Monday, October 14, 2013

Mystic Magic Mermaid

I feel greatly inspired, which means lots of writing as one happy side affect. I have been reading various things from this past weekend and the energy shift. As I have talked about shifts they can be different for everyone, we all experience this different. It can be sleeping more or sleeping less. Or having more energy or feeling lazy. 

 After this shift over the weekend, today I woke up feeling inspired. I have felt it, have you? We are moving closer to Oneness. Things which we may have glazed over before are now being asked for attention. We cannot Be how we once were, because we are no longer that being. Everything around you is a mirror. To show you what you reflect. If
you notice some pull at you in a positive or negative way it's your intuition being called to reflect on this. I noticed an old aspect of me surface (briefly) it immediately did not resonate well with me, the moment I felt it, I recognized this is the ego this is of the old. It did shake me for a bit as I've been so positive for so long, that typically this does not happen very much anymore. I did give it a few minutes (as sometimes you do with these things, they are being brought up for a reason, not to waste your energy, to give you clues about yourself that maybe you need to shift something just a tiny bit more). I realized what was being stirred up in me, and I realized how holding on to this any longer once I recognized (what this was) no longer serves me. To hold on to it will lead me to fear and anxiety when everything is New and changed and different. It's all about prospective. I reached this conclusion literally as I was finishing my insight Mandala (which I feel was to Be). So if you notice parts of the old you coming in, acknowledge them look into yourself, you can also view it from other people as well as they interact with you.

I encountered this recently I was talking to someone and I immediately felt judgement and a competition from this person, which I was just sharing an experience of my own.
I did not wish to share details about my journey yet this person felt she had to one up me. I listened and let her share what she needed to, however this showed me I do need to be compassionate. I allowed this person to share and just listening, is how I could best serve.

There are of course other times when words escape and the reflection of someone is a glow in their eyes and of course when I encounter this all I can do is smile since I know it's the mirror reflection of my Soul self being shown by this other person's Soul self. I've come to notice this feeling a lot more than of the old. We are being called to embody Divine Love.

I read this question which I will share with you and allow you to sit with this as well: Take a look at where you were just one year from Now. Do you see? This expansion - the change - the shift, it's so vast it cannot be put into words at all. Even when I've reflected at who I was a year ago to who I AM Now, it's so dramatically different. Then to think a year from Now how even more change will be happening. It can seem overwhelming but living in the Now and just trusting in the Knowing is the way to go. Those people who resonate and vibrate on your same level are still going to be there as they are now. All serving in Divine Love we naturally will all gravitate towards each other, remember the mirroring aspect. 

I AM grateful for everything and everyone in my life- as I write very often about. I realize horoscopes can be of the lower 3D level, however there are some that just really really reflect where I AM. I had two over the weekend for Saturday and Sunday- which really rang truth to me, so much so that I wish to share them as they can and should apply to each one of us, where we get these little reminders that we are on the path, and small rewards are given to us each day, you have to be open and aware to notice them.

"A happy surprise is in store for you. While it may come out of the blue it will not catch you off guard or be unwelcome in any way. There is nothing but pleasure associated with this surprise, so don't start worrying. It may involve someone from your past - perhaps someone who has been on your mind. Or, it might also involve something manifesting that you had hoped for over a long period of time. Be sure to embrace the gift from the universe - for you surely deserve it."

"You may be wondering how the universe could possibly focus specifically on you as an

individual and could protect, guard, and guide
you personally. You may be feeling forsaken now by the powers that be, and it may seem impossible to imagine how you could be important to a higher power. But you are. And even though you've suffered your share of setbacks and heartaches recently, you are very loved. Events of the days ahead will renew your faith. Be open to the possibility of miracles."

For some reason this picture really calls to me. I AM feeling so much love and started
thinking of dragonflies, as I had one back in September land on my car and symbolized where I was in my life at that time. Transforming, this dragonfly, looked up at me and died. Now I feel like it's all coming- I AM seeing magic all around me, so much good is happening, beyond my wildest dreams (well I have an active imagination, so it's going parallel with my wildest dreams). One small thing may pop up and try to derail your whole good work, don't let it, this is just the ego. I AM blessed with Bliss and nothing is going to get in the way of that because like attract likes- I AM a mirror we are all mirrors what we put out comes back to us. So if we want to look into some one's eyes and see sparkles and smiles we have to be shinning that out. I apparently cannot change the font as it keeps closing my window, so I AM being told this is the layout this article is suppose to be. It is perfect as it is (typos and all) just as we are all perfect, have always been perfect just as we are.