Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Easy as 123

Photo by Padma Bella
Today, 11-12-13 is yet another magical day. I felt the deep energy from the 11/11 Gateway, full of inspiration and love and I reorganized and decorated. We all experienced the extreme energy in different ways. I also have experienced something very beautiful yesterday when performing one of my personal services. I was reminded how simple everything truly is, our mind and ego get in the way and make us think everything is more complicated than it really is. Once I melted the layers and walls away from this beautiful soul, this deep deep love flowed, and it was always there, but we often just pile emotions and stuff on top conditioning that we aren't good enough or no one would love us or whatever the 'bs' happens to be. We are all enough we are all perfect. This energy exchange the release so beautiful because we all are in Oneness. She just needed to be guided to let go of all  the 'stuff' and she has shared with me her experience and how just today started seeing butterflies and hearing songs on the radio. All messages from the universe.

Photo by Padma Bella
I had many dreams last night these were guiding me to explore a cave, a journey where I had to experience different places along the way. Some I did not  want to enter and others I had company. It had to do with releasing and accepting. I realized the previous dreams of dread I had been having and the tasks I had been asked to do but I didn't know how to complete it. This dream I realized exactly what it was relating to. I have been putting off something that needs to be completed. I have been getting myself worked up over it, when it's really simple. I have let the old and the old concepts stay in my mind about it, when really it's all very simple it's just needs to be a release. I can't fear rejection because I have been told countless times I will be accepted. It all comes down to perception yes there are two outcomes, no maybe. I feel the acceptance within me, my mind (the ego) tells me otherwise but that is of the old the ego/mind is not the heart. It's the feelings that have been stirred up, I have listened to them but they don't serve me its this tiny bit trying to hold on which doesn't exist anymore. It is all very simple it's just time to co-create my future instead of just having it sit stagnant.

Numerology 11/12/13
Photo by Padma Bella
Today is the perfect day to complete it as the numerology the power of today. It's all about releasing our dreams to come to be and knowing that we have the ability to co-create our future as we want it to be. Everything is as easy as 123 because we are all energy we manifest what we are thinking if we think something is going to be hard, guess what we just sent that out to the universe and it's going to be hard. If we wish and think it's going to be easy then that's how it's going to be. We have to release the idea that something is too good to be true because it just pops in our lap. Also if we have worked very hard to achieve something and it does come about we have to accept it and not push it away because we have done the hard work already. The universe is telling us here you are ready to receive this finally. When something appears to you, receive and accept it (and express gratitude). I just started talking to a Sister in Light yesterday, we had no talked for over a month. We each had to experience our life on our own. Even me talking to her so much has changed with both of us, yet we both realized we both did a lot of work and so this fruit we are receiving now isn't out of no where.

Photo by Padma Bella
Today, is full of Divine Angelic and Divine Synchronicity to be in the ebb flow of life. We have already planted the seeds now we just get to go with it. I keep looking at my Seed of Life image because life is all about expanding and creating and just being. It takes more energy to stand still and force yourself not to move and stay put. It's easy and natural to move around and just go with the flow. If we stand in a stream of water or even at the beach, it takes a ton of energy to stay still and resist the water. How much effort do you put in when you allow the water to guide you? Water is our life force we must trust and move with it. This is when we realize life is easy, outside forces has made us believe life is hard, or it has to be or else we're doing something 'wrong.' There is no wrong here.

Magical Manifesting Day
Today is a manifesting day, with the strong energy numbers. I have already discussed the significance of the number 11. It links between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine along with the Spirit, Heaven and Earth. We have a balance to receive our highest perception of darkness and light and ignorance and enlightenment. 1 is the number of Self, we all are our own self in charge of our future. We get to be inspired with co-creating and manifesting our own life future. We all have to listen to our intuition our inner knowing. The number 12 speaks for us to express our Divine Will and to let go of the ego which has been whispering doubts. The number 13 symbolizes transformation letting go of the old rules and creating new.

As a whole each of these numbers relate to relationships. 11-12-13 we reduce each part into: 2-3-6 and the Universal Number of main influence is 11/2. Each of these numbers relate to relationships those relationships we have with others and the relationship we have with our True Self and Higher Mind. We also experience intuition and a strong foundation as 1,2,3 pattern represents the father, mother and child. The triangle symbol we have all been seeing, Twin Souls coming together (the male, the female and their love). Today is all about manifesting and staying in this new happy state of bliss. We are all enough.

Photo by Padma Bella
Manifesting Portal
I woke up this morning right before the sunrise. Immediately I was called to look out my window as I noticed a purple pink haze outside. The clouds reflected so much beauty and mysticism, I felt like a Pegasus would fly by. I could feel the energy in the air that I was called to watch the sunrise. I now have a serge of energy to create and draw and write more. This portal of manifestation tells us to just let go of fears, it takes energy to hold onto it. We can use the same energy to just flow with joy and bliss and love. If you are having difficulty reaching this state visualize yourself already having these feelings of bliss and joy and love and happiness, until it comes to be. Create what you want. You have already created what you want. Keep the visualizing until it becomes physical reality. I kept hearing this for months and months. I have vision boards from last year I created, and even yesterday I was remembering things I use to do when I was younger that have come to be now.

I invite each one of you to manifest today, don't think something is too small or too big to bring into your life. If you want something take the steps to make it happen, apply for that job, the worst case they can say is no, best case they say yes. Once you submit that application you are releasing your desire and wish to have that job and experience in your life, visualize the acceptance outcome. Daydream today, get lost in your work, create and be creative. I will probably be writing more, as I feel more guidance wishing to bubble up. All in Divine Timing.

PS: I was shared by my Divine Companion in Light "Don't forget to look at your clock on 9:10am 11/12/13."