Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Magic

Some unexpected events have already happened this month, so of course I wanted to look up why these may have occured. The themes of the month expansion, disciplie and look for magic all around. This is a great opportunity to break free of things that have been holding you back for growth, change and evolution. You will need to look outside the box break free from the conventional and shake your typical belief systems of what should be possible and what is not. Note: do not get lost in other people's drama, suffering and chaos this month. You can only help yourself this month and lead by example, others will take notice and lead to inspiration.

Here, this month we are asked to move past our typical comfort zone. This allows us to have experiences beyond the physical plane, therefore leading our minds to accept what would typically not be rationally possible. Stop thinking in terms of a small view point. Just because it was not possible in the past, stop trying to rationalize here. This expansion allows us to receive more than we ever thought possilbe. So just go with it!

The mind will need concrete reasons why this is happening. The challenge becomes to figure out exactly what is going on. Since we are treading on new waters, there is a natural fear to the unknown. Our ego wants to control. However, embrace the unknown and just trust in the universe (it has your back) and just trust with what comes.

Expansion brings higher experiences with truth, love and energy, so watch out! You may also notice a heightening of all your senses and inuition. However, to take full advantage of these you need to be 'available' which means getting rid of any distractions or energy leaks. This means letting go of people and behaviors which have held you back. Go for living the big life.
If you still feel like there's something or someone in your life that's holding you back or restricting you- its natural to feel limits. This can be something like an area of a relationship, health or personal power. Here, we can use it as a life lesson to learn from and a break through is needed. Discipline will be extremely helpful so that you can get rid of doubt, negativity, skeptisim, and the need to know; positivity is key!
How do you Expand?
First you must just take time to just be. This is a time of not taking action, pushing forward or effort. Instead its the process of just allowing and receiving. You must just be and open to receiving the expansion into the next level. Expansion a feminine quality. However there needs to be balance of knowing when to align something with your personal intentions of what you'd like to pull into your life. A key to this to trust in right timing, along with eliminating things that don't serve you such as: procrastination, laziness, and resistance.

Discipline is very important to give a sense of grounding and focus to not get lost in the expansion. We use disciple to focus the energy and then use it to manifest. Be wary of procrastination and instant gratification while on the path of disciple and focus. Focused discipline is needed to stay positive no matter what. Especially since expansion can lead to feeling ungrounded and directionless leading to the unwanted emotions of: drama, negativity, illness, and weight gain. Being positive will allow the good to be manifested even faster to us. So stay positive!
Do not resist authority, or let disciple lead to stubbornness here. Having a strong inner disciplne will work along side with the expansion leading to magically manifesting your intentions. You need to show up to, be committed with courage to what it is you want to accomplish.
Practice Disciple
Have some kind of regular practice this month. It can be a work out at a certain time, prayers, visualizations, or any other practice that sets up the day to a routine. This daily routine will keep you grounded. Be inspired by your goals and dreams so that disciple becomes a small price to the huge end result you will receive at the end of all this.
Finally magic is huge this month. It's the blessing and unexpected event that should not have been possible to a rational mind, but it will happen. To get magic to happen, you need to allow expansion, have a clear dream and intention to drive your disciple. With all these working together into the astral plane it creates a positive suprise experience when you then are truly connected to the higher planes. Magic is positive influence that is not connected to negative connotations. Think fairy dust, any thing is possible when you are positive! Something magical is the most perfect situation coming to reality with a better outcome than originally dreamed up with beauty and love. The element of surprise often comes up because magic makes us see beyond our view of reality leading to a new belief system. But this comes only when we let go of what we think should happen.
Magic to Manifest
First you need to expect the unexpected and always always focus on the positive. Meditate or pray for amazing things, experience and opportnities to mainfest into your day. Acknowledge magic exists is the next step. Then create a practice that allows you to experience magic. This can be like taking time to just listen to nature or in meditation and seeing what comes to you. Embrace the spontaneity and "don't know" mindset instead of obsessive thinking which does not serve you here. 
To get permanent positive change for evolution to happen- this new paradigm needs to be secured down. Once you begin to experience things that seem magical and out of the ordinary (pay attention to them) acknowledge them and soon they will become normal. This is when we get to start to live in the land of magic all the time.
How can you use these three tools this month:
If there's an opportuinity which you've always dreamed of doing, go ahead and sign up! This may be in terms of a relationship, ideal job, health, unlimited creativity, or all the love and support you never allowed yourself to have- let it be welcomed into your life now. You need to let expansion happen to fully break into the next level to get into real change happening. Disciple keeps from moving into negative thoughts, doubt, limitation and blaming others with lack of responsibility. Get away from all negative behaviors. Stop blaming others this is your life. To get through all this its to be gentle with yourself and take things slow. Th hardest thing is to acknowledge what first needs to happen. If you recognize you need help, ask for it. Ask someone who has more information on this topic than you, so you may be better educated on where to go next. Don't be afraid to ask for help in this case.
Listen to the small things. Here, the possibility for deeper essence contact and experienceing the higher center in relationship is the greatest most powerful influence in relationships. With this leads us to possibly go into a scary place. However, you will learn who is willing and who just wants to back out and not go the distance. A relationship has the opportunity to move on to a new level of intamcy and parternship. But with this also comes to possibility that some might fall away that cannot keep up. However, the deeper contact may be realizing that timing is off, acknowledging it and moving towards the same goal but separately for this month. 
If there's a falling away, don't take it personally. It's realizing that you need to take responsibility for your part in the relationship. However you cannot carry someone else along if they are not ready. If you have a natural need to please others, this will limit your own growth and expansion; so let it go. Realize that you cannot learn someone else's lessons, you need to let them go find their own answers. Trust that they will come back to you once they figure out their life for themselves. You can only do your own work, and be an inspiration to others.
Don't Forget Health and the Physical Body
Focusing on health and the physical body is just as important as everything else to stay feeling positive! Most often these lead us to feel the worse when we think about how we don't size up to others or our ideal body image. However, you have to be kind with ourself and give your self needed attention in terms of diet and exercise. Break old patterns and change up your phsyical health to improve your well being to move into what you've always dreamed to become. Remember expansion, disciple, magic this goes for health and body image as well. Learn how to be intune with your body. Notice how you feel after you eat certain foods, and if you begin to listen to every part of you- you may be able to notice a magical change within yourself. Put your body first here, ask for help- find someone to motivate you to exercise or go with friends to a class.

This month take responsibility, ask for help, and practice patience. Dream big and manifest beyond the square box think magic!