Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Perfect Just As We Are

Having a conversation with a Dear Divine Companion inspired me to want to write on this further. There is just so inspiration around, I write more than one article in one day, heaven to a writer. I have always in the old wanted to control and have everything be perfect. I have long given up this concept with maturity. I still however at times will look at something and notice imperfections in it, but it's how it is, beautiful and whole and perfect as it is, just as we all are. We all have imperfections, yet we are all perfect the way we are. No one is perfectly symmetrical, poses or postures will always be unique to each one of us, it's what makes us beautiful Divine Beings of Light. We let this Light shine in each one of us embracing all that Is, all of our imperfections. I see this all around, the beauty comes not from perfection but when you embrace how you Truly are.

Perfect You

Taking classes you hear drills, guidance being called to you; yet the most fun I have is when the technical side gets taken out. We are all Organic and we can all do the splits but each of our splits is going to look completely different just as we all create and exist differently. My interpretation of a star is going to be different from your interpretation of a star. This has come to be my most favorite things is to become a Star in Half Moon pose. I know I AM not textbook perfect, but none of that matters, it's the energy moving in and through me. For those minutes I AM completely free and flying and it's just lovely, where I only have one foot on the ground and I can feel all of the energy swirling around me. It's about letting go of the control and the caring about what you look like but instead just being all of You, perfect you. 


I created a Crystal Grid titled Bliss. With Rose Quartz in the center and many different crystals around it and pointing to the Red Jasper. I see a calling to find and channel your inner Bliss, with all that's stirring around we all need to take a moment and feel the calm, the stillness and just be in the Stillness. We may feel all over the place, wishing to fly and we may ... at the same time Jasper is there to ground us and root us down when needed. Sit with this, and see what feelings, emotions come up for you. Everything is about Divine Timing, the Universe is showing me this ... it's all about patience and Grace is what I AM really being called to embody Now and embrace a state of Bliss.