Friday, November 15, 2013

Full Moon in Taurus 11.17.13

Lately I have been called to create and be silent in my own world. I have been thinking about how grateful I am for everything and everyone I have in my life. Ask and you will receive. For a while I was really missing my Sister in Light, we just parted ways (our lives just going in different directions) we just stopped talking. She has come back into my life. Listening to her, I knew once we experienced our experiences alone we would come back into each other's lives again. We had to be separate for a time to appreciate the greatness of us. We have such a great amazing connection which has only developed stronger. Talking with her I see how far I have come, and changed - I also see her beautiful growth. We don't always see the purpose of certain events happening until we are out of it. Some are amazing some are hell. We do have to experience all sides to be grateful. I realize that when we really want change we have to know things will get better they won't stay stuck or stagnant like this. Moving forward is the only place to be, knowing and recognizing you want out of your current situation is the first step. You realize what is no longer working for you. I applaud her for all her courage and bravery and the guts she has. I know it's not an easy place to be in, but we all have to go through uncomfortable things to learn more about ourselves.

This brings me into what I have been seeing lately is just this need of releasing deep wounds or scars or traumas from long ago, from our childhood, our relationships with relatives, old past bad relationships, and with ourselves. We need to release these things, the blocks. For me as I now see myself differently and in a new light I do get reminded of past lives. I remember joy in things but also part of it is a reminder of something from my past, which I see that I do need to release this, once I do I feel so much lighter and expansive in my heart and in my mind also. It's truly liberating to experience this. I was reminded driving in my car, I heard a piano solo. Of course growing up I always wanted to learn how to play piano. I was told I should learn. I eventually did learn how to play piano, I would get so much joy in this until my teacher told me my hands were too short, as I was so close but also not able to reach an octave. Therefore I had to become creative to play (but I didn't not look textbook or graceful in her mind) so I was playing 'wrong.' This tainted my love for playing because I always saw her critiquing me. I realize now that how you look doesn't matter, it's all about how you feel, what brings you joy. So I smiled listening to this song how piano still brings me joy. I no longer care what others think. I had to experience this experience to be able to figure out for myself I am the only one who matters. So for this Full Moon in Taurus I feel we need to release these experiences that helped shape us into who we are today, (these good and bad experiences) even the traumas all needed to happen- we need to let them go let go of the resentment, the anger, the fear, the jealousy, whatever feelings stir up we need to let them go.


Wednesday I had a beautiful night, I saw many different gateways and arches of all colors. I feel that now is the time of the shift we are being asked to prepare and just walk through these- into the unknown but be grateful for all we have. Looking at all we've accomplished we did so freely and not knowing and look how far we've all come! So now once again we are called to step into the gateway, bliss and beauty and peace in the now. I keep seeing flashes of light also (fairies perhaps) I kept being swept away into other places other scenes. I even felt a guide presence possibly who was directing me to see turquoise and then see gold and gold arches and gateways. I could feel how grateful I am, when asked what does gratitude look like for you- no word or image came to mind just feelings of being so whole and full I felt all the emotions built up. When we are truly grateful nothing else matters because it is everything and we see that we can do it alone we are strong but to be grateful for all, brings abundance and shows the way that we are all one. We can all do these great things but it's in the greatness to acknowledge all our individual Lights and talents. We are enough and must give to each other to raise our vibrations. We must move freely through these gateways these arches these doorways. This week the focus is on gratitude for all that we already have. Which shows we have to be grateful for everything even the small daily stuff and even the things we already have because we once didn't have them or we have always had them but to acknowledge this brings more abundance into our life because we can be at peace knowing we are enough we have enough right now. Healing what is of the body to release it from the mind. I feel so blessed for today it's been a blessing filled with bliss and love. I am so full and truly grateful for all that I have in my life.

Thursday Morning, I woke up feeling at peace because I have started to release as the 
moon energy is already around us. I feel it. I started to look more into why I have been feeling very creative and at home and tired and hyper all at the same time. We also have the comet ISON Thursday had a burst, which it's coming into view with the naked eye. ISON will join the star Spica on November, 17-18 the same time as the Full Moon energy. This makes sense of why I have been feeling this Divine energy around me. Scientists still don't know what ISON is doing right now, but we can all feel it. November 28 ISON will be the closest point to the sun, for now it is moving closer to Mercury.

Photo by Padma Bella
Sunrise Meditation
Thursday I did sunrise mediation, which the air was very different from other mornings. I had the desire to just sit and be within and focus more on my relationships with people who have seen my transformation. It's beautiful to see how different we each are from even the short time I've known certain people how their meditation practice has grown. This new meditation technique (I learned Thursday) is what I feel called to do for this Full Moon as part of the release. I knew I love the aspect of flame and fire in releasing something so beautiful and therapeutic about it. Since I had never mediated to a candle before, I was shown how to. My experience was very powerful and beautiful. At first, I immediately noticed a energy connection as we made a semi circle around this lit candle. I knew instantly why I was called to go this morning, there needed to be a balance of male and female energy. We had four of us, and just like Wednesday night I noticed energy naturally wanting to be balanced (women on one side and male on the other) but the energy does not want to flow this way. It wants to be next to a female energy and next to a male energy not all grouped together. I have noticed everywhere there's a natural want to be close to like energy but also a need of balance. So to balance out this semi circle of energy, a shift and awareness needed to happen so that we was every other male/female. Once the mediation happened this flow of energy went moving around the flame. I invite you to experience this mutual mediation around a flame because it is powerful to experience.

Candle Meditation
When I looked into the candle within seconds I could see the energy lights coming around the main flame a calling of it's energy. As I looked deeper not wishing to see anything just experiencing it.
 I have learned to just observe and this allows the energy and image to stay and remain. When you first start this you will let your eyes settle and the moment you see the energy halo around it or objects or stuff, the mind tries to go oh what's that! and you want to look deeper and when you do it disappears and you have to start all over again. You have to get to a place of center and being and stillness where you can watch and observe and be OK just in the moment and not seeing anything. When you do it's beautiful when you are so outside of yourself you can just know you are experiencing it and keep going. It takes discipline and practice. I saw an angel in the flame, which moved into various types of flames, eventually I saw two solid flames and a third in the center, the reunion and the triangle image. Eventually I saw two distinct separate candles and flames and could move them. I realized this is once again the balance the male and female aspects of ourselves want to be acknowledged. Yes there is only one candle but the mind thinks it knows what is there by what the eyes see. However in that moment the eyes were seeing two flames, the mind could only acknowledge at that point in time there were two flames two candles. It's all about perspective. Once I meditated with my eyes closed, I released and noticed a huge expansive space. An endless new world with no restrictions after releasing the past and just the stuff. I was in my head and in my mind yet I felt whole and full and I only wanted to experience this calm and bliss and peace. This is where we are all called to be. Not with all the mind chatter or the worry or any of that 'drama' but to be in the bliss beautiful vast openness of our minds that are still and quiet ready to create anything we want in love and peace. 

Gratitude and Bliss
Thursday started in bliss and I felt grateful for this experience. As we all should ponder the word experience. What does it mean? Everything I had been saying this week has been coming back to me in words and actions. Wednesday in moving mediation everything I had been called to speak turned into releasing physically. Truly magical to be that deeply connected to Spirit to have another connected and guided as well and this inner knowing of what needs to be experienced I felt mutually connected to the Source which made me realize both channeling and connecting to source then is hearing it at the same time and speaking or reacting to it at the same time is what has been what I have been experiencing. To be that centered and it creates this powerful experience of just inner knowing.

One Without the Other
Thursday was for me completing things which needed to be completed. Releasing and literally physically watching them leave me. It helped create more calm and more space. I lost track of time. I had no concept of time or any of it as time is changing too. With the days being shorter but also starting earlier the shift in energy is different as well.  

We have to be aware that each relationship and connection is teaching us about our own selves. As old relationships come back into my life, my example my Sister in Light, I have come to realize that we are committed to each other and our relationship, we grow and expand and also become conscious. We have not stayed in a delusion of who we wish the other person to be, we each see each other our true selves. However we also see the aspects of our own individual self in the other. We do become a mirror, and if you see something you don't like in the other look into yourself why are you reacting this way- this is a form of you that you do not like. We project out what we receive. So noticing something from someone we are close to- change these things in yourself and they will also change in the other person we notice this shift and being willing to stay committed to this growth we all just grow together in Oneness. We accept each other for who we are, we cannot be complete by another person. Instead, we have to be willing to see and support the other person as their own unique and true individual self. This is where the 3 comes from two wholes form a third. We can't find answers in someone else for our own self. We can learn and grow from each other but realize we are our own unique Light and person and in that we experience Divine Love.

Full Moon in Taurus
The Full Moon in Taurus we are being called to look at our core (our values) what really matters to us and what we love. We have freedom to be and express whatever we want. Taurus is ruled by Venus which is in Capricorn remaining from November 5- March 5, 2014. Venus will retrograde on the Winter Solstice on December 21 through January 31, 2014. Venus guides us into what we need to change: aspects of our lifestyle or love qualities we have always done (but now no longer serve us).

The Full Moon in Taurus happens Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 7:16am (PT), 10:16am(ET). I personally would recommend doing your Full Moon release on Saturday night as the energy is already building stronger and stronger. Saturday night is when the Full Moon Energy is the strongest Doing so on Sunday night if you are called to do so you may however after the Full Moon peaks the energy will start waning and not be as strong. Our presence is charged by this Full Moon, we get to recharge our battery so be calm and relaxed. We get to draw in what we want this way.


Taurus symbolizes values, possessions, material security, tranquility, beauty and self-worth. We are called to the sensual side and be grateful for all that we have. Often we notice we are not in a rush to get to any particular place or spot it all comes in time. Instead we will want to indulge in what we have, be thankful for what and who you have in your life now. As we each need to live in the now, Taurus grounds us and allows us to truly live in the present moment.

Ruled by Venus
With this full moon energy we are noticing a strong longing emotion. Many have asked why behaviors are a certain way, as I mentioned Venus. Taurus is ruled by Venus we have been experiencing Venus energy for a while now. Venus is about creating and living in beauty and noticing beauty all around us. If you are attracted to someone physically Venus makes it difficult to hide this and will make you want to poses what you love. Embrace this feeling and these experiences.

With opening ourselves up to the Divine we do become lighter. We get so caught up in what we can't do and what we've never been able to do that we loose out on the experience. It's just a matter of try it, there's no question we can all accomplish and achieve but we have to let go of the thoughts. When the mind is clear and empty, we can do anything because the thinking doesn't happen and our body just goes and does what we want without limitation. My example this morning I had all the support in the world I felt strong and I was able to accomplished something a year ago I never thought possible. We all are capable of endless possibilities. With this Full Moon we are coming into creating and wishing and dreaming and just living life up to the fullest potential and then some. Don't wish or hope just see whatever it is you want as already happening or is to happen. When we let go of this burden we've held on and we are upside down it all can look right side up. We are all love and if we act out of loving awareness it's a beautiful vast world. We just need to release all our feelings and emotions and not hold anything in anymore. 

Photo by Padma Bella
Full Moon Release Rituals 
You may do all or some or one of these below. The point is to release and recharge. So find what resonates with you.

1. Look in the mirror and stare at yourself, notice all your features and be grateful for who you are. Then look into your eyes and as you share all the things you are grateful for notice how your eyes change, the colors change and you will even get a sparkling in your eyes. Once we are grateful and expressing our truth we get a sparkle in our eyes.

2. Light a candle and sit for a meditation (cross legged on the floor with the candle in front of you). 10 to 60 minutes look into the flame. Release mentally all that is of the past (childhood traumas, past lives, etc). When your mind begins to clear and cannot come up with anymore to release allow your mind to get quiet and still and just stare into the flame, not trying to manifest anything but just existing in the now. Sit in stillness, once your eyes begin to grow heavy allow them to close and mediate with your focus in your third eye. Just be, exist eventually you will feel like and will levitate. Your mind and space will become expansive enjoy the empty the quiet the bliss.

3. If you would like to write and burn your list of items you may do so also.

4. Writing things in the sand and allowing the ocean to take them away.

5. Recharge any crystals by the full moon light (in window or bury in dirt in the ground).

6. Sage your home before and after all rituals as we release energy, we must release it doing a sage cleanse also going barefoot in nature helps with this.

7. Recharge yourself relax, enjoy.

Pink Bliss Bath Salts by Padma Bella
Personal Services
I am offering new services and reorganizing my Etsy shop. If you are guided to receive one of my services please contact me. For now I will be sharing my creations on the Facebook Page: Padma Bella. I have been called to be creative and expression through different forms of art. I am still offering bath products (which cleanse, release energy, recharge-infused with energy) and energy healing services. Now I also am offering Crystals, Crystal pendants, Mandala art based on your energy signature vibrations, Inspirational Guidance messages (channeled from Source), Ocean Art/Remembrance Stones (Stones and Shells from the ocean created with energy) as well as Animal Guides. If any of these call to you please contact me for more information. 

Please note that my energy healing and Inspirational Guidance is sourced. I cannot keep talking about one particular healing session, as it is there for you. The allotted time is the energy exchange, at the end of that I do close the session and just needs to let it be and release out. If you wish for another service we can schedule a new energy exchange. I look forward to sharing more of these personalize services for us to remember as I am creating and seeing things in the form of remembrance. 

I always love to paint and draw and create I am reminded at a fair, when I was really young I found this unicorn that I was to paint. I started and I got so wrapped up and lost in this creation, time just stopped - I was blessed to always be given space and time to just be and create, my mom knew I was channeling and enjoying myself and so she left me to create (I'm sure not too far away) now we are all called to remember and channel and create from source. I am excited with these new creations that I will be sharing. So much energy around and so if I am not writing for some days it's because I am out in nature becoming inspired and creating these gifts which I wish to share with all of you. And please if you wish add me to FB, Etsy, Instagram. I share on a variety of different forms what is sourced to me. I'm so very excited to share these. Much love!