Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Solar Flares & Preparing for Portal of Light 11/11/13

Last night a very beautiful sight greeted me at my window. Directly across from where I was standing the moon greeted me
along with a 'star' to it's left. The longer I stared at the moon the more the colors distorted and the more I could see, I received answers. It was pleasant to just be. I was surprised my picture came out clear of the moon, the 'star' picture below is a bit fuzzy. I have been giving much thought into what should I be doing? As I feel like lost in a sense, knowing that this is of course part of the journey. It's not about asking what should I be doing, because it's all about just going internally. I have all the answers. It does not matter where I am going at all. This morning a Divine Companion in Light gave me much reassurance that I just need to resonate that I will be OK and then let it go. Focus on how grateful I am for all I have, play, take a walk, breathe the air outside and appreciate that I am alive and able to experience the chance to live this experience. For that I am truly forever grateful. All else
does not matter, I have all I need already, and remembering all that is really all I have needed. When things are stirring up put it on paper and then the rest is out of my control. I need to be reminded of these things from time to time, that I can't control things that are out of my control. So instead of worrying or carrying on, I just let it go. Sending it off physically or burning it is a visual way to let it go fully. I probably should start back to a written journal, I just didn't feel the need for it for the last couple weeks. 

I often feel alone during these great energy shifts. That so much is changing internally for me I think I am all alone that no one else can possibly be going through this too because it's so profound seeming for me. Yet, I am always reminded that I am never alone, when I reach out my Divine Companions are always there knowing exactly what to say. I feel blessed so much. Thank you so much for my Divine Companion in Light for this morning's words of wisdom I received. It amazes me to think of how far we have come. 

Jupiter Retrogrades
As I was reading Jupiter Retrogrades from November 6-7 until March 6, 2014. This greatly explains why I have been talking about speaking truth this morning. Even how my last article talked about finding your roots and where one comes from in origin. As Jupiter calls for us to look at our beliefs and truths. I have very much felt that I am "in my head" as I like to term it when I am accessing my higher self and subtle bodies. Much thought has gone into where am I from? Searching internally for answers and seeing where I am guided. So if you too have been feeling this- look more into it. Of course be aware that all answers have always been within us, so don't look externally for the 'answer' but for guides or clues to direct and guide you in a direction. I am noticing that I am not ready to move into action yet in any one area but planning and researching. I have of course things set in motion from before that are needing my immediate attention so those will get attention first. I am noticing my creativity is returning. I have been guided to a variety of new things to take on and I am forming ways to make them come to be. I enjoy having projects, in this void time I have lacked creativity and I feel what has led me to be anxious because the energy has not been really going in any one direction. I understand being still has purpose. Jupiter is calling to look into where are we going? What is our greater Self Path. I have been feeling this, which we have hit the reset button. So it's all beginning again shedding and the fear / anxiety is of the old wishing me to stay in it, which I cannot any longer. I feel inside me the happy shift that is happening. 

Portal of Light
It's really all about how we view everything, there is all reason to view things positively as I 
wish to and as my Divine Companion in Light reminded me this morning all is good with the world. I am alive! Something beautiful is coming on Monday, November 11 the collective call to 11:11 portal of Light is happening which means we are gravitating towards noticing 11:11 and 111 more often around us. We need to remember perfection and love. To be positive in light and love see only love and let go of all other negative feelings. 11:11 is an activation number sequence, each time we notice 1:11 or 11:11 on a clock we're given an opportunity. The universe is allowing us opportunity to manifest our wish or thoughts. Between November 11 to January 11 is called the Holy Trinity months as it's a Divine opportunity to remember our true light. This doorway is to remember our Divine Love, our True Light and is opened each year allowing us to access our Divine memory to further become into Oneness with our True Self. Further awakening into our past as also connected with Jupiter in Retrograde with our seeking for this knowledge. 

Tuesday November, 12 the date: 11/12/13 the numbers add up 11/12/13 2,3,4 creating a linear flow vibration when these numbers are added up. Creating a progression on Tuesday in the states is about the Masculine to clear, heal, in linear structures of business, relationships, legal affairs, housing. To release the old of this form of masculine in clearing or burning and then allowing us to bring in the new Masculine to be in align to our New Feminine. 

Solar Flares
The solar flares has changed and upgraded our DNA leading to what I've been feeling which is physically cleansing and detoxing from the Eclipse. It's not an illness but just a detox leading to of course have us all drink lots of water and get lots of rest. There is much solar energy happening currently including X-class. After watching a documentary on the sun I have a bit more knowledge on this but not enough to explain it so if you would like more information do a search to expand your own knowledge on this subject.

I have been enjoying the time change even my mid morning I feel like the day is already so productive. Much has happened and time is just different all around. Have you been noticing this? I often get tired a few hours after the sun goes down wanting to sleep and then become creative in the middle of the night once again. I feel really hopeful all will be good with the world, I will be doing a garden walk later which I am very excited about. I have also more art inspired as well. I also remembered something a teacher told me once, if you ever feel blah or sad or just feel like you have stale energy do a handstand or head stand or anything that you are upside down. I of course did this too this morning and my mood immediately shifted as one can only be happy and grateful after seeing everything differently.

I did a meditation this morning and kept seeing various triangles then this distinct image came through that I needed to create. Here is my channeled drawing of it. A yellow circle in the middle followed by a blue triangle around it and a violet outline and then a deep red/burgundy colored triangle around all.

As I write and the upcoming 11:11 it makes sense why I started seeing triangles. As to explain further. How I understand it is 1+1 can =3 as in Twin Souls come together and the third side is of Divine Union Love creating a triangle shape. Wishing to remember our Twin Soul. This is being channeled with us for those of us at higher frequencies.

On 11/11/13 at 11:11 all that will be and that is will come, just being open to receiving all that is and Divine Truth.