Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dreams and Consciousness

Much shifting has been going on this week, even recently I have been not compelled to hand write still, but wanting to sleep a lot and receiving guidance through dreams. Many of my dreams have been not pleasant which started to have me question, why? I keep reading how during this time of transition we are in the void and we need to release what is still in us from the old. I am being shown those things, the fear or paranoia which really does not serve me anymore nor others. I have been pondering and releasing these. Also I have heard other people doing the same, or people from their past coming.

Even if you do find yourself in a similar situation as before in the past, it's not of the past you are not going back to that which was. This is your opportunity to see how far you have come, how differently you handle things verses how you may have been then. Temptations
may come that your old self may have taken or let the ego grown from just the invitation. However, you are knowing this no longer serves you, you are simply being kind and may still welcome in these people as they need to share something from their paths but you no longer need what you once did from them. I am feeling much shift and growth even in a others and how things from the past come up, situations- and overall how different everything is. It's a blessing and gift to show us we are moving forward. I know I am personally reacting differently and at first I was like why is this happening? Realizing the parts of me that still remain from the old, because we attract what is in us, so if we are having things from the old coming back it's our chance to look in the mirror and see our reflection isn't matching with it anymore- yet there's some remains in us that we need to let go of.

It's a time to cleanse because we are dying our old self. Shedding the layers of the old, the cocoon we have been protected in. We are able to say goodbye to those and things that we helpful in our journey in experiencing what we needed to with them, but we can see who should remain by our side with our journey. Naturally as we get into higher vibration those who have known us will want to talk to us to see us be curious even but you do not need to answer all their questions. This can be giving away your power, or if you have an inner knowing they will not understand your progress or journey you can decide not to share.

If you are still needing clarification you may meditate ask for assistance or answers from your guides. Everyone receives messages differently some it's through automatic writing, some in mediation, dreams, while out in nature, it varies and you have to be open to the subtle messages as they are at times not straight forward black and white. You have to trust your inner knowing out of the mind. This comes with being in the stillness allowing yourself to just be, so that you may hear these whispers. Sometimes you may hold crystals for the whispers to become magnified.

Last night I had a need for sleeping, and had many dreams as I shared before. The interesting thing is the jasper wanted to be in my hand as I fell asleep. I was awoken by a dream after midnight and Divine timing I received a message from my Playmate in Light, I needed to be woken up from that dream which was of negative energy vibrations showing me things, I realize releasing things which are of the old. The energy last night was really strong and I continue to feel it into the morning. We are able to release this negative, this paranoia. Trust in all that is. Think and focus on all that we want to come into our life, we get to plant seeds into our future. The magic is everywhere this morning. We often hear whispers of seeds which are our inner voice of our mind coming from the subconscious to the conscious. It's much easier to just go with it, let the ego go. Talking while both are half awake half asleep there is something magical about it. I received reminders of origins we are discovering more of who we were, what we come from and also then knowing who we are - so to feel where we are going.

Recently I have been wanting to watch shows that are about Queens and Kings from Middle Ages I did
not know why. I felt connected to it. I've never needed to watch things from this era. In the wee hours of this morning a conversation I had with my Playmate in Light - this surfaced subtly from the Divine. Which I will say our connections are getting stronger, as I made no mention of this to him that I was wanting to watch Middle Ages related shows or movies lately.

This the dark of the moon, we are in the shadows able to see from a different prospective, feeling all the magic and possibilities of what is, while we also may be feeling part of our old self dying. This is needed for our transformation. See the beauty in all that is around, this is what needs to be. I feel really grateful and blessed for all those in my life. It's so beautiful to see how everyone is discovering their own spiritual identity and personal growth.

I do wish to share this from Kari Samuels "11.2.13 brings us the energy of 11/2 and 2. This is a time when your subconscious mind will reveal your inner truth. It is a time to seek balance within, so your outer world can be harmonious. Today is a 1 Universal Day in Numerology. 1 represents new beginnings where your unique vision can come to light - your personal mark on the world can begin to take root. 1 is the energy of self, 2 is the energy of sharing, and 11/2 is the balance of opposites. Today, focus on how you can best serve the world by creating your own happiness and making your personal needs a priority. Nurture your joy and your loved ones will be happy. Honor your truth and your relationships will have integrity. Live your truth. Respect yourself. Be joyful."

I do believe that if you speak your truth you live in truth and are honest then your relationships will reflect that. We cannot be anything but our True Divine Self. We are not hiding anymore who we are, we are all shining so bright that doing so blocks energy and does not serve anyone being so.