Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sagittarius Transformation

Sunrise there was red maroon out in the horizon with a purple thick layer of clouds. Everything
sprinkled with rain from the night, no rain and headed to morning meditation. True magic, we are all loving awareness, but we need to be reminded sometimes to be kind to our loved ones. Practicing Asana is only part of it we need to take it off the mat as well, to be loving awareness embody this daily and every second. Being unique and allowing our light to shine. The morning before the Sun leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius I meditated to a candle. I realized the flame has much to teach as well. Each the water and fire have different elements and different forms of expression, each lessons for us. Scorpio energy is of the water we leave and enter the fire of Sagittarius. We learned many lessons with our time in Scorpio as the dragonfly it is time for us to leave our nesting area. We must rise out of the mud into the seed and begin to bloom into the lotus. I see many lotus symbols everywhere along with a maternal figure with that of a child. We are all the child each learning lessons from our eternal mother, mother earth. We must allow ourselves to be childlike and play and learn and be curious about everything. Seeking the wisdom the knowledge to remember, that remembrance will bring so much more abundance. We have learned so much more about ourselves and using this to move into our future. Sagittarius is the archer, it's the time to act, we must be the archer, the bow, and the arrow. We get to aim in the direction we wish to head and go to it with joy and enthusiasm.

The Sun heads to Sagittarius 11.21.13 at 8PM (PT), 11PM (ET). Before heading to Fire, Mother Earth has graced Scorpio with a final farewell with rain. Meditate to a candle to welcome the Sagittarius energy, open your heart say "I AM (on inhales) Loving Awareness (on exhales)" see how this changes you. Focus on your heart center the small circle on the lower right side of the ribs. When we open our hearts it changes our outlook and day. We are all one. Mediation circles create a unity and blessings and bliss or enchantment reminders that we are all connected. We are all expanding, take up a new project - try something new you never know when something small will turn into something big and life changing. I recently have been called to be creative in many different forms, the nice weather distracted me (in a good way) wishing me to be out in it. Now the rain energy is calling me to be inside, I've had time to be inspired out in nature and now I get to be inside and work on these. I will share more of what I am creating soon.

I feel reborn literally with this rain and all my wonderful answers I have received in guidance. So expansive I am ready to head into the unknown as many of us are called to. We are excited to head into this rebirth expansive selves. We remembered much during the last few weeks. This transformation out of the mud and now ready to come into a seed beating with our heart and into the lotus that is our Divine Creativity and Divine Love. Transformation is natural and comes with the breath, we cannot force it so let it come.