Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Garden Walk & Gratitude

Photo by Padma Bella
As I was out in the garden for an afternoon walk I came upon a ladybug. It was on some leaves and noticed it was a hot sunny day once it felt my presence she moved and went under a tiny shade spot. I then soon in the path of the sun to allow the Ladybug to roam more freely, which she did so gladly. She explored several leaves. I took pictures noticing that there were no spots on the back. When I was younger I always encountered Ladybugs in the garden. Here are pictures from my garden walk.

Photo by Padma Bella
Ladybug Guide
A Ladybug's life cycle is about four weeks often produced during the summer. Ladybugs are tied to the renewal and regeneration energies. This animal guide is providing those that are family oriented with strong morals and social values. Ladybugs are connected with mothers.

The message of the ladybug is that life is short we must release worries and enjoy our life to the fullest. We should have the motto of "let go and let be." Ladybugs brings a sense of joy which portrays energy of harmlessness and can show us how to stop self-harm, Ahimsa. Ladybugs have sharp instincts and can feel and sense energy from what it touches. Which I relate to as one of my gifts is being able to sense and feel energy from others. Even being so small the Ladybug is fearless, it is a messenger of promise and allows us to reconnect to the joy of living. As fear and joy cannot coexist instead we must return to Divine Love to oneness. Ladybugs guides us to restore our trust in the Universe in all that is. When a Ladybug enters our life it is telling us to get out of our own way and allow the Universe to enter our lives. As we have been in this void in our "head" we need to just let go and allow things to be and to come. I see this message as I have to let go and trust and allow the Universe to be within me.

Photo by Padma Bella
Ladybugs also are known to bring luck and a symbol of protection. A old wives tale is to count the number of spots on a Ladybug's back to indicate the number of months to pass before the wish for love comes true (how many months until we are reunited with our true love). I felt happy to even notice a Ladybug in the fall- I felt her gift to me as literally her final guidance as she just fell off a leaf and landed where she was going to land (or fly) I could not see where she went once she decided to fall off the leaf. We all right now are falling we don't know where we will land, we just have to trust in the Universe. I let go and took a nap. I woke up feeling different.

Photo by Padma Bella
Gratitude Challenge
I slept a lot and was not sure if I would make this Gratitude Challenge Day 1. I'm very glad I woke up in time, was feeling up to it. It showed how grateful I am, despite all that I have been going through I kept hearing in my head "I am thankful for feeling this pain, I am alive" which even in this moving meditation I became thankful for my breathe the life force. Any time I am called to focus on the breath and be thankful for it, my mind goes to someone who gave her last breath for me. Everything that she was everything she did was all for me. How every day was a true blessing from her and by her and we lived through each other. It is bittersweet when I feel grateful for every tiny tiny detail of life knowing she would give anything for one more second of any of this. I watched as everything every small thing became so much bigger and so much more. To see the world through her eyes, your prospective 
changes forever
Photo by Padma Bella
simply because you don't think about pain in terms of a nuisance or nagging or complaining or being bored because every single second is a gift that I watched the joy seconds can bring someone. I remember being told how I never am bored when I am greeted how are you (or something to this) and yes there are times I may feel restless, some may call it bored but I choose to not be bored or let my mind wander there because there is always some amusement or some wonder to be done with life. Even if you aren't feeling well or feel stuck somewhere it's all about perception why waste time being bored when you can just do something to change it? It's all in your control to shift how you view life. I've seen what it's like to die and how slow the breath gets how beautiful even that is as we often enter that state each time in meditation. Tonight I was once again reminded how important it is to focus on the breath to make that our meditation when we feel stressed or needing to ground to feel mother earth supporting us below while the breath takes us nurtures us and carries us. 

Photo by Padma Bella
We have to live each day with gratitude because it allows us to live as our authentic true self. We speak wisdom through our heart so to have an open throat allows us to speak Divine Truth from our heart. Gratitude comes from our soul which I do feel when every I hear a thank you or words of gratitude being expressed for my being I feel the essence coming from that person's heart. It takes being open completely in your heart to be expressive of your gratitude. I invite each one of you to each day tell at least one person something you are grateful about them being in your life. It can be simple it can be more than that. Express it from your Divine Heart, with Divine Love. After a while you will just not even think but this will come naturally and when you say thank you to even a stranger it will hold the energy of love. Our vibrations shift and we will become lighter and open more space to just be our true selves. Once I saw the Ladybug I realized things are changing, this is my favorite picture I took from the day. Can you see the energy rays from the sun? We are all soaking up the energy each and every day allowing the sun to transform us. 
Photo by Padma Bella

Night Sky
Even after my Gratitude Challenge, I took a walk under the stars. Crisp cold air and clear night sky with just the stars over me. I love being able to look at the stars as I walk and just walk and walk, I kept being called to the ocean when I was in hypnosis it is where my True Self still feels home. I want to do another late night ocean walk. They are magical with the autumn air and the stars. Here is the Moon from tonight which I posted already on the FB page. I have been so curious what 'star' is right next to the Moon shinning so brightly and once I go the answer (I was not at all surprised) it's Venus that is shinning brightly. This is a picture I took once I lined up the moon and Sagittarius is near by along with Pluto. 

I will write more on Venus once it draws closer. However you can enjoy this view. I did notice when I was out on the walk, the moon had a yellow tint to it and a fog mist around it which had changed from when I took this picture (in about a couple of hours) this mystic quality had settled around it. I did not have my camera with me at this time. I invite you to go out and see the moon on your next night and see what energies you feel. 

Photo by Padma Bella
21 Day Gratitude Challenge
I invite you to all follow 
my Facebook page:        Padma Bella I will be posting each day for 21 days something to be grateful for, I encourage you to follow me on there and share that gratitude message for the day. If you would like to do the other Gratitude Challenge as well that I mentioned above to each day tell at least one person something you are grateful about them being in your life. Also show gratitude to yourself, for any challenges allows us to learn and grow and we must be grateful for all blessings and challenges.

I always feel bless when I get to just enjoy nature, this was the morning rose I took a picture of that was just a bud some days ago in another article. Look at the beauty that has come. 

I was shared this quote and it has forever changed my life, even how I view something as simple as walking.

"Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet." - Thich Nhat Hanh