Friday, August 2, 2013

August: Follow Through!

As we have been working with manifesting these past months and figuring out what it is we wantin our life. Now is the time to finally follow through on all that
planning! This month we get to take all the magic from July and put it into what you really want and have committed to. The real discipline comes because now we have to pay attention to the details to finish what you start. Along with sorting and fine tuning all those details. It may be tedious but you need to keep perservering through it and fight any and all distractions. Afterall, it can be fun when you get to see the progress from the seed planting to all the fruits you receive from your inspiration. Here, all your dreams and initations set in motion before need to be followed through during this month. Even if July was blurry you still need to understand everyone was affected by the expansive energy and a bit of settling time may be needed. However, August this settling allows you to get support for your follow through. Here, you get to participate in your life and enjoy all the organizing from this grounded energy all around. 

Here, be observant of all tendencies to procrastinate, look into yourself and what fears come up. You committed and started this process why are these fears coming up as you start to follow through. What does that mean to you? If
you tend to have commitment issues, this month may be a challenge; however be aware of them and fight along to the finish line. Resist and change to no longer have commitment issues. Ask for help from others if you need it. This is the time to be proactive in your life. Follow through with something requires taking responsibility (to create it, see it,  and follow it to the end) that can be scary for anyone. Embrace the unknown wherever this takes you. You may learn patience, trust, acceptance, and how to manage your energy during this time. Harness the grounded energy to focus on tasks at hand, but if you misuse this energy it can turn into conflict, distress, irritation and explosive anger. Avoid getting upset at someone else instead use it on your project instead. Don't take thing personally it will save your sanity. Try to avoid conflicts and argumentative situations. Since we are all exposed to the influence of expansive energy others may be reacting as well. Just try to keep your mind in a positive place. 

If during this time you realize you don't have all the knowledge needed for your follow through, don't be afraid to ask for support or research. The balance
is needed between feminine receptive qualities and the action oriented and organized masculine qualities. Both these are needed for the balance and work to be accomplished. Choices and decisions will come into play from last month so it will present itself this month as making adjustments. If you find change is needed and adjustments to make it work, allow for it to happen, nothing is set in stone. Movement is a good thing. You need to be aware of when you take on too much this month. A scattered out of control feeling may come to you this month but you need to not micromanage and use your discipline and action plan to stay focused. Set priorities if you get overwhelmed. Find what is most important to you.
During this important time, with all the manifesting energies we've done
in previous months, now is the time for it to come. However, don't get stuck or attached to how these things should manifest. Instead allow them to flow in ways and timing as the universe will have them be. For the greater good of all involved. Things may happen and you have to be open to receive them in any and all forms. 

Opportunities this month:
-See the manifestation of something that started out as just as dream
-Be greatly satisfied by your own discipline and focus
-Develop great habits around being organized and committed
-To feel positive about what you can accomplish when you put your mind, body and soul into something.
-Finally feel support in ways you've not yet felt before
Challenges for this month: -Fears
-Failing or not being good enough
-Poor energy management
-Swayed by others intentions and dreams for you
-Having resistance
This month some relationships will need the follow through approach of what has already been started and put into motion. While other relationships will

need fine tuning to make them work better. Other relationships will need to be healed and others will just need to end. This month will require more energy, focus and commitment put into these relationships to figure out what category they fit into. With a strong tendency this month for irritation and conflict; it could be a challenge for those relationships with not great communication. Resist the need to be right and win an argument, if its not going anywhere let go of that argument; if it won't serve you in the long run. Pick your battles this month. August can lead to great drama, crimes of passion and explosive fights so be aware of your emotions with others. On the positive side, if you have great connection and communication you can also find greater levels of commitment and willingness to work things out like never before. August is a great month to work on your relationship with yourself relating to disciple and follow through in areas of self-care and self-love. 
During this month with all the pent up energy all around its good to

keep moving. Release all that energy by getting out and working out or just moving around. The discipline of self-care is important so start taking responsible steps towards decisions to improve your body. Self-love starts with caring for your physical self. Be gentle with yourself don't over work but be mindful and aware of where you are. Learn what your body is capable of and what it deserves and you will see the benefits.

The first week of August brings a time of focus, sorting, organizing and bringing

about the energy from July to do something practical and manageable. If there has been a neglected task, (like cleaning your house, laundry, gardening, or organizing) get physical and just take this on. You first need your physical environment to be in order before you can start to organize other parts of your life. Take note of your to-do list and start sorting what you need to follow through with and prioritize those tasks. Don't be afraid to say no to distractions that come up instead be disciplined to stay on course.

Stay tuned for more details the New Moon is August, 6, 2013. We will have another article about this but start to think of an action plan you want to start with or maybe a fun manifestation item you've been working on since this past spring. Either way self love and have fun!!