat where it was 'me' time. All the things that happened were meant to. In this time of releasing we also are looking forward to what we wish to have the dream of it all. It is the balance of as we release we create space and room to bring in more of the things we wish to have. So have a funeral for yourself as we work towards our rebirth in the Violet Light on the Winter Solstice.

Full Moon Ritual
Many Native Americans call this December moon the Cold Full Moon. We experience the very last Full Moon of 2013 which is also the smallest Full Moon of the year. View it as this is our last release 2013 has brought so much change the gift is one final release. December holds a "mini-Full Moon" which even January's Full Moon will be called a "super mini-Full Moon" this double back mini moons has not happened since 2004-2005 and won't happen again until 2021-2022.

Full Moon Eve - December 16 
Soul Remembrance Stone (Available)
Photo by Padma Bella
1. Gather sage, incense, lighter, paper to burn, pen, scissors, candle(s), water (to put out fire if needed), place to burn paper, flowers/petals (optional), tea, crystals, items from the past.

2. Create a sacred space, preferably outdoors under the full moon or by a window (however indoors works well- note after the ritual open a window to release the negative energy). Set up your ritual space with your supplies and any items you wish to have present. 

3. Cleanse your area with sage and incense prior to you beginning your release ritual. Light candles, etc. Invite your guides, angels, teachers, etc to be at your side through the ceremony. Call upon them for guidance (if you wish for more guidance on how to access this please contact me and I will give individual clarification).

4. Light one or more candle, light incense create your space. Sit and focus on your breath taking time to meditate and just be in stillness. Feel the calm and stillness overcome you. Feel your guides around you. You may also have tea if this aids in calming and grounding you as well.

5. Write down on a separate piece of paper (or cut each out) things you want to release that no longer serve you (relationships, people, addictions, pain, fears, etc). This can be a word or sentence. Prior to each write "I am releasing ... (item)" or "I let go of ... (item)" note you do not write quotes down on your actual this is just in preparation phase. 

Soul Remembrance Stone by Padma Bella
Photo by Padma Bella
For this Full Moon let us dig deep and write down all the things which bring us fear, anxiety, scare us, parts of our self we no longer like, part of our self that we want to let go of (actions, words, thoughts, etc), what are things you wish to apologize for, think of this Full Moon as the night of your funeral for the old self of all the things in the old you wish to acknowledge and wish them well as they receive parting words which will be offered up in flame to the Full Moon.

If you have never written a eulogy for yourself I invite you to write one. It's a beautiful release to experience all the things you use to be, as we are putting to rest our old self. To acknowledge this in this most simple form. Create the sacred space for yourself. Even place items from your past that you no longer want their energy with or reminders of take them and either burn them or bury them. Let this be your way of giving to Mother Earth this energy of who you use to be. Fire is therapeutic as a way to cease to exist but also maternal to give back to the earth something of yourself for Mother Earth to take back. Allow yourself to have me time during this if you can go undisturbed during this whole process.

6. Once you have written all down, read each item you wish to release out loud and feel it's energy release from you as you place it in the fire. Burn a piece of sage for each item. You may also burn a flower petal as well. Do this until you have no more to release. Feel the energy from you being pulled out of you and placed into this flame. Look into the flame and visualize the release of all these burdens, these fears, this negative that no longer has hold over you.

Read your Eulogy to yourself while the candle/flame still burns let this resonate with you to reflect all the good you have done what you wish to remember as but also the bad as well- let it all flow. Release this into the fire also once you have read it aloud.

7. At the end of the ceremony and you feel that no more can be released from you, you should feel calm at peace in bliss. Tears may come, this is the death of your old self- when you are ready to begin in the new, fully in the new blow out your candle your flame your life in the old. And say these words "I release" "I let go" "And so it is. Thank you Universe, guides, angels, masters, teachers. I am truly grateful, forever grateful. For the greater good. And so it is" Take the ashes (if you have any) bury them with your items in the ground or take them to the beach or lake. 

8. Next if weather permits walk barefoot in the soil to ground your energy to Mother Earth under the Full Moon.

9. To release any lingering energy burn some sage as a sage cleanse in the space around your ritual and in your home. If you have done your release ritual indoors sage your space and open a window to release the energy out. Make sure to use sage or incense around your home to remedy any of the old that remains. Sometimes a feeling of anxiety or lingering sensation holds onto your heart center (sage more in places you feel this or any abnormal sensation you feel as you wonder around your home). Say "be gone" to release negative energies or any other words that call to you.


Meditation Mandala (Available)
Photo by Padma Bella
7. Sage cleanse the space which you have just released the energy to release any negative energy that has lingered. Also sage the spot where you have
released the ashes. You may feel anxiety in your heart center if negative energy lingers or have another sensation don't be alarmed just linger longer with your sage, and tell the negative energy to "be gone" or any other words that resonate with you.

8. Place all crystals under the Full Moon for cleansing so they may be cleansed by the light of the Full Moon. You may also place them in Mother Earth for a cleanse as well make sure to mark where you bury them so you may return to this spot later.

Soul Remembrance Stone by Padma Bella
Photo by Padma Bella
Happy Full Moon Release! I will see you on the other side. Uranus goes direct which brings new ideas and the potential for something very exciting on our horizon!! Visualize yourself glowing with Violet Flame light all around you. We are all so beautiful and I am forever grateful for each one of you.

I will be sharing more Soul Remembrance Stones and well as new Meditation Mandalas as well. All of these have unique energy and beauty if any speak to you to receive please write to us.

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Soul Remembrance Stone (available)
Photo by Padma Bella
PS- As I wish to share, while I was adding pictures I noticed a sharp pain in my back. It happened twice as I had to stop what I was doing. The back of my heart is now fully open. This integration happened, with this experience a calm has washed over me. I wished to share this beautiful event that happened just now. Be open to all you experience through this time.