Monday, November 11, 2013

Mysticism Magic Gratitude Ocean Oneness

Sunday has been very magical as the entire weekend theme continues. On Saturday, I went to moving mediation in the morning, the topic of gratitude came up. I have been thinking more about this. Many of us only become grateful for something once something major has happened that sheds light. An example last month I was having one of my early morning chats with a mentor talking about appreciating even the small things. The topic came up that he had never in his life had a major injury aside from broken fingers. He couldn't imagine what it would be like. Some weeks ago he broke bones in his foot and I saw him a few days after it happened. We had yet another early morning conversation about how much you take for granted including what it's like when you can't walk around like you use to or not walk at all for that matter. We both knew that this

was the universe telling him he needed to have this experience now in his life. On Saturday, he finally was able to get rid of the crutches, and we exchanged a yay hurray moment because I understood where he was coming from. He spoke about how we need to be grateful for even the very small things. We take for granted what it's like to have two hands to use all through out the day, since when you have crutches you don't have that and you do have to become creative to get things done. All these small lessons I have learned in my life, he has now experienced (and is experiencing) and yes you do become very grateful when you can just be a tiny bit more mobile. Even if you've never experienced a major injury or illness, still be grateful you never have. You can still appreciate and be thankful for your injury free life. We all have to be grateful for even the challenges we encounter because we need these to appreciate the amazing moments that happen. Of course the challenges push us forward even more. Being grateful is so much more than just the big stuff of getting that raise, or promotion or the new car or new house. It's about being thankful to have all ten toes and ten fingers to have the ability to breathe air without restrictions, to see the beauty in front of us, to have the freedom to just be who we want.

21 Days of Gratitude

I have talked about the 21 day Gratitude challenge, this week we have been focusing on nature, following on my Facebook page we cover one topic a day for you to reflect upon. It also is the very small stuff, try it tomorrow to think of small significant things you are thankful for because everything is significant. 

11:11 Portal Energy

I have been experiencing so much energy leading up to the 11:11 Portal, after my moving mediation this morning I decided to go on a beach nature walk to enjoy the gorgeous sunny day. The first thing I came to was this in the ground. Can you see it? Divine Love is all around us, we just have to be open to it. I walked and walked enjoying the calm ocean.

I came to seagulls just watching the ocean and I stood with them, I had a choice to turn back and end my nature walk as I had to find a creative way to get around this incoming water. I decided to keep moving forward so I found an alternative way around it. As I walked I also noticed how I am as a person and of course observing other people. We all get to decide who we are. Are you someone who just jumps in and walks in the water, a person who stays clear and walks in the sand, a person who walks in view of the ocean but stays safe on the straight paved street, or as I learned my personality. Yes I will always pick to walk in the sand/water if

given a choice. However, my personality type, how I experienced this nature walk. I kept my shoes on, as I did not want to experience the cold water. I did however walk all along the water edge, either in the wet sand or just along the water. Mostly the water would just miss my shoes by millimeters and I observed this, after I had been doing this for close to an hour (deep in thought). People walking were either walking with no shoes and on the same path as me. Can we say I want the best of both worlds? I am fearless because I test the boundaries. We get to create our own new rules here, entering the 11:11 Portal with Mercury Direct and Jupiter in Retrograde. We are all in the new now. This walk I realized, how funny and odd I must look walking at the beach with shoes so close to the water but it made me extremely happy. I did not need to have my feet in the water for this walk. No one cared either and I didn't care. We need to all walk on the dangerous side and take some risks here and create our own rules now. What makes us happy? We are free, we are whole, we are energetic beings full of light and I felt so much freedom just doing as I liked. 

11:11 and magic
Heading on my detour, I came across a lifeguard building which of course 
was numbered 11. I smiled to myself and saw this as a sign and so I made a wish. I came across a lady who was sitting in the shade her energy very high vibrations. As I passed her, I came to some large rocks before getting back towards the ocean. Before I reached the ocean I had a blue dragonfly fly up and at first I couldn't make out what it was, but it came closer and hoovered right in front of me so it would come in focus for me, we looked straight at each other, I smiled and then it flew off on it's merry way. Of course not a moment to take a picture of it, but dragonflies at the ocean? My guides were talking to me had I turned back and just had a short walk, I would not have seen this dragonfly. I knew I was meant to be and keep walking. I picked up shells and rocks that caught my eye and I started noticing many sand dollars in the sand. I found pieces, and wanted to find a whole one. I kept walking, after walking for an hour I decided to turn back. I came across a half sand dollar, which I am whole, yes but there's still another part. I have been noticing 11:11, 11 and 1:11. Today we are activated to accessing other dimensions. The alternative universes where your future and past self exist. So if you experienced or have been experiencing dreams, this is some explanation. The 1s act as a connecting antennae between the Spirit world, Heaven and Earth. The veil is thin, so we all get to see these messages as nightmares are warnings of things that we need to address or not do. While we have pleasant dreams these are blessings and bliss we may want to see about experiencing. Seeing guides or spirits see what they have to show you as well. It's about coming into oneness. Remember you are always protected you are never alone. As when you wake up from a bad dream and remember where you are that you are okay and not alone. We are all One and connected. Enjoy the love all around!

Sun Rays
The sun was very bright and I began to feel it's energy. As I was heading back I got lost in thought day dreaming and watching the ocean. I recalled when I was mediating and under hypnosis I was asked to see a vista which I came to the ocean and had the sun rays flow into me (very beautiful and powerful experience) if interested I will share this guided meditation to you as well. This scene was the exact same one from my experience. When I took pictures of the sun there were orbs of light and some were magenta in color. One very striking picture has a magenta line going horizontally through the sun. All these pictures I have not edited or enhanced in any way.

Lost to be Found
I kept walking totally mesmerized by the water and the calm sparkles the sun created. After a while I just became one with everything around me. I even got lost- I passed where I was suppose to exit, I walked an extra mile out of the way. I realized I had gone too far, but instead of panicking I decided to take a seat on some rocks and just enjoy a little view I found. I realized this is where I needed to be to have time to sit and reflect and just be. So much has happened since Mercury turned retrograde and this being our third retrograde. I began to think how grateful I am to even get lost at the beach to be able to experience that. My reaction was humorous as I never get lost, yet I was very much out of my original route. We all have to get lost sometimes to find the beauty and humor all around. Life can't be so rigid. We need to have fun with it. I will share a horoscope that I love how it's written by Astrologer Bill Attride. (Below is the view I came to once I realized I was lost).

"Time to Turn...

The next shift in your Inward/Outward Web of Connectivity is here as Hermes pivots and so must you. Now is your time of opportunity to apply the lessons learned over the past three weeks, now is your moment to renew your unions with one another.
Photo by Padma Bella
I wrote of this turning in my General Forecast for 2013:
Mercury Direct (November 10 until February 6, 2014)
The third and final of the three Mercury retrogrades is over. Time to put into motion the purposes and plans that you had to put on hold for the last three weeks. You have cleared the way for deeper, truer Unions and it is time to see how much more you can grow...together. 
For three weeks you have peered within. You were given this opportunity to consider once again what qualities, conditions and patterns have their hold on you and might hold you back, consciously and unconsciously, from the Union you seek, have or wish to preserve. You quite simply but profoundly had to face your fears...
Photo by Padma Bella

You are endowed with this power of Self-Reflection because of your Spiritual core, the Spark of the Divine, that ceaselessly urges you to grow and become. You can and should use this wondrous gift at any time, but it is during these Mercurial passes between you and the Sun that you are given this greater power to perceive your shadowed-self.
For your present self-awareness is a dim reflection of the Self that abides at your center, the one who is The Watcher. Your human or developing self, who is being ever guided by this Higher Self, is still bound and caught by many reactionary patterns, those energy-actions formed by the echoes of your past that hold you in thrall to your anxieties and fears. 
You had another opportunity, in the last three weeks, to make some small or greater effort towards removing those shadows that might prevent or harm your unions with one another. You found a deeper Truth about your Fear of Rejection.
For when acting on the basis of this fear, the Fear that you will be rejected, you ended up creating self-protective, reactive patterns that brought about the very thing you were attempting to avoid. By acting in Fear, you could only bring about the very thing you were most trying to avoid, Rejection and Loss...for Fear begets Fear.
You learned that it was about facing down this fear that you really hold within yourself. You learned to transform that reactionary pattern through acceptance and Love...of Yourself. You moved closer to what is your Truth, closer to Unconditional love. You let go of Fear, and you chose not to reject yourself. 
And now you must move forward again...
Now you must apply your new-found wisdom...
And, if by chance the one before you has done their work...
Well then a better, brighter day will dawn for you two."
By Astrologer Bill Attride
- See more at:

My view for mediation.

Beach Meditation
Once I rested and meditated I decided to head back and be more mindful of my surroundings so I wouldn't miss my turn. I however began to find even more treasures which I knew this was the reason I got side tracked. I needed to remember what it's like to have a plan but be totally open to the middle part the "stuff" because this is where the magic always happens. I was exactly where I needed to be. My inner knowing, wanted me to get so caught up in everything around me showing me I am capable of this. How often do we just allow ourselves to just exist and not be rushed? Knowing my inner strength also helps me understand my own true self. I even came upon this shape in the sand after my meditation every is so much clearer.

Coming back from my nature walk, I feel calm and balanced. A nice surprise of all I encountered. I will be sharing a video which you may enjoy the ocean sounds.

I see so much fear and people giving their own power away by asking advice or questions. Instead we need to rely on our inner knowing. It's one thing to ask for guidance as we all may share in this expanding. It's another to ask questions of how we see or view something for someone's life. We do not live their life, we are only making observations and in these questions it's the person asking the questions giving away their power. I should clarify we can all ask questions there's nothing wrong with this. You can feel when it's something out of fear or insecurity where they are seeking your knowledge to make up their own mind. Since now us being in the inner knowing for ourselves others seek us out. We cannot make some one's 
mind or decisions for them. They must live in their own truth. Also find their own truth. There is only so much to say before we would be giving away our power as well
and guidance is not about this. If you notice a conversation going around in
circles where a person just is not taking what you are saying to heart or not understanding or finding new ways to ask the same question- this is what I am talking more on. We cannot be their mind for them. I feel this no longer resonates with me as I cannot keep explaining of the old, because I am not there anymore. I may not make sense to some people any longer, I can't go backwards as we all never should go backwards.

We cannot convince anyone about our journey, or even bring people along if they are not guided. We all have our own journey and those who have already chosen, as more awaken they will seek guidance but as now we have let go of the past now it's time to dwell on our own journey and to strengthen our relationships we have now. It's also okay if people don't understand your journey or where you are in your life verses a year ago or even months ago.

Now we are to be in the higher realms to be called to this. We are guided to

experience the greatness. I was reminded just how unique each one of us are.
We each have our own energy vibration energy pattern. I experienced something very magical and powerful and full of love. Connecting on a deep level with someone via distance healing, I understand some may say this healing is of the old, but for me it is of the new how I experience something new. The beauty this has shown me is my purpose to help expand awareness that we are all enough just as we are. We are all perfect just as we are. Sometimes we need something mystic and external to remind us of what we already know, we already have everything inside us. It's our birth right. As with all this energy, we must visit our relationships we have as we have worked very hard to get rid of fear. I know personally all three of the Mercury Retrogrades I have learned and released a lot to the point now I feel ready. I can sense fear or anxiety in me but it doesn't root deep inside me anymore. We each have our own gifts, if you have yet to discover yours I do offer personal services to assist in discovering more of your gifts.

Today I noticed first one bird walking, and then it joined a second one and they walked then finally they joined a third bird. This image reminded me of the 11:11 the twin soul, you as an individual just going about your life walking then you meet your twin, and then you walk together and you form a triangle the third (bird) your Divine love (and briefly I saw babies!) Even in the sand I was finding spirals in shells. Below is a video of the birds I encountered.

Here's a grid I created using treasures from this Nature walk!

Happy 11/11 we come further into our own!

Credit: All photos are by Padma Bella