Monday, July 1, 2013

July Scope ... Time to Grow Up and Move On!!!!

I last covered the Super Full Moon. Many of us have started to dwell on the
past, whether it's past loves we miss, people we have lost, memories of just the past in general- we are in a very reflective state. Sometimes at random times just thinking about the past. Embrace it, you're not going crazy, its happening to a lot of us. All this is coming up for a reason, for us to get answers from it. So try not to just tuck it under the rug but instead have some time to sit with it and try to figure out what you feel from it, and what you can learn from it.

The month starts with the Sun opposing Pluto in Capricorn and moving to Squares Uranus in Aries on July 4. This month we're confronted and energized with the need for profound change and metamorphosis. The challenge is to move forwards and not stay idle. These first days of July will be intense- pushing too hard could lead to resistance. So we must look deep within ourselves to get a clear picture of why we are reacting this way before projecting blame.

Where do fears, insecurities, anxiety, and all the negative come from? Our past, most importantly our childhood; when we had our first experience that ultimately has formed a path an impression on how we react to things now as an adult. This month we are challenged to go digging deep into our childhood- our early life issues. It's goal is to figure out why our unconscious reactions and responses still govern and rule us today. There are many layers that make up who we are, the many thoughts, feelings and behaviors are often so close to us that we can't recognize them for what they are. Sometimes it takes a stranger or a partner to tell us and often we reject or deny it. We can become stubborn and just respond with "It's just how I am!" and see it as an attack on your person, when the reality is this is immature and does not force us to wonder why do I think "I have always been this way, therefore I always am going to be that way"? Now is the time instead of getting defensive or stubborn its to peel away the layers and see just who exactly are we? Thank your new teacher for showing you something that you may have been missing all these years. All that we have been, served a purpose to give us a sense of what the world is and to cope with things during very vulnerable times in our lives, adolescence. However we aren't children anymore, we are no longer a vulnerable victim that believes in boogie men in the closets.  

Mars in July
Mars completes its journey through Gemini between July 1-13, 2013. Mars is the lingering behind the other planets, but this slow tortoise journey is helpful to us because slow and steady wins the race. Mars

reminds us that just because we thought or reacted a certain way in the past doesn't mean we have to always be this way the next time the same thing pops up. We all will make our destination, regardless of how fast or slow our pace is. Mars is gathering up all the stragglers and inspiring us to make the finish line.

While Mars makes its journey we have cosmic support to reveal exactly where in our lives we need to respond to pressure with unconscious reactivity. We base this on decisions and opinions we've created about the world during our adolescence. When you notice an automatic response to something or someone- stop and ask yourself "What am I really reacting to?" "What can I learn and interpret from this situation in the present at hand that is causing this reaction from me?" "Where are the true feelings coming from?" "What are they trying to tell me?"Doing this leg work allows one to recognize what actually is no longer going to serve us anymore. Many times its easier to just not deal with it at all and just be stubborn and stay the way we've always been. However old habits don't serve us, we have created a false sense of security that is actually holding us back leading to more problems. 

Saturn Direct

Saturn turns Direct in Scorpio July 7 which lasts until March 2, 2014. Here, you must face the challenge of creating deeper unions with one another. Since June and leading up to this time, we've re-examined where your fears come from regarding this. So now is the time to  ask your self this simple question: Do you and do they have the courage to rise above your fears of rejection and loss and take the next chance to join together in much more meaningful unions? In other words, take a chance! 

Scorpio is the planet of underworld journey, metaphorphosis, soul merging, being haunted, tramas, and emotional wounds. With Saturn being direct moving from Libra since 2010 to now in Scorpio; the theme is transforming what's toxic into changes that the soul needs. In Scorpio, many things are coming to the surface such as: secrets, sober realities, wounds, patterns of abuse, sexual confusion, and blurry boundaries. During this transition to drive out the emotional vampires that drain the energy and positivity out of us and be free from them once and for all. Scorpio will help how to get rid of those dead bodies from the past we've been carrying around. Saturn shows us we're stronger than we think we are. Read more in-depth analysis of Saturn in Scorpio here:

The Grand Water Trine
The Grand Water Trine that has formed with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune suspended in space above us is a huge advantage as these issues come up for us. The beginning of the week of July 15, is the most powerful significant of deep emotional healing and spiritual at one moment. The first two weeks of July is to bring light to things from ourselves, and we get to call to these forces for universal healing to then assist in our transforming its energy into life affirming, positive and creative- to bring about change in us. First step is embracing the possibility and to just let go of it all- to the divine offer ourselves and our lives, and trust that divine forces know what is best for us and ultimately when to bring into our lives what we need and when we are in a place to accept it. 

The Grand Water Trine gives us healing potential but also can make us too complacent. However, we know what we need to do to reach the goal but may lack energy. Reliving the past memories can be counterproductive to our moving forward, however humor it and just do it once more for prosperity sake. So instead of running from it, embrace and relive all of it over again- and try to learn something new a new prospective you may have missed before. Realize that this is the last time, if we really want to change and grow we have to forever let go of all of this. The healing energies allow us to call upon this power for our own healing. So that we can have self-discipline to not walk down the same path to reach the same rut. Instead we are going to take charge and stand up to this change- this is our own healing that must get into every essence of us (Spring Cleaning!) leaving no dust anywhere. If we truly want to be healed we need to be prepared to do whatever it takes at any cost (and this means stepping out of our comfort zone).

Transformation into Kite
The Grand Water Trine transforms into a Kite by Venus in Virgo between July 24-29. This gives us a great opportunity to ground the changes of this month into form. We get the opportunity to decide how we need to be, and then act different and just do it! Venus is in Virgo which means no song and dance is required here but a quiet, gentle and graceful means to just react differently, speak new truths, express who we are now (not who we use to be). This is our transformation to finally step out of our cocoon that we've been preparing for our graceful new entrance into the world. Just because we had been one way doesn't mean we always have to be- but reinvent ourselves- to grow and evolve into a better you. With this new life, we need to nurture them so they grow strong and also the sooner these new traits will seem second nature. This will be covered more in depth as we draw closer to the Kite.

Energy from Uranus into Pluto
Uranus energy is still square with Pluto which has led to disruption and change in our lives this past year. However now focus on Uranus to release ourselves from anything and everything that we have allowed us to limit us in the past. Yes this can be difficult to just disrupt our usual pattern. However, our efforts this month to do this are met with cosmic encouragement so that we can finally reach the point of asking what's the next step I take? This is not a time to be idle, once we let go of one thing our journey isn't done- we have to move on to the next thing. We have no off days here in July, its with a caring nature that we are pushed forward for greater success. Think of it all for our best interest, the teacher who pushed us not beyond our limits but so we could learn the lesson and at the end of the month we only got through what our teacher knew we could handle.

Completion of July

We will come out at the end of July with finding ourselves maybe overwhelmed with potential but that fades away as the future is revealed in a new light. We are now coming out of the dark cocoon, into the bright new day disoriented for a short while while getting our barrings, but soon will fly as second nature. Take time to adjust to all this internal chance and once we do we have even more confidence as before. All the hard work you've done allows you to not doubt or question, you've already got this. 

Once Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all align they can show you, you're the maker and creator of what you face now. You can feel what roots you down and how greater joy comes from joining together with another.  The energies continue to grow and will climax in August. There is much hope offered from the Grand Water Trine coming into realization that understanding that our mutual need is to sacrifice for the greater good of one another.  However, with all this hope we should dream, because what we dream shall be.

Happy July! Next I will cover the Uranus Retrograde July 17.