Friday, October 18, 2013

White Horses in the Waves

The magic night that is ... I feel so full, waking up with the Aries energy. I notice a change do you? The energy and
magic is all around. How will you be releasing things? Last night I've felt a need to be near the ocean. Of course it is perfect in all that is, the waters were very calm. Mystical walking out and loosing yourself in the calm of the deep blue waters sparkling with the moonlight above. The horizon of the deep blue sky.

I received an email talking about this Full Moon energy stirring inside the need for reconciliation. This resonates, as we release what no longer serves us often we are called and pulled for this desire to be reconciled with someone or something that has our same vibration as we are carrying.

We can't get caught up in how something "should be" or how you envisioned your life going- I did that a lot in my 20s had the plan the way things needed to go. Eventually the Universe unraveled each one, until I was really left with only myself. I see it all as a Blessing. Often a job or career is there to serve you for the time being, it's okay to evolve and grow out of it and crave something new and exciting and even more challenging. You are not the same person who got hired into it- if you want to school for your job you may be craving to break free and learn more about something else or in a different area of your field. For me personally I have come full circle I always wanted to write, and here I have been shown to use my gift. We can get so caught up in how thing should go that we blind ourselves to the beauty of the journey.

Reconciliations, as we release parts of ourselves, things in our lives we need to also be gentle and allow as these things to release and leave us for the healing to begin within our hearts. The liberation feeling will be and will come, let it. You may feel any number of emotions with this and it's best to just sit and be still with all that IS. I love self reflection at the end of a Full Moon ceremony to just sit and be and think of all the good things Now and coming into my life. The endless possibilities that await as well as all those that have started to come. Once you release you can further invite and seek those that you wish to have in your life or things you wish to have in your life. As we do this, and it may have even happened before this Full Moon being reconciled with something or someone- all happens with Divine timing and no story is alike. As I was walking last night it occurred to me so many times we think we are walking alone just because we can't see any difference. Yet with the Moon light and the fire you realize you've never been alone through any of this. As we all have our own reflections let the Moon reflect areas in your life where there is Light.

I went walking on the ocean and for a while it was as if I was walking out to sea, to be and stay in Oneness with all of
nature around me. The deep blue ocean kissed the deep blue sky joining together as One at the horizon and beyond. As I kept walking I could see the shimmering waters reflecting the Moon light from above. Gentle waves moving caressing back and forth calm and at peace as we all need to be. A reminder that even the vast ocean which has so much power can also be at peace. Looking out to the shore with all the lights time stopped and it was just Now and the story of the ocean of the water with all it's mystical powers at work. After all the walking, I of course needed to walk in the sand. The Universe made a nice fire, which it was somewhat cold, it became a sweet gift to enjoy. I can always just watch the ocean for hours, getting lost in the sound and gentle movement of the waves against the sand. Watching the white horses in the waves as they move closer and closer before melting and sweeping away all in its way on the sand.

The energy is being magnified right now, so if you are feeling extremely happy or the opposite ... this can be used for our own growth here. We are changing and shifting this opportunity to move forward with all this energy to carry us forward. Continue to have positive thoughts even as you are doing your releasing ritual. This is especially the time to be grateful for all that you have in your life. As you let go, be reminded that these things and people entered your life for a reason, they have served their purpose and are no longer going to be a part of your journey-

Magic is all around, you have to be willing and ready to see it. Enjoy all the energy that is around, we should continue to feel this for about two days after the Full Moon. Happy Full Moon Eclipse!!