Monday, August 19, 2013

Full Blue Moon August 20, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 we will have a "seasonal blue moon." This is the third of four Full Moons in a season, which has not happened in nearly three years, EarthSky reports. This year the Full Moon will peak at 9:45pm (ET) and 6:45pm (PT) which means at or after those times are when you will want to do your manifesting rituals. If you haven't ever done one, its suggested you at least try it (nothing could happen or something could happen). Below will be a guide of how to do a manifest ritual to the full moon.

Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon
This Blue Moon occurs when the Leo Sun opposes the Moon in Aquarius. Everything we set in motion in manifestation at the New Moon will be culmination and promise of fulfillment during this time. We will want to be mindful of emotions as its an emotional time involving: romance, fertilization, and relationships. 

The Leo Sun brings our individualizm out wanting to be proud of who we are and not just fade into the crowd. While the Aquarius Moon gives us some more independence and wanting to be individualistic while still being in a team. So naturally there will be a sense of conflict between these two forces. Notedbly there may be some new outbursts during this time, don't worry so much if they don't seem rational yet (they will soon be) just go with the flow.

Transition Sun into Virgo

The Sun will be changing into Virgo starting on August 22 and remain until September 22. Since we've been looking at the big picture of what it is we want to manifest now we get to focus on the fine details. The practical concerns get to be delt with finally and focusing on the everyday life will releave us from stress. Get organized, become detail oriented and improve communications at work; will help tremendously as we set up for the next New Moon. Here we are organizing and tieing up what we set in motion in our last New Moon. 

Venus in Libra 
Many of us are interested in how this affects our romance and relationships. Venus is now in Libra which begain August 16 and goes until September 11. This is a digified sign since Venus rules Libra. There's a sense of "home" feeling which bring us to wanting balance and harmony. This cycle we can often just be in love with the idea of love. So beware of what you are feeling. If you have a close partner in your life and are seeking to have a balanced relationship, you may be bringing more charm rather than aggressive behavior to get where you want to go. However, despite being so pro-relationships during this cycle we are feeling a cool level of detachment in energy. We will be good with negotiating and compromising with others. This also relates to how we view love we may be now viewing a love relationship in an idealistic manner. Aggressive behavior turns us off and want to do things "right" if that means detaching during this time, so be it. The negative side of this is a sense of feeling depedent, inconsistant, and superficial to avoid unpleasant situations. Instead of wanting to rock the boat we may try to jump over any issues in relationships. This will not be helpful its best to face it head on and no recent your partner if you don't voice your concern. 

While Venus is in Libra it is a new cycle in your life involving romance and social interaction. You will be seaking harmony, refinement, elegance, ideal partnership, the perfect balance, the highest standards of truth and beauty. 

August 19-20 while Venus quincunx Neptune bewary of getting blinded by what you want to see verses what it really is infront of you. There are dissappointment in love which lead to doubts of love. So just let go any thoughts that come up that lead to negativity. Leading up to the Full Moon we don't want to dwell on any negative thoughts especially when it revolves around love, relationships or partners as this will carry manifesting power for the whole month until the next Full Moon. 

August 20-22
 we get healing energy brought into love relationships. Finally with this Blue Moon we get our new cycle beginning which allows love to heal old wounds. We become open to romantic feelings and are now more willing to act on them. If you've been working on yourself and doing the work, then you will be really really set to act on these feelings. If you are already in a relationship its a time to make a resolution to repair, heal and improve what you already have.

August 24-25 Venus squar Pluto brings intense passions. Beware of this too! Jealousy and possessiveness are going to be extremely high during this time. Leading to a fear of loosing the partnership or relationship you have (or are starting to have). These two days avoid getting into or starting a new relationship entirely. Two days won't change anything, take two personal days. Any new relationshps started on these two days can be characterized by these energies at play and we all don't want jealous or possessive energies in our relationships. If you are in a relationship avoid confrontation and just try to coast on by with little negativity or don't let the jealous or negative feelings get the best of you.

How to Harness the Power of the Full Moon to Manifest

Moon energy is the best time to incorporate it in your manifestation process (when possible). The Waxing time is used to attract new things (experiences, people, objects, etc.) into your life. The Waning period is used to physically, emotionally or energetically clear and discard unwanted things from your life. 

During these waxing and waning time is when you reflect on the things you most want to manifest using the energy leading up or regressing from the Full Moon. So then once it comes time for the day/night of the actual Full Moon all you have to focus on is actual ritual you chose to seal the things you want to manifest in physical form. 

There's nothing specific you have to do to harness the Full Moon's powers, it is just all around you. If you are more attuned to natural energies you will be able to feel it, for others it may be subtle and for others you may not feel anything at all. It still is all around you just like the air. We get to use this energy for greater good, so no negative activities please. Just waking up and showing up the day you get to experience the Full Moon Energy.

Things to do on the Night of the Blue Full Moon
Take out the list you've been creating of all the things, events, or people you want to
manifest into you life that you've been working on during the lead up to this Full Moon. Use this to help with the below suggested activities to do on the night of the Full Moon. I personally like to sit outside under the full moon and do these, be alone in a reflective state and play some calm music. This is your time to be creative to be very specific in the things you want in your life. It's your time to communicate with the Universe and use the Law of Attraction to manifest the things you want. In everything that you do you need to feel that you already have it when participating in any activities towards manifestation.

*Make a Vision Board
This is a very simple and creative way to visually get down on paper images of things you want to manifest. There are no rules, you just need magazines, pictures, markers, pen, scissors, glue and poster board or just a sheet of paper. Look through magazines for instance to just anything that calls to you or look for specific things you had on your list. If you don't find anything to represent what you have envisioned just draw it yourself or write it out. This process is decide and declare those desires to the universe through visual means. Arrange it any way that makes you happy. You can hang it up on your wall after so that you are reminded of the things you wish to manifest.

*Make a Manifesting List
Take out your list from earlier this week. On a piece of paper write down "I Manifest..." at the top of the paper. Next write down all that you desire (this is key write it in the present tense) keep writing until you can't think of anything else. Don't worry if its just words, sentences, there's no rules to what it needs to sound like. As a thought comes in write it down in whatever form it comes. Some like to put this completed list under their pillow at night or put it at an alter. I personally keep a journal for each moon and do reiki along with it. 

*Candle Ritual
You will need a candle- typical color is white (although you can use different colors).
You will write words or symbols of the things that you desire onto the candle. Next hold the candle in both hands and visualize yourself having all these things and enjoying having them. Visualize this desire going into the candle. For me I feel the energy transfer from me to the candle. Continue to do this until you feel the energy has stopped flowing from you to the candle. Once you feel ready, light the candle and allow it to burn down completely. During this process, as the candle burns its transmitting your desire into the universe. (Do not leave a candle unattended, if it blows out if your outside just relight it, if you have to extinguish it Do Not blow it out use a snuffer instead). 

Since this Super Full Moon holds so much energy its a great time to mediate to
become calm, mindful and still. You can mediate by yourself under the Full Moon, in a sacred space at home or connect with like-minded people for a group mediation. 

*Send Blessings/Love and Light to People who need it
Using this Full Moon power to send healing energy, forgiveness, pink light, white light and love to friends, family, co-workers, strangers, enemies; reiki is also powerful healing tool used during this time as well. You can also send peaceful energy to world experiences or back to Mother Earth for all her support. It gives you lots of good karma for being selfless and thinking of others during this time as well. It's a great time to do acts of kindness and get rid of any negative energy you or others might be holding on to.

If you already use crystals you can use them during any of these activities listed above. Which we sell at our Padma Bella Store.

Seal all or any of these with a prayer of gratitude to the Full Moon and Universe. You can create your own words an example is: Full Moon I am grateful for your presence and I am joyful to be with you again. Be with me now and sign your light and love upon my desires. May your energy assist with the manifestation that occurs will be for the highest good of all concerned. And so it is! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Namaste.  

You can now go about the rest of your night. Feeling happy and positive that you send out to the universe all that you want to attract and just be patient.