Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall/Spring Equinox Brings Balance and Harmony (September 22, 2013)

Fall/Spring Equinox September 22, 2013 which happens at 1:44PM (PT), 4:44PM (ET).

These are the seasons of balance and harmony when the days and nights are equal length. The Equinoxes are doorways or openings of the magnetic field of Earth. This balance occurs because the sun rises and sets over the equator, lining up exactly due East and due West, regardless of where you are on Earth. Enjoy this coming portal time of self reflection, and with Scorpio degree in Venus it will bring True Divine Reunion and lasting Reunion. So lots of reunions happening in the next coming months. Give some time for you here. Self reflection and integration.

This balance of the Equinox Solar Effect creates a reduction in the magnetic field of Earth, this allows us to access other dimensions (beginning around 24 hours before and ending around 24 hours after the exact Equinox point) so we have three days to use this energy.

To explain further the typical thick veil between Earth and dimensions beyond the physical become their thinnest and a Magnetic Threshold is formed. It is charged and pulsing with energy as the walls of density collapse. An example of this is a time to collapse our own conscious boundaries and listen for messages- or send messages of our own through this opening. The time for magic to create balance. Dream big.

For those of us in the US we are experiencing the Fall Equinox which we seek balance by looking back on how the seeds we planted in the Spring Equinox have grown (seeds being dreams, plans, goals, etc). What have they produced? What progress has been made? Was the full bloom what we intended? Did some projects die? Or we have changed so much since the Spring that the blooms are no longer what we truly desire. It's a time to bring what we have thought of during the Harvest Moon into our minds. What is no longer serving us. We can use this coming energy of love and light to help us get to the path we want what we ultimate desire to have. We get to reassess our progress and find a new way of thinking as we further transform into a new being.

For those down under it is a time for the Spring Equinox. It's about creating balance but using the vibrant life force energy, since it's been dormant during the winter months. Now you seek balance to plant those seeds. Now is the time to visualize and dream up your entire game plan for the rest of the year! Decide what things you want (dreams, plans, goals, etc) that you wish to set into motion. Look to what you want to manifest in your life and start to visualize. Dream big! This is the plan you are setting up for your entire year. Use this great heightened energy to really search deep for things in your life you are lacking and would like more of or things you would like to have change. There is no limitation here in this, the energy is expansive, change the old ways you do things here. Find new ways, its all about transformation into this new season this new way of being!

For those of us experiencing the Fall Equinox the coming energies will last for the next three months. There's a sense that there's so many things we want to do but so little time. Which will mean variety is going to be what is best. There is a Five Point Opposition, which shows that the path to your destiny will have challenge and require perseverance which tells to not give up there will be no instant gratification here! But if we stick with it we will come out with the destiny we want. The presence of Venus hints that relationships may be a critical factor in this phase of our journey. So we will want to choose who we partner up with or have around as this can have impact. We still want to release all that which is no longer helpful to us as we realize it. Finally after the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces which had many of us feeling floaty and out of it, we will be grounded and have a stable feeling from the Moon in Taurus. This will help us in the clearing processes to have a release of those old emotions and just stuff we don't need or stresses that are just taking up space. Taurus qualities are stubborn persistence so we may really need to work hard on certain releases here.

There's financial opportunity along with the energy of physical manifestation. Finding what
our ultimate purpose is which we can find a boost in self-esteem to lead us into this direction. There's a great sense of healing the wounded healer. So be kind to yourself as you learn things that didn't work out or things that you need to heal for a greater sense of well being.

Here is a great article I found describing what you may be feeling recently- (if you don't relate to it, that's fine) we are all at different places in our journey

Fall Equinox Rituals

These rituals do not require you to be of a certain spiritual tradition or religion. They are
simply an intention putting into place a series of actions that can be done alone or in a group. This allows your ideas to be shared with others or just for you to individually set an intention to explore ways you personally want to renew, create or replenish your own personal path on your journey. I like to play calm meditative music during any of these processes or songs that remind you of things you would like to manifest into your life to bring up your energy vibration. The stronger your vibration the better.

1. Plant some Bulbs
You can plan them in an outdoor space in a pot or in the ground. Find your favorite bulb for
spring or summer. Grab a small bag of soil, good size pot (if you don't have these already in your home). As you plant the bulbs state your intention for those things you want to nurture and gather energy during the winter months. Water when you're done planting and let your intentions just sit in the soil. After the Solstice shoots will begin reminding you of your intentions and inspire you to keep working on your wishes as the seasons more forward.

2. Clear Space
Another great way to celebrate is to clean out physical things that you no longer need. 
Things that you have been holding on to that hold bad/negative associations. This is a release of objects that energetically you need to let go of to move forward. By getting rid of these negative items, we are able to allow more positive energy to flow around us. Fall and Spring cleaning are two important times in the Equinox when we need to be full of positive flowing energy. You can also smudge each room (with sage) or use salt water (in a spray bottle and spray around) to or sound to clear the psychic energy. 

3. Find your Balance
Look at what is in balance in your life. As I talked about before assessing people, things and events in your life that you need to bring more balance to. How do you give and receive? Is there a balance? You also need to physically feel balanced during this time too. Take a walk outside or in your garden barefoot and imagine yourself really connecting to the earth. 

4. Create a Dream Pillow
Dreams can be so powerful to give us wisdom and answers to so many things. With the longer nights we can use this time to have creativity and our intentions come to us even more freely. You can either sew your own dream pillow and be as creative as you like, or you can simply fill a muslin bag with herbs and stick them in your pillow case.

Start with two seven inch squares of fabric, natural, non-synthetic materials (preferred cotton or silk velvet is traditional). Pin the right side together and stitch 1/2 inch from the edges on three sides. Turn right out out and fill with about 2 cups of any combination of the following dried herbs: Hops, lavender, flowers, mugwort, rosemary, rose petals, chamomile or more ideas are below. Note: Padma Bella will be offering these soon at our store if your are interested in just purchasing them.

*Catnip: Relaxing, helps bring deep sleep. 

*Chamomile: Calming, relaxing, and said to keep bad dreams away. 
*Cloves: Brings warmth and an exotic feeling to dreams, add only 2-4 per pillow. 
*Hops: Relaxing and brings peacefulness. Lavender: Soothing, relaxing and eases headaches. 
*Lemon Verbena: Uplifting, used to add “lightness” to dream blends. 
*Mugwort: Greatly enhances lucid dreaming and helps with remembering of dreams. 
*Peppermint or Spearmint: Enhances clarity and vividness in dreams. 
*Rose petals: Brings warmth and love, may be used to evoke romantic dreams. 
*Rosemary: Traditionally used to bring deep sleep and keep away bad dreams. 

Then stitch the remaining side closed. Tuck this dream pillow underneath your regular sleeping pillow. At bedtime turn your regular pillow over so you breathe in the fragrance of the herbs all night long (or place it inside your pillow case). You can be as creative with the patterns or if you want to stitch some ribbon work on your dream pillow, be as creative as you'd like! If you aren't very crafty you can place the herbs and flowers in a muslin bag. Speak your intentions aloud as you either sew or place your herbs together, so that it will aid in your wishes for your dream state. 

5. Goals and Gratitude Ritual
Our opportunity to alight our life goals with the energy of the season. On a piece of paper
answer these questions: 

-What new things have happened in the last year that you are happy with and want to keep in your life? This can include people or other changes.

-What is currently present in your life that you are fairly happy with, but you wish would work better or flow more abundantly?

-What have you been working on that has not yet manifested (shown up) up for you?

Take as long as you need to answer these questions, you can answer them some days before the actual Equinox. Remember
you have September 20-22 to harness the power around the actually Sept. 21 Equinox. On a new piece of paper go and from question #2 list them in or of priority and importance in your life. Repeat this process for question #3 and #4.

Once you have completed this its time for the ritual part. You will speak aloud this so pick a quiet private space.

Light a candle. You can create a sacred space with objects that represent the season for you, the changes you want to incorporate and the gratitude you feel. Options are leaves, seed pods, shells, rocks, crystals, incense, etc.

Take some deep breaths to calm and center.  Take our list and say aloud:

"I am grateful for _________"

Looking at your prioritized list from #2, say:

"I lovingly ask that _____ (read your list aloud) flow more abundantly into my life."

Next say:

"I ask that _______ (state your response from #3) enter my life."

Take your answer to question #4 and say:

"I ask for guidance and courage to bring _____ into my life experience."

Once you finish you may want to write in a journal to fully explore your thoughts and
feelings; and incorporate any wisdom that has come up.

Seal this with visualizing all that you have read aloud, breathe into it. Feel it, visualize and feel that you already have all these things. Then as you blow out the candle let all those thoughts go that they will happen as you've sent out the energy into the universe.