Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Leo New Moon: August 6, 2013

The Leo New Moon on August 6, 2013 is focuing on finding your authentic love. Leo's ruling planet is the sun, which is the center of the universe. Planets revolve around the sun, just as you are the center for your own life. You are what matter, you are the core, the center, you matter most here. With every day you are asked to shine your light brightly, the Sun has no off days, neither does shining your own light. Live from your heart, find waht leo's do which is shine their love/light on everyone not just who they are affectionate about.

Leo rules the fifth house of astrology, which is where we find our creativity and self-confidence. Leo's
will rule self-expression, romance, sports, and children. Even if you aren't a Leo, you can procreate a new project a buiness or hobby; finding creativity in it. This is the time to create new ideas but follow and lead with your heart. We have been working with manifesting, me for instance decided to create a new business, whatever your new project is this is you giving birth to it. This new project is your baby. You have to nurture it and let it grow at its own stage of pace. A real baby can't run before it learns how to crawl. Here too don't ask too much of your project too fast. Love and nurture it and it will reward you.

The sun is also very important in this time as leo's ruling planet is the sun. For your own birth chart look
into the Sun's positive traits for you. Allow your creativity to bloom and shine bright during this time. Leo's are known as inner children. They just enjoy their happiness. Here, we get to nourish and protect our inner child's innocence. Be open to new ideas and not be afraid of anything. Be curious about things. Allow yourself to dream big and bring magic back into your life. Hold the heart of a Leo with the adult mindset. Be your best self while not allowing other's perceptions to get in the way of your happiness.

This Leo New Moon is in trine with Uranus. Let yourself continue to make positive changes in your personal and work life. During this time you can encounter new relationships, new friends, and/or new love. All these can bring the best of you out. So embrace this time to figure out your new you the authentic true self. All this self discovery on your journey has lead you to this point in time to know who your authentic self is. If you want to change, let that happen. Remember you are pure positive energy so shine that out. Uranus supports relationships. This New Moon tells us to love who you really are. Authentic love of your true self is here. Embrace it.

Starting August 7-21 Jupiter is in Cancer forming a the Great Cardnial T-Square to Pluto and Uranus. This will lead to
major changes in those areas in our life that is most needed. With any change will come as I've said before stepping out of our comfort zone. However all this has been leading up to this change, this shift. Real growth needs change to happen. Real change is painful. This change can be different for each person. It can be literal change like moving or chaning jobs, or can be a change in your reality perception to changing a relationship or lifestyle. Whatever it is you have control over it. You get to make the decision for yourself to find the best way to give balance to your authentic self.

August 8 Mercury enters Leo which encourages
creativity. While Venus enters Libra on August 16. Venus will bring balance to relationships.  But August 24-27 when Venus will be Grand Squared by Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus it will create four squares in two oppositions. What this really means is we will need to be cautious in all our relationships during this time. It will be when we are faced with figuring out our true values and what really matters to us. So if an arguement comes up and in the grand scheme of things you realize it's not going to help you to prove you're right, then let it go for the greater good.

This New Moon we get to embrace positive changes. July 29 had some trines developing what is called the Star of David when The Grand Earth Trine and the Grand Water Trine overlay each other into a six-pointed star. This brings expanding our consciousness, awakening our new selves. During this time of expansion and rebirth it is natural for fear to come in our minds. However fear is of the ego. The ego does not serve our higher self. Fear creates pain and staying in pain stops us from moving forward. So the ego tries to keep us in its control through pain. Let go of the fear and pain to get past it. Embrace what you are feeling any change is scary but better things are waiting for you. Be open to these new exciting opportunities, new relationships, new future waiting for you. 

As I talked about before during this time figure out what no longer serves you especially in terms of relationships. What friendships, or people are not helping you get to our goal, who are distractions or just negative energy around you. Let them go. If you find a relationship which is part of your goals, does it meet your needs, you can see it positively fitting in your life path; then keep these around they will continue to support you. This is what is called a soul mate. Any person who is negative and feel like they do not support your change or understand you but you do still keep them its your ego at work and trying to keep you down into your old self. Let go of these ties or limit your communication with them until you are in a place where you can perhaps bring them back into your life.

Use this New Moon to find out who you truly are. What you want to do, what is your greater vision.
What do you want to manifest? Live with your heart and open your soul. Someone who truly understands your authentic self will be able to understand this change you are going through and perhaps you will actually be moving together and not parallel directions anymore. Take a chance and just shine the real you.

This is a time to stay positive and think of what you really want to manifest. Leading up to this full moon your thoughts, visions and dreams hold a lot of energy. If you still aren't quite there to where you want to be focus on the positive see yourself really having what you've been working towards. If you see glimpses of it in the horizen, great continue to focus on that.

The New Moon begins at 5:51pm (ET), 2:51pm (PT) a new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle.
Here the previous New Moon in Cancer ends and the New Moon in Leo begins. In manifesting you may seriously consider concentrating on new ways to enhance your romantic life, creative projects, and relationships with your children. We get to use this Leo energy to bring beneficial change in our lives during this cycle. This is literally a new beginning with the signs changing from Cancer to Leo. Manifesting energy is still strong. Building up confidence and pride here will help with our romance and creative lives. This New Moon also trines Uranus in Aries, which allows us to focus our energy on moving forward which makes our moves intuitive and spontaneous.

If you haven't done a manifestation journal, I do recommend you start one. It can be very powerful to set aside some time for you and really think and lay out what you want to accomplish. Below is an excerp from a previous article I wrote on New Moon Manifestation.

Manifesting under the New Moon
I will include steps to do a manifesting ritual under the New Moon. I did this the last New 
Moon and used Reiki. Many people have asked how I did this, and I am including it below- a regular step by step guide (not including Reiki). There are no tricks, you do have to put in the hard work to get results. I can't simply fix away manifestation tricks. You get what you put in. If anyone asks me to do it- your journey is not my journey. If you are unhappy with your life, give this a try. It won't hurt- and best case you get some of what you wrote down to manifest into your life. Not that the energy under a New Moon is powerful so if you do intend on doing this- please plan and write out your brainstorm ideas before the actual day of the New Moon- so that there are no oops into what your write on your real true manifest. Theory is that anything you think or write on the day and night of the New Moon has energy to manifest so you have to then be positive and only project what you truly want. (read the Setting your New Moon Intentions into Motion section to create your list).

New Moon manifestation rituals are created to expand the space within us and around us to where our desires, wishes, good health and well being are created and realized. Before you start this ritual its imperative that you know exactly what it is that you wish to manifest for yourself. (So create a draft first.) 

It is also recommended that your intention requests be stated as precisely as possible to ensure positive results. Any intention that is mentally focused on, voiced out loud, or written down on paper carries that power.

Preparing the supplies:
-You will need: a notebook, a pen, cedar incense.
-Prepare a clean and uncluttered sacred space, indoors or outdoors, where you will hold your New   Moon ritual.

Setting your New Moon Intentions into Motion
1. Cleanse your sacred area by saying an opening prayer to cleanse stating that intention.
2. Clear away negative lingering energies with safe incense. 
3. Center and ground your body by whatever means is most appropriate for you:
    -Sit in a quiet place and mediate
    -Light a lavender scented candle
    -Drink a cup of chamomile or mint tea
    -Before or during the ritual, intently ingest a blend of flower essences that offer grounding and         manifestation properties.
4. Open your notebook and date it. Write down these (or similar words):
    "I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned." Below your intention statement, begin to write down a list of all your desires. Your list may consist of only one item, or you may have several pages written down. Do not limit your list of items. Continually add other items to your list as often as you wish. If possessing many things in your life makes you happy and content, you should not deny yourself these things by limiting your requests.

5. Close your notebook and put it away until the next month's New Moon where you will reopen it and rededicate it.