Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29-August 4 2013 Astrology Forecast: Grand Sextile!

This article came across my desk and I just really want to share it with you all. I wokeup feeling just a great sense of calm and peace (not having a full idea why) but this rare astrological event does make sense. 

Right now, The Grand Sextile and Planetary Energies of Transformation. An alignment which hasn't happened since 1945 is here! The geometry position of plants and stars which bless and support us moving forward, acending, and transcending. This bridges and uncovers the previously hidden gap of the Divine Feminine Earthly Energy which brings re-balancing and restoration of life. The wait is over! The choice is yours to take, if you accept what is being brought to your life. The Grand Sextile alignment that starts today and runs July 29-August 3, 2013 is about recognizing this has arrived and to choose to accept this as. So here is a thing you can say to yourself to bring this fully into your being. Say it out loud or whisper it to yourself to bring this true reality to yourself.

"I choose to accept this as my True Reality Now. As Above and Below." 

"I AM the one I've been waiting for"
"I AM my I AM nature"
"I AM my I AM Being"
"I AM now experiencing my life as it's meant to be"
"I AM at peace inside"
"I AM whole"
"I Am Infinite Love"

This should feel as a true reality in you. If it doesn't ask "why?" and ask "what can I let go of at this time to change, heal, and allow myself to accept this greater reality of love and peace within my life?" And just let go of what no longer serves you.

Astrology Forecast: Grand Sextile! by Benjamin Bernstein

A rare, magical and fleetingGrand Sextile highlights the week, on the same day that a volatile Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-Square climaxes.
Relationship issues and opportunities are catalyzed by four strong Venus aspects, and warrior goddess Pallas Athena is featured in two aspect patterns. There’s also lots more happening in this eventful astrological week!

7/29 (Mon)

Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-Square

The Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-Square that started on 7/20 peaks today and ends on 8/7. Try to avoid situations where volatility or violence could flare up. Take immediate action on your intuitive flashes, and release everything that does not contribute to your evolution and awakening.

Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-Square

Mars, not content with just bringing a Grand Trine to a peak today, kicks off a new T-square. Like all the T-squares we’ve seen recently, it includes the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto square. This T-Square peaks on 7/29 and ends on 8/7.
Mars, Uranus and Pluto all have a reputation for intensity and volatility. So this challenging T-Square should be handled with great care! Definitely try to avoid situations where volatility or violence could flare up. If appropriate, brush up on your own anger management skills.
To make the best use of this T-square, take immediate action on your intuitive flashes. And if you’re ready, release everything that does not contribute to your evolution and awakening.
With Mars in Cancer, it might be a good time to transform how you’re relating with some of your family members. What can you do to create greater harmony in your interactions?
Grand Sextile!
Grand Sextile, the rarest of all astrological aspect patterns, occurs today. It also features another rarity: while this six-pointed star only requires six astrological points, this abundantly populated Star of David boasts 11!
A Grand Sextile indicates extraordinary talent, ease and opportunity. (For example, one appears in the natal chart of basketball great Shaquille O’Neal) This aspect pattern includes 15 aspects: six trines, six sextiles, and three oppositions. It also incorporates 11 aspect patterns within itself: two Grand Trines, six Kites and three Mystic Rectangles!
This Grand Sextile, which includes every major planet except the Sun, Mercury and Uranus, lends itself to a huge number of possible interpretations. For starters, the Grand Trine of Manifestation Grand Trine of Manifestation I’ve written so much about is included and massively energized. This is great news for Law of Attraction practitioners!
All of the Grand Sextile’s points are in the receptive feminine elements of earth and water. So stay alert to what the universe is offering you, and see how willing you are to receive it. Techniques based on passive receptivity, such as my invocations for healing and awakening, gain extra potency during this time.
Considering only physical points (i.e., no lunar nodes), this Grand Sextile lasts about 33 hours: from about 12 AM on 7/29 through about 9 AM on 7/30 (US Eastern time). It has two peaks: morning through early afternoon on 7/29, and about 10 PM on 7/29 thru 3 AM on 7/30. Take advantage of this rare and fleeting opportunity!
credit to Benjamin Bernstein