Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Solstice - First Day of Summer June 2013

The Moon in Scorpio as the Summer Solstice enters the Northern Hemisphere. Thursday, June 20 (for those West Coast US) and Friday, June 21, 2013 (for the East Coast US).  The longest day of the year. It's also a time to be aware of everything around you including nature, so make sure you just take a walk or do something outside on this day. Find when the Summer Solstice is for you:

Yang reaches its peak energy at Summer. In Chinese culture when we are far in one, such as now Yang then it  begins the culmination of Yin Winter needing to be pulled in for that balance. Each quality of the other when in its deepest sense then brings on the need for the other to begin to surface.

As with grasshoppers which are also in abundance right now, grasshopper behavior is often denial. We do not want to look around the corner instead we simply do not want to know what's hidden in the shadow. However with this Summer Solstice denial is not recommended.

Sun is in Cancer and it triggers the Grand Trine in Water. Neptune is in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio and Lilith in Cancer. This means these oceans are of dreams, visions, illusions, the subconscious, fears, and even our deepest desires. Naturally the Cancer Sun gets called to the ocean and will want to pull back with the water being too cold. However since Mercury, Venus and Vesta is in conjunction with Caner and Ceres, the ocean waves are going to be undeniable. 

The moon's in Scorpio with these four planets in late Cancer the dreaming will be very strong June 20-21, 2013. We are meant to connect, think and act. Right now we may feel overwhelmed with challenge and turmoil. However with Mars in Gemini it allows us to stay light on our feet. The ones who seem to have no power still can find your voice and a way to act at the end of the day, the unlikely hero. So Summer Solstice this year we have a natural paradox. We want to celebrate, sing, dance and enjoy life to the fullest yet we also remember the loss and suffering of others yet we have to create a balance. That we can appreciate the great joys of life only with knowing how tragic life can always be. The Yin and Yang. So why not just dance - to bring vibrance, depth and courage to stand tall and just jump in fully participating in life.

And we have another big celestial event this week too. June 23 we will have the 2013 Super moon which we will have the biggest and brightest moon of the year. With the moon the closest to the earth. Stay tuned for more information on the Super Moon.