Friday, October 11, 2013

Magicial forest

This whole week has had a lot of shifting and changing and energy all around. Many of us are experiencing this, we are experiencing things which are triggering deep within us. For some it's recalling the past, memories trying to remember from a past we may have forgotten. While others are experiencing there's a familiar sense of wonder about it. Tuesday I felt this shifting happen by Wednesday I felt very emotional, things just stirring up within me to the point I forgot what day it was. Wednesday we had a very beautiful rain storm with thunder and lightening. I was compelled to just go out and run in the rain to embrace it. This is a great cleansing as it's been raining in other places all over the world. I
 just sat by my window and looked out at the great rain knowing a greater realization is on the way. Thursday morning no cloud in the sky just a bright blue greeted me after mediation. I have been guided to be more expressive, my past self never cared about censorship or opinions. I have always just been me, creative me. I have been getting more of a call to the ocean to be near it, to walk in the waters.

Yesterday I had a great need to sleep (once again) and I knew a final shift would be occurring. I had some dreams, which were guiding me on what to be cautious of and a very negative force invaded my dream which I encountered and woke up having to do a sage cleanse around the room I had fallen asleep in. I felt this release and felt the need to draw this mandala (I have been dreaming about all week) I will start to add color to it today. 

I started to feel all sorts of magic around, showing me the shift in energy has
completed. I AM new. I felt this great sense of physical release, while also carrying around my red jasper to keep me grounded. I only wanted to look at the moon last night. I have been going mostly on day walks on my retreats, however last night going on a night walk under the moon was very magical. The moon has been calling to me. Viewing all the trees and flowers and all the amazing smells of them calling, inviting, transforming to a different place and time. I was able to forget about everything but the Now, realizing that nothing else matters. So many are seeking guidance and I have been needing and been asked to retreat internally, to not give so much of myself. I understand the "whys" now. Spirit has been guiding me to Source certain things for only me and only certain people, and if I have been chatting with your this week (then you are one of those selected). If not, please respect my space and I will return soon.  

Leading up to this Full Moon I AM being guided to really look and search what is no longer serving me. I have noticed that I AM being shown old patterns and it's all about my reaction. How much have I changed? Based on my reactions? Some who still resonate on the lower levels have tried to get me paranoid or reactive, which my inner knowing tells me still that this is not who I AM any more. I wish to be happy and not be anything less. For me the letting go is very subtle although for others it may be very drastic. It all depends on where you are in your journey to what you are being called to say goodbye to. I have already said goodbye to so much over this summer. This being said, really listen within yourself. If something makes you smile or laugh to yourself, this is a good emotion, a good feeling that you will want to hold on to. It's your soul telling you this resonates well with you. These vibrations are compatible. I woke up this morning literally feeling like I AM in a dream. Even now I feel my vibrations are elevated further.

So many times in visions I have seen forests that I was either walking or flying through. Last night, I walked in a magical forest and I understood so much more. It's about seeing the magic in the every day things to take time out for yourself to just enjoy. It doesn't take much time but doing so can truly change your life. My vibration has continued to shift and grown stronger, I feel it with every breath.

One of the trees I passed was a magnolia tree with a single white flower on it. Passing other flowers that called to me I will list them and what they


~White Magnolias: Flowers of Divine beauty, purity, life force and perfection. Also associated with: nobility, perseverance, dignity and love of nature. 

~Lavender: Devotion, virtue 
~Myrtle: The emblem of marriage, true love
~Mint: Virtue
~Pine: Humility
~Salvia blue: I think of you
~Bird of paradise: Freedom, good prospective, faithfulness

~Cactus: Bravery, endurance, grandeur, warmth, affection

Last night for some unknown reason I was compelled to just ask what color do you see, in which I saw gold being reflected. This morning on my Companion's website she posts this reading about colors, as well as a card reading which I will share with you all ...

"'Wild wisdom of the Faery oracle' by Lucy Cavendish. Artwork is by Selina Fenech, one of the more profound artists of the Fae world!

The Magic of this oracle is saying this: "Time to tell of who you are. Share your story. Recognize what you are a record-keeper, so what is that you wish to gift your ancestors with? Think of the generations to come and live your life as you would wish your story to be told. Bring what you dream of into reality on a daily basis. Tell the best story possible to yourself about your life; writing is therapeutic. Be original in your storytelling!

I AM also guided to give You three choices of color to choose from intuitively: green, pink or gold! Choose the one that speaks to your Heart through your Soul in the Now, not your usual favorite color. This will be the perfect message for You at this time.

Green: You have ancient roots, and You are beginning to discover them as they
are resurfacing at this moment. Time to take your notebook or personal diary, and do some automatic writing, as You will receive new insights and guidance from the higher realms and the Over soul. On the image, there is a bit of green in the background, and the background feels like it's wintertime. This says that this year's wintertime will be very productive for You. Green is also the color of this woman's dress, which says that You are to express and represent yourself physically in resonance with your inner Being. Observe where there are still non alignments, and take care of that by changing things around a bit. Because You are shifting so deeply from within, your self of clothing and how You wish to feel in the physical is deeply changing as well. Follow those changes!

Pink: Live your life as if it is the greatest tell ever told. Live imaginatively,
boldly, passionately, fall in love with everything in all Life, and embrace the New that keeps stirring up deep inside. You are heading into a new chapter of your life, so be aware of the creator ability to realize how powerful You are and step deeply into your power .. calm it in all You do and all that You experience. You can turn anything into pure Pink Light at this time. Be gentle with yourself and treat yourself as the Prince/Princess that You are. On the image, Pink is where the woman's head and feet are, so this tells You of bringing your Spirit light from above into your daily life ... each day, and each step of the way. Live in an inspired way, and ground it deeply into your roots, which does not mean that You have to be practical all the time. Merge with Earthliness with your Spirit inner life, and reward yourself with this way of living. Embrace your New Life.

Gold: You are becoming golden from within, and You are tapping into deep
Universal wisdom. You are starting to feel who You truly are, and it's all being revealed to You now. Why? Simply because You are ready. This is in perfect alignment with what I AM experiencing myself this time, with my Elven crowning and deep maturity. So I AM experiencing a new rite of passage, which is a message for this personal choice. On the image, the stairs that the woman is sitting on are golden. They represent the throne of your Self, coming into your own, and embodying your Soul, your true Christed Self, which is what the color gold stands for as well. The stairs have a symbol of an ancient Being on the top, so this represents your connection with ancient Beings who hold great wisdom that goes way back, even prior to the history of this planet. This wisdom is now starting to come into your awareness. Golden stairs can also symbolize a golden spiral of Spirit, so You have to come into your next step of Soul expansion/evolution. This is where You will start to live a life of great legacy. Enjoy it, as You have earned it!"

This is where I resonate to tell my story, to share my experiences. I have
always been a natural born writer, since the age of eight when I first fell in love with the written word. I have always loved reading stories of unicorns and mermaids and fairy tales as a child. Much lead me to want to express myself in writing when I could not find actual speech that could do my mind justice. I have been wanting to listen to much music lately also, for some reason certain songs that sound like poems really make me happy. Music, art and writing has really been calling to me lately. Creating and being a creative being. I feel like I AM going to burst today, which I felt this Whole feeling a week ago, foreshadowing perhaps what I would be feeling today. It's a lovely feeling. That I wish to share with you all.